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Emulsifier - Bakery glosarry

Emulsifier plays an important role in bakery process . Main function of emulsifier is to make a stable emulsion of oil and water .Emulsifier is produced from oil and glycerol . Emulsifier consists of a water-loving hydrophilic head and an oil-loving hydrophobic tail. The hydrophilic head is directed to the aqueous phase and the hydrophobic tail is directed to the oil phase. The emulsifier positions itself at the oil/water or air/water interface and reduces the surface tension and stabilizes in this way the emulsion. They also have the ability to interact with other food ingredients.

Main role of emulsifiers in dough mixing are
  • Increased mixing and machine tolerance
  • Increased tolerance to variation in ingredients
  • Diminished knock downs during handling
  • Assit in maximum absorption of water .

Role played in different bakery products are as following

Bread - Interaction among proteins and starch complexing

Biscuits and Cookies - Fat Emulsification

Cakes and wafers - Modification of texture ,fat crystallization ,improvement of foaming and aeration properties .

These emulsifiers are labelled as E numbers on the bakery product packaging . These numbers signify the categories and approval by EU food standards .

Major emulsifiers used in bakery products are

  • GMS ( glyceryl mono sterate ) paste or Powder
  • SSL ( sodium stearoyl lactylate)
  • CSL( calcium stearoyl lactate)
  • Lecithin
  • Diglycerides
  • Polysorbate

Tear tape makes easy opening of biscuit packs

Tear tape are now being put into biscuit packs to make opening of biscuit pack easier . Customer feed back at United Biscuits UK has made Payne the global manufacturer to add some mechanism for making tear tape ends traceable for consumer .
This tear tapes are inserted while biscuit packaging and it comes in rolls .

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World major bakery manufacturers

Bakery Industry across the globe are into some exciting phase , mergers and acquisiton are changing the market .Bigger players are eyeing new markets with their products .New products are launched with greater frequency .
Few of the world major bakery manufacturers are

  • Kraft Inc
  • Kelloggs
  • Maple Leaf Foods Inc
  • Sara lee
  • United Biscuits
  • Burtons Food
  • Grupo Bimbo
  • Barilla
  • Interstate Bakery Corporation
  • Flower Foods Inc
  • Cereal Partners Worldwide
  • Northen Foods
  • Iffco
  • Britannia Industries
  • Ulker
  • Arnotts
  • Glico
  • Parle
  • Fazer Group
  • Walkers
  • QAF limited

Bakery manufacturer save transport fuel through collabration - A study

Bakery and other major food manufacturer and retailers in U.K have saved fuel in transportation due to an initiative taken by Institute of Grocery distribution .Concept of reducing no of truck loads either through alternatives like putting up loads to train or through collaboration with other manufacturers in which empty trucks are being utilised to bring good of other manufacturer thus reducing no of trips and saving fuel .

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Automation in bakeries - Benefits

Automation , Automation in bakeries , Automated production , automated process
Bakeries world over are now opting to automate their operations due to shortage s in labour , to increase productivity , save time and safety .This trend is more pronounced in Europe , Middle eastern countries where labour is a problem.
But for many countries bakery manufacturers prefer manual operations as labour cost is low in comparison to their European counter part hence they prefer to have workers performing all the operations . Automation is also very cost intensive hence bakery owners avoid putting money in the automation projects plus the skills to operates these system has a cost .Spares and Inventory is also a problem for these small to medium plants .
Even with these disadvantage automation has benefits for large or big bakery plants which results in better productivity and cost savings

Areas in bakeries operation where Automation can be done

Material handling
Conveyors can be used to load or unload matrials from vehicles to the stores or production hall with minimum requirement of labor .
Pneumatic conveying for Bulk handling and storage of raw material . These can be done with PLC based pneumatic system.

Pre -Mixing and Mixing
Raw material addition and transfer of liquid s for mixing can be automated with help of Plc based system along with weighing and batching done with automated system . Weighing is done through load cells and electro pneumatic valves which then are integrated with plc s.Mixers with helps of timers and software can adjust mixing timing as per dough consistency .

Forming and Laminating
Tipping of dough can be done through tipping elevators .Change overs in Dividers for bread as well as Cutter and moulders can be done to reduce change over time s.
Speed of Webs for gauge roller can be increased or decreased as per requirement or baking time for biscuit , cookies and cracker lines in a group .( as speed of each web and gauge rollers are linked to each other ) .

Burner controls are now fully automated where burners starts and stop as per the requirement of heat inside the baking zones .These are done with installation automated system with help of temperature controllers .
Biscuit lines have multiple burners installed and can be controlled with one command through plc .

Tracking of wire bands in biscuit lines are done through sensors installed .

Loading of ovens in bread lines can be automated with mechanical conveyors with timing adjusted through plc based programs .Prooving and baking trays are loaded and loaded with help of automated mechanisms.
Baked breads are taken out from moulds by putting up Depanners hence eliminating manual labor to depan .

Most of the automation which have been installed in bakeries is in the packaging section .
Feeding system - feeding of biscuits to packing machine or bread loaves to slicer are automated through chutes/ guidelines for biscuit lines or conveyors for bread plants.

Biscuit Packaging is than done through horizontal wrapping machine with operations like packs , prints and seals .
Automatic Bagger machine are used for bagging or packaging of bread slices .Horizontal flow wrap machines are also used in bread plants for packaging .
Here we can automate forming of cbbs by installing cbbs forming machine . Most the bakery manufacturers prefers preformed cartons to the automated forming of cbbs
Once the packets are placed then entire system of cartoning , palletizing can be done through robotics most of the western countries have installed robotics to handle post packing machine operations till loading .

Automation of any operation uses sensors , controllers , pressure switches , Ac based servodrives ,HMI , pneumatic s or hydraulic, photocells , scanners , AC Drives,PCB cards with their integration to PLC based software .Various companies gives complete package of plc systems such as Allen Bradley , Siemens , Telemechanique ,Schnieder ,Omron , Okuma , Mitsubishi,GEfanuc ,ABB .

Bakery manufacturers - Kelloggs - company profile

Kellogg Co. is ranked among top bakery manufacturers of world . Established in year 1906 in Michigan USA by Mr W.K.Kellogg. Its has products like ready to eat cereals , break fast and fruit snacks , cookies , crackers , natural and organic ,frozen products . Some of its favorite brands are Kelloggs , Eggo ,Pop-tarts ,Cheez-it,Garden Burger ,All bran ,Kashi , K Special ,Mini Wheats ,Crunchs and Pops . Popular bakery brands of Kelloggs are Carrs , Kebbler, Famous Amos ,Chip Deluxe , Fudge Shoppes, Club,Murray , Town House .

It has got manufacturing units in 19 different countries which includes countries from Africa , Asia , North America , Latin and South America and Europe .Sales in around 180 countries .
Employees - 32,000
Annual turnover (2008)-USD 13Billion
Corporate H Q --One Kelloggs square , Battle Creek , PO box - 3599 , MI -49016-3599,USA
CEO - David Mackay

Popular brands of Cakes in India

We all have been familiar with our regular birth day cakes , Wedding cakes and Annivarsies cakes but these are cake which highly customized and for a period . Sliced or bar cakes are the ones which can be used as regular snacks .
We dont find many brands in this category of cakes . Britannia has got dominant market share with very little competition in this category of cake . Other brand which has some presence pan India in bar cake category is Monginis which also produces cup cakes .Another regional player Bonn has been gradually increasing its market presence for bar cakes , muffins and cup cakes

Britannia good day bar cakes and cup cakes are in various flavors such as Millk , Chocolate , Vanilla , fruit ,Butter sponge and Pine apple .

Britannia has complete dominance on bar cake market let it be Indian Railways , Indian airlines ,Corporates its every where .

Please add bar cake brand from your area

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Popular brands of wafer biscuit in India

Wafer biscuits are another bakery product which has gained popularity in recent times . Wafer biscuits are of two types cream filled sandwich type where cream is filled betwwwen to layers of wafer s sheets which are then cut into wafer fingers and then packaed . Second type is coated type normally wafers are coated or enrobed by chocolate layer .

Popular brands for chocolate enrobed wafers biscuit are
Bravo - Bakers Pride - From Al sallan food Industries Co SAOG
Nestle - Munch
Cadbury - Perk

Wafer biscuit cream filled
Various cream varities are available from these brands such as vanilla , orange , hazzlenut ,milk ,banana

Its interesting that wafers are produced in large quantity but are mostly unbranded or localised , what I can collect from shelf were Wafers biscuits brand Tiffany and Nutro which are been sourced from UAE . There is a big potential for bakery manufacturers to enter branded wafer biscuit market in India .

Please suggest brand of wafer biscuit from your area .

Star buck planning to enter Indian market soon

With so many Retail chain opening their shops here in India to cater growing middle class of India , Star buck one of the world major coffee chains has decided to enter Indian market within two years .

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World famous bakery cafes

You all have been to one or the other bakery cafe in your town . Bakery cafes has gained popularity in recent times . The advantage we have in these cafes are fresh oven baked products with custom made bakery items .
Check out these bakery cafes in around your cities .Listed are few famous bakery cafe in world

  • Starbuck
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Paul Bakery
  • The Kolache Factory
  • Lee Sandwiches
  • Bread Papa
  • Au bon Pain
  • Panera Bread
  • Bread Talk
  • Panella
  • Forno
  • Krispy Kreme
  • Corner Bakery
  • The Hummingbird bakery
  • Cinnabon

Food safety equipments in bakery industry

Food safety equipments in bakery industry are required for keeping food products safe from foreign particles and ensuring hygienic environment all around production area. These equipments could be seen in restaurants , hotels kitchen , bakery cafe and other food production halls .Bakery manufacturers have to install these food safety equipments to adhere to various food safety standards like HACCP ,BRC ,ISO 22000 etc .
Main equipments for food safety are

Metal detectors
These are installed to detect metal and non metal contamination .Metal particles as small as 0.75 mm can be detected.Depending upon the conveyor various sizes are available with options of metal detector for wet dough as well as metal detector for dry finished products.

These are required to sift foreign matters in flour , sugar and other ingredients.Sizes are from 20 -35 microns

These are installed in various places to ensure the that raw material are free from metallic particles.

Filters for liquid ingredients as well as water are installed in various places .These prevents liquid ingredients from being contaminated. Different types of filter are available as per requirement .

Keep the environment free from microbes and other germs.

Air Curtains
Provides air barriers to insects and dust. Various types of air curtains are available as per span of the passage . two , three blowers with different velocities

PVC Curtains
Act as barriers to Insects dust. Normally transparent with thickness of 3 mm/2mm to width of 50mm to 200mm are available in the market
Hand and Foot washer
Washing of hand and foot for personal hygiene

Colored Scoops

Other instruments like thermometer , pressure gauge , hygrometer , are required to monitor product and raw material quality .

World major bakery packaging machine manufacturer

Bakery products packaging machine are of various types such as

  • Horizontal flow wrap packing machine
  • On the edge packing machine
  • Vertical Pouch sealing machine
  • Bagger Machine for the bread
  • Cream Sandwiching machine
  • Shrink Wrap machine
  • Over wrap machine

Following are major packing machine manufacturers of the world related  to Bakery Products

  • Bosch packaging- Swiss
  • Mannesman -Germany
  • Ishida Europe- UK
  • ULMA packaging - Spain
  • Ila Pack - Italy
  • Wright Machinery - UK
  • Cavanna S.p.A - Italy
  • Ibonhart-UK
  • Adept  Technologies
  • FMS Packaging system
  • Campbell Wrapper Corporation
  • Rezpack Machinery Inc
  • Package Machinery Company , Inc 
  • Peters Machinery - USA

Bimbo a major mexican bakery brand - Profile

Bimbo , Bimbo brand , group bimbo, mexican bimbo group
Bimbo brand of bakery product is popular in USA as well as in its origin country Mexico and other Latin American countries .Established in year 1945 it has created brand loyalties across continents . Grupo Bimbo brands and plants are now located in latin America , Europe and Asia.It is present in Mexico, The U.S.A., Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay, the Czech Republic and China.

Products and Brands
Bimbo products are Breads ,cookies , crackers , snacks , candy ,tortillas , pastries,buns
Its major brands are Bimbo, Marinela, Milpa Real, Tía Rosa, Mrs. Baird's, Oroweat, Entenmann's, Thomas', Boboli, Barcel, Ricolino, Coronado, La Corona, Pastelerías El Globo, Suandy, among many others.

It has many mergers and acquisition under its belt prominent are Pan Rico Beijing, Pan Europa, Los Sorchantes, El Globo Bakeries, La Corona, Duvalín, Bocadín, Lunetas, Wonder, Lara and Coronado in Mexico; Oroweat, Mrs. Baird’s, Four-s Baking and Pacific Pride in the United States of America, Park Lane in Germany, Plus Vita in Brazil.
In 2008, Grupo Bimbo net sales amounted $7,424 million dollars.
Employs about 104000 employees

Panera bread company a popular bakery cafe of America

USA Bakery chain , Panera bread , bakery retail chain , bakery cafe chain , us bakery retail chain
Panera bread is fast becoming the most popular bakery cafe for masses in America . In short span of time it has crossed 1000 outlets in different locations in USA . Panera breads popularity is due to its customer service and exotic bread recipes.Panera Bread Company (Panera) specializes in providing fresh baked goods, made-to-order sandwiches, salads, soups, custom roasted coffees and other cafe beverages. The company operates its business under the Panera Bread and Saint Louis Bread Company names in the US. The company operates primarily in the US. Panera is headquartered in Richmond Heights, Missouri and employs about 7,200 people
Major Competiton comes from other retail giants like Mcdonalds , Starbuck , Subway and Yum !Brands .

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CEO of Panera breads speaks .

Arabic bread a popular staple in Middle east countries

Arabic bread has got several names to name few Pita bread , Flat bread or Khubz . The Arabic bread is popular in GCC countries and Libya , Egypt , Lebanon , Syria , Iraqi and Iran. Arabic bread can be rolled with fillling like chicken or muttons kebabs .Its best when served hot as it has tendency to become hard in short time .Arabic bread s has several pockets where we can use several dishes

5 lb. all purpose flour
2 env. dry yeast
5 c. lukewarm water, approximately
2 tbsp. salt
1/2 tsp. sugar; optional

Dissolve yeast in 1/4 cup of warm water. Set aside. Add sugar at this point.
In a large pan mix flour and salt. Add yeast mixture. Gradually add the water, mixing and kneading until dough is smooth. (This dough has to be firm enough to roll with a rolling pin.) Cover with a towel and put in a warm place for 1-2 hours or until the dough rises.
Cut dough into sections the size of an orange. Form balls by tucking the dough underneath the make the round and smooth. Let rest for 30 minutes between the towels.
On a lightly floured surface, roll out balls to 7 inch diameter. Let rise for 1 hour covered with cloth. Preheat oven to 450-500 degrees. Then bake 5-10 minutes until bottom is light brown. Broil top for 1/2 minute until light brown.
Makes 20-24 loaves of Arabic Bread

Debate over addition of Folic acid continues in New Zealand

Folic acid is mandatory food additive for bread in many countries .Folic acid is a synthetic form of folate found in vitamin B.
Debate which has attracted much of govt and media attention is now been taken note by New Zealand government and has been notified for public opinion .

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World major bakery equipment manufacturers or suppliers

Bakery Industry owners ,companies and corporates world over place orders for their plant and machinery to major bakery equipment manufacturers across the globe. Few of them have equipment and machinery installed in different countries .With technology and service demands bakery equipments manufacturer are innovating and manufacturing custom made equipments for clients .

Following are the World top bakery equipment manufacturers

  • Allied bakery equipments - USA
  • AMF -- USA
  • Auto bake - USA
  • Baker Perkins - UK
  • Franz Haas Machine s of America - USA
  • Haas - Germany
  • Hebenstriet - Germany
  • Werner & Plfiederer - Germany
  • Imaforni Int Spa- Italian
  • The Peerless Group - USA
  • Tonnelli Spa - Italy
  • Peter Machinery Inc - USA
  • Gemini bakery equipment -USA
  • Empire bakery equip - USA
  • Mono Equipment - UK
  • Sinmag - Taiwan
  • Anko - Taiwan
  • Heat and Control pty - Australia
  • Konig- Germany
  • Panem- France
  • Helix - Italy
  • Bimatic - Spain
  • Bongard - UK
  • Pietroberto- Italy
  • Hobart - USA
  • Padovani Srl - Italy
  • Polin Spa -- Italy 
  • Rondo - Switzerland
  • FGC  Bakery and Biscuit Technology - Spain 

List of Indian bakery equipment manufacturer

Bakery Plant and Equipment maintenance -Important role in Operations

Bakery owners with bigger plants and factory are interested in getting their plant downtime to minimum . The plant managers are asked to implement various maintenance methods for low down time . Equipments which are important from maintenance point of view are
  • Laminators
  • Dividers
  • Mixers
  • Oven
  • Packing Machines
With other Utilities like
  • Air compressors
  • ETP
  • Diesel Generators
  • Cold Storage
  • Chillers
  • Boilers

Function of plant engineer s is to ensure optimum efficiency and low down time of these machines for which he has team of technician s. Normally a shift operations have a Maintenance team of Electrical and Mechanical fitters with helpers . Apart from shift maintenance .Few technicians are kept in general shift for repair and modification jobs .

Preventive and predictive maintenance plans are scheduled for scheduled shut downs or during break downs . Both options are practised in bakeries . Once the plan is made the Engineers performs the maintenance part with his Checklist on the Equipments mentioned above . Basic maintenance routine for bakeries are

Inspection : Normally machines are inspected during running hours but if required detailed inspections can be scheduled during Plant shut downs. Equipments like Ovens , Laminators or Packing machines can be scheduled for such inspection .

COT - C --- Cleaning the surface of equipments O- oiling ie Applying Lubrication's or replacing worn out oil where-ever required . T - Tightening of fasteners

Repair : Any repair to be performed on the body or part of the equipments which may require welding , cutting or replacement of bearings , seals, gaskets , Shaft , Valves , stiching of conveyors. Allingment of shafts

Replacement : Putting up new accessories in place of worn out parts it could be electrical switch gear , motors , pumps , sensors , Conveyors , gear boxes , cutters , cups, dies , Wire band,V or timing belts

Spares and Workshop Inventory : Keeping safety stock of critical spares .eg Rollers , conveyors , burners , electrical and mechanical hardware , Gear boxes , Chains , Vbelts ,Timing belts.

Break Down Maintenance : Repair and trouble shooting during plant operations with on the spot repair .

Britannia 's Nutrichoice 5 grains biscuit- Product review

britannia nutrichoice , 5 grain nutrichoice , nutrichoice , 5 grains nutrichoice
Britannia has launched a new variant biscuit under its Nutri choice brand called 5 grain. (Launched in end of last year ).Britannia which has declared health and nutrition as its one of the major focus to drive consumers for healthy eating .

Nutrichoice 5 grain cosnsists following Major ingredients
Oats , Corn ,Ragi , Rice and Wheat with zero transfat .

Other ingredients are wheat bran , edible vegetable oil and fat , sugar ,milk solid , salt , honey .
These are elongated elliptical shaped biscuits and could be a good alternative snacks for hunger pangs during afternoon and evening .

Priced Rs 18/- per 100gram pack

Other products under Nutrichoice brand are
Digestive high fibre ,Cream Cracker with low sugar and Sugar Out litetime

It has a plastic tray with two pockets which keep these biscuit in place .

Bakery waste and its disposal management

Bakery process generates lots of waste which can be either disposed of or can be recycled in many cases .Bakery waste management  needs clear strategy  for  identification , segregation,storage and disposal.

 Bakery Waste which are generated are
Process waste
  • Dough
  • Flour dust
  • Sugar dust
  • Burnt biscuits
  • Broken Biscuit
  • Burnt loaves or rejected loaves
  • Market returned old bakery products
These can be sold out to suppliers who deals into cattle feeding . Precaution should be taken that none of these have contamination so that it can be used for cattle feeding.
  • Wrappers
  • Tins
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Bags
  • Cores
  • Polythene
  • Sacks
  • Plastic Trays and Pallets
Most of these are can be recycled by packaging material suppliers
Solid waste
  • Metallic scrap
  • Wooden Pallets and other
  • Papers
  • Bakery waste water dry Sludge
Metallic scrap can be sold to scrap merchants , Dry Sludge and other can be sold to land filling contractors.Bakery waste water can be treated can be used for gardening and other cleaning purpose.
Other waste are
  • Fat & oil contaminated
  • Spent Oil from machinery
Could be sold to recyclers .Bakery waste recycling are being adopted by various companies  to  save cost and implement resource  conservation.

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What are wheat and gluten free flours

Bakery products main ingredient is Wheat flour . Wheat Flour consists of gluten which can be described as

It is rubber like protein which provides the network like structure to dough when kneaded .It is basically protein.Protein can be classified into two categoriesa Gliadinb & Glutenin
Gluten is responsible for unique quality of elasticity/extensibility and resistance in wheat flour .

Unfortunately a significant number of people have allergy to wheat or gluten ,which has created an opportunity to bakery manufacturers to producte gluten free bakery products . Local or speciality manufacturers claims to produce gluten free products but we have to get major bakery manufacturer to produce gluten free products in India .
Label on food products packaging distinctively warns consumer about the presence of allergen or gluten in the product .

Here are few Alternative flour s which are gluten and wheat free

  • Amaranth flour
  • Arrowroot flour
  • Brown rice flour
  • Buckwheat flour
  • Chick pea flour (also known as gram or garbanzo flour)
  • Cornflour
    Alternative name: cornstarch.Wheat free Gluten free
  • Cornmeal
  • Maize flour
  • Millet flour
  • Potato flour
  • Potato starch flour
  • Quinoa flour
  • Sorghum flour
  • Soya flour
  • Tapioca flour
  • Teff flour
  • White rice flour

Note :When baking with wheat free flours you may need to source alternative binding agents.

Bakery Equipments - Wafers biscuit manufacturing

Another popular bakery products are Wafer biscuits. Basically they are of two type

  • Cream filled sandwich type : Two layers or Three Layers

  • Coated or Enrobed chocolate type

Following are the equipments required for automated wafers biscuit manufacturing

  • Batter Mixers with transfer unit

  • Plasticizers

  • Cream Mixers with transfer unit

  • Wafer baking Oven

These ovens have baking plates for wafers which are selected as per the size of wafer sheet )

  • Cooling Arch or Bridge

  • Wafer Spreading Unit

  • Wafer Block Cooler

  • Wafer Block Cutting

  • Wafer Distributor for guiding blocks to various packing machine

  • Flow wrap Packing machine

As wafers are very fragile packaging are mostly done in boxes and are then passed to packing machine for wrapper packaging .

Wafer Biscuit glossary are . Batter , cream , fingers , wafer sheet layer , baking plates , tongs , Conche mixers , Wafer sheet blocks .

Food Safety and Standard Authority Of India - Role s and Resposibility

The Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI)has been established under Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 which consolidates various acts & orders that have hitherto handled food related issues in various Ministries and Departments. FSSAI has been created for laying down science based standards for articles of food and to regulate their manufacture, storage, distribution, sale and import to ensure availability of safe and wholesome food for human consumption.

Highlights of the Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006
Various central Acts like
  • Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954
  • Fruit Products Order , 1955,
  • Meat Food Products Order , 1973,
  • Vegetable Oil Products (Control) Order, 1947
  • Edible Oils Packaging (Regulation)Order 1988,
  • Solvent Extracted Oil,
  • De- Oiled Meal and Edible Flour (Control) Order,1967
  • Milk and Milk Products Order, 1992

etc will be repealed after commencement of FSS Act, 2006.
The Act also aims to establish a single reference point for all matters relating to food safety and standards, by moving from multi- level, multi- departmental control to a single line of command. To this effect, the Act establishes an independent statutory authority – the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India with head office at Delhi. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) and the State Food Safety Authorities shall enforce various provisions of the Act.

Duties and functions of the Authority
FSSAI has been mandated by the FSS Act, 2006 for performing the following functions:

  • Framing of Regulations to lay down the Standards and guidelines in relation to articles of food and specifying appropriate system of enforcing various standards thus notified.
  • Laying down mechanisms and guidelines for accreditation of certification bodies engaged in certification of food safety management system for food businesses.
  • Laying down procedure and guidelines for accreditation of laboratories and notification of the accredited laboratories.
  • To provide scientific advice and technical support to Central Government and State Governments in the matters of framing the policy and rules in areas which have a direct or indirect bearing of food safety and nutrition .
  • Collect and collate date regarding food consumption, incidence and prevalence of biological risk, contaminants in food, residues of various, contaminants in foods products, identification of emerging risks and introduction of rapid alert system.
  • Creating an information network across the country so that the public, consumers, Panchayats etc receive rapid, reliable and objective information about food safety and issues of concern.
    Provide training programmes for persons who are involved or intend to get involved in food businesses.
  • Contribute to the development of international technical standards for food, sanitary and phyto-sanitary standards.
  • Promote general awareness about food safety and food standards.

Bakery manufacturers need to follow up with food authority for labelling , adultrants , additives and their permissible levels etc .

Food laws in India

Numerous laws has been stipulated by ministry of food and related ministry to check consumer interest and stop malpractices by manufacturers
Following are the acts inacted by govt of India
  • Food Safety and Standards Act , 2006
  • Prevention of Food Adulteration Act (PFA) 1954 and Rules (Ministry of Health & Family Welfare).
  • The Standards of Weights and Measures Act, 1976, and Standards of Weights and Measures (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 1977
  • Agriculture Produce (Grading & Marking) Act (Ministry of Rural Development).
  • Essential Commodities Act, 1955(Ministry of Food & Consumer Affairs).
  • Fruit Products Order (FPO), 1995.
  • Meat Food Products Order, 1973 (MFPO).
  • Milk and Milk Products Order, 1992.
  • The Infant Milk Substitutes, Feeding Bottles and Infant Foods (Regulation of Production, Supply and Distribution) Act, 1992 and Rules 1993.
  • The Insecticide Act, 1968.
  • Export (Quality Control and Inspection) Act, 1963.
  • Environment Protection Act, 1986.
  • Pollution Control (Ministry of Environment and Forests).
  • Industrial Licenses. • BIS Act, 1986.
  • VOP (Control) Order – 1947.
  • SEO (Control) Order -1967.

With need to stream line various agencies and laws Indian parliament passed a bill of Food safety and standards Act , 2006 .Single authority has been constituted for handling food related issues . Above mentioned acts ( few related to food safety )will remain enforced till notifications are issued by Food safety and standards authority of India .( FSSAI)

Please check the status on acts and regulation on the official site of Food safety and standards authority of India ( FSSAI)

Apart from above food related laws Bakeries in India have to adhere and following laws for their smooth business.In addition to Commercial licenses and registration following are major laws to be followed by bakeries

Factories Act ( Occupational related issues )

Boiler Act ( Safety )

Air and Water pollution Act ( Pollution Control )

Petroleum Act ( Storage of ldo , hsd , and lpg in factory premises)

Bread Recipe - Walnut Banana Bread

Here is my most favorite recipe for bread which i normally prefer for my breakfast and store it for my snacking moments

3 ripe bananas
1/2 cup soft butter
1/2 cup white sugar
1/2 cup firmly packed brown sugar
4 eggs
1/2 cup buttermilk
1 tsp vanilla
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon salt
2 teaspons baking power
2 teaspons baking soda
2 teaspons cinnamon
1/2 cup chopped walnuts
1 sliced banana
1/4 cup chopped walnuts

In a large bowl peel the bananas and break them into small pieces. Use a potato masher and mash the bananas. Set aside. In a separate bowl cream the soft butter, white sugar and brown sugar all together with a wooden spoon. Add in the beaten eggs and mix till smooth. Add in the buttermilk and vanilla. Continue to mix together till well combined. Add in the mashed bananas, then mix. In a separate bowl combine the flour, salt baking powder, baking soda and cinnamon. Using a wire whisk mix together. Pour the flour mixture into the liquid. Mix together till just combined. Fold in the chopped walnuts. Pour batter into a well greased 9x 5 loaf pan. Peel a banana and slice into pieces. Place the banana slice down the middle of the loaf. Top the banana slices with chopped walnuts. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 55 - 60 minutes. If you place a thermometer into the center of the loaf it should register between 180 to 185 degrees or until a skewer inserted into center of the loaf comes out clean. Allow the banana bread to sit for 10 minutes before removing from the pan. Cool it and serve

Try it ! you would love it


Bread Talk - A story of Popular Singaporean bakery retail chain

Bread talk has become one of the famous brands outside Singapore . Bread talk has got presence in Asia , America and Middle eastern countries .It was established in year 2000 when bakery retail chain where not popular but in span of nine years it has marked its name as one of the worlds finest bakery retail chain.

What makes Breadtalk hot favorite is the numerous varieties of bread it has in their recipes .Boutique concept has been popularised by the Breadtalk in Singapore with glass shelf and racks for display is the main attraction for the consumers .

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Grupo Siro to buy Sara Lee s spanish bakeries

Sara lee is one of the world largest bakery product manufacturer and has around 44000 employees world wide .Its sales covers approx 200 countries and has got annual turnover of 13billion USD . Main brands of Sara lee are Ambi Pur, Ball Park, Douwe Egberts, Hillshire Farm, Jimmy Dean, Kiwi, Sanex, Sara Lee, Senseo and Bimbo.

Sara Lee Corp.'s International Bakery segment has reached an agreement to sell three of its Spanish bakery production plants - Briviesca (Burgos), Antequera (Malaga) and Agüimes (Gran Canaria) - to Grupo Siro

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Food Additive market for bakery products

Food additives and speciality ingredients market is very attractive for bakery products as number of foreign companies have set up base or are enquiring about the market and its demand s.

Speciality Ingredients are emulsifiers ,preservatives flavours , colors , enzymes , vitamins and minerals which add various properties to the final products .As bakery industry in India are poised for growth , Companies are gearing up for increased demand for these type of speciality ingredients .

Few of the popular speciality ingredient manufacturers or suppliers are

International Flavors and Fragrances Inc
Bush Boake Allen Inc ( Now IFF )
Food Ingredients and Specaility
AB Mauri
Fine Organics
Helios Food Additive
Orar Flavours
Givaudan India
Burn Philip

As we see robust growth of bakery industry , more of food additive companies would set up their base in India .

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Artificial flavour - Bakery Glossary

When you eat flavoured bread , cream sandwich biscuits or cakes have you ever wondered from where these flavour comes from! . These flavours are possible due to addition of artificial flavours .
These are man made chemicals which are combination of ether's ,esters ,aldehyde's alcohols,resins and other odorous products.These flavours are more stable in storage &through baking.Most artificial flavors are specific and often complex mixtures of singular naturally occurring flavor compounds combined together to either imitate or enhance a natural flavor.These mixtures are formulated by flavorist to give a food product a unique flavor and to maintain flavor consistency between different product batches or after recipe changes. The list of known flavoring agents includes thousands of molecular compounds, and the flavor chemist (flavorist) can often mix these together to produce many of the common flavors.Most commonly used flavours are
diacetyl - buttery
isoamyl acetate - banana
cinnamic aldehyde- cinnamon
ethyl propionate - fruity , limonene - orange
ethyl decadienonate - pear
allyl heaxanoate - pineapple
ethyl maltol - sugar
benzaldehyde - bitter almond

There are other numerous flavour s created thorugh complex sythnesis of chemicals .

Why Environment Management System (EMS) is required in bakery Industry

EMS or Environment Management System are now being implemented in almost all bakery plants . EMS or ISO 14000 is an international standard which ensure s and put guidelines for a complete environment management system in an organisation .Its based on study of all throughput and outputs of manufacturing processes along with services which has significant Impacts on the business .Documentation and audits and corrective measures are similar to ISO 9000 .The major emphasis of ISO-14000 is on environment related issues which covers all of the legal compliance's and Pollution control . Companies have to declare and display their commitment to environment and pollution control through a environment policy . ISO -14001 also enhances corporate or companies image in public .Its also required for exports to certain countries .

Major areas of bakery which are covered in ISO-14001

  • All legal compliance's about pollution other statutory licenses which covers

  • SOP for critical operations

  • Air pollution - Oven Flue gases through chimneys

  • Water pollution - Waste water treatment and discharge of treated water as per the municipality standards

  • Noise Pollution - Noise in around factory to be within permissible limits

  • Energy and water conservation objectives and plans

  • Occupational Health Hazards - Elimination of such jobs and concerns

  • Fire safety and Emergency plans

  • Waste disposal and its procedures
The best part of EMS is that it ensures that the company is committed on above mentioned issues through projects with clear cut time lines , responsibilities and budget on regular basis which are then audited for compliance's.
Numerous projects have been implemented by these companies which has resulted in cost savings and better environment in around factories . Hope that companies would come forward and implement EMS in their plants and conserve resources.

Bakery Manufacturers - company profiles - Kraft Foods Inc

In the series of companies profile for big players in bakery industry world wide .We would Start with Kraft Foods Inc.

Kraft foods is one of the largest producers of bakery products in the world and with recent takeover of Danones bakery business . It has become the world largest bakery product manufacturer.Kraft Foods Inc. (Kraft Foods) is principally engaged in manufacturing and marketing of packaged food and beverages including snacks, beverages, cheese, convenient meals and various packaged grocery products. The company’s major brands include Kraft cheeses, dinners and dressings; Oscar Mayer meats; Philadelphia cream cheese; Maxwell House coffee; Nabisco cookies and crackers; Oreo brand; Jacobs coffees; Milka chocolates; and LU biscuits. Kraft Foods operates in more than 70 countries and sells its products in over 150 countries. The company’s brands are spanned across five consumer sectors namely, Snacks - cookies, crackers, salted snacks and chocolate confectionery; Beverages - coffee, aseptic juice drinks and powdered beverages; Cheese - natural, process and cream cheeses; Grocery - primarily ready-to-eat cereals, enhancers and desserts; and Convenient Meals - frozen pizza, packaged dinners, lunch combinations and processed meats. The company is headquartered in Northfield, Illinois, US.
Other Details are
HQ - Three lakes drive , North Field , Illionis ,60093 ,USA .
Turnover-42 USD M
Employees -98000
CEO -Irene Rosen feld
Major cookies brand s from Krafts Nabisco are Oreo , Chips Ahoy , Newton , Nilla , Teddy Grahams , Misc

Tiffany a popular biscuit brand in Middle east

Tiffany is a very popular brand in middle east .Tiffany brand is owned by iffco company based in dubai . The business is looked by Allana group . Tiffany covers juices , ready to eat products , food product apart from Bakery items ( biscuit , wafers , cakes and cookies ).

As far as the market share in concerned tiffany almost cover 65% of bakery product market . Major products are nice , bourbon , cream , crackers , wafers .

Tiffany now has competitors like Indian brand Britannia and Parle.Local brand such Nutro, Americana ( S.A.K , kuwait ) ,Deemah ,Nabeel s are also competing for biscuit market and Mcvities ,Oreos from European Countries

ISO 22000 for Bakeries and other Food Industry

All those bakeries who have gone for ISO -9000 for their process standardisation and those companies who has got HACCP implemented in their company can have a common system which is termed as ISO 22000


International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has published ISO 22000:2005 - Food Safety Management Systems – Requirements for any Organization in the Food Chain, with a view to provide framework for internationally harmonized requirements for systematically managing safety in food supply chains. This standard integrates the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system developed by Codex Alimentarius Commission and combines the HACCP plan with Prerequisite Programmes (PRPs) and is fully compatible with Quality Management Systems (QMS) as per ISO 9001: 2000 .


Food Safety is related to the presence of food borne hazards in food at the point of consumption. Food reaches to consumers via supply chains that may link many different types of organizations. One weak link can result in unsafe food that is dangerous to health. As food safety hazards can occur the food chain at any stage, adequate control throughout the supply chain is essential. Therefore food safety is a joint responsibility of all organizations with in the food chain including, producers, manufactures, transport & storage operators, sub contractors, retail and food service outlets and service providers.
Recent studies have shown that there is significant increase of illness caused by infected food in both developed and developing countries which give rise to considerable economic costs besides being health hazards. This has necessitated the need for establishing a food safety management system by all types of organizations within the food chain.


a) Integrates the principles of Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system developed be Codex Alimentarius Commission. It combines the HACCP plan with prerequisite programme (PRPs) and operational PRPs.
b) Requires that all Hazards that may be reasonably expected to occur in the food chain are identified, assessed and controlled.
c) Can be applied independent of other management system standards or can be integrated with existing other management systems.
d) Allows even small, tiny scale organizations to implement as externally developed combination of control measures.
e) Intended for organizations seeking more focused, coherent and integrated food safety management systems.
f) Emphasis on preventions of food safety hazards of all types.
g) Ensures compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements.
h) Provides for management of potential emergency situations & accidents that can impact food safety.


The key elements of FSMS for managing & reducing the risk to health resulting from operations across the food chain to final consumption are:

Ø Interactive Communication;
Ø System Management;
Ø Prerequisite Programmes;
Ø HACCP Principles;


Ø Increased international acceptance of food products
Ø Reduces risk of product/service liability claims
Ø Satisfies customer contractual requirements
Ø Ensures safety of food products
Ø Greater health protection
Ø Demonstrations conformance to international standards and applicable regulatory requirements
Ø Helps to meet applicable food safety related statuary & regulatory requirements
Ø Ensures to compete effectively in national and international markets

ISO 22000 Standard Procedures for Food Safety Management Systems

Heat recovery system for bakery oven .

Waste heat generated can be utilised for reheating gas or air which goes into burner or for heating water for cleaning purpose .This could result in cost savings in fuel .

New technology has been developed by Kaak group .

Types of Bread in Indian market

India has its own brand of breads for centuries what we now call chappatis , Naan , tandori rotis ,parathas etc .Bread have become integral part of modern living with urbanisation and less time for preparing break fast breads now must for most of the working families . Modern bread manufacturers which have now automated are producing varieties of bread . These varieties are listed below . Breads are normally accompanied with Bread spreads like honey, mayonnaise , jam , butter, cheese or you can even use vegetables and chicken for a sandwich .Even you can dunk it with tea or milk .

White Bread
Its the most popular and common bread . With 400g or 800g packs .White bread is made up from wheat flour minus the bran and the germ . White bread are the later fortified with minerals and vitamins.

Whole wheat grain bread or Brown Bread
Whole wheat bread contains the bran and germ which are not segregated as in white bread hence it has got better nutritional value .Its brownish colour because it contains the outer pericarp and aleurone layers of the wheat grain .

Sandwich bread
It is white bread with larger dimensions .These meant for the commercial use of sandwiches for hotels , restaurants and offices.School children also prefer these type of bread

Flavoured Breads
Bread Manufacturers with a view to local taste add flavours ,spices to match the palate ., creating varieties such as daliya ,basil, garlic, onion, or cinnamon .

Paav or Buns
Indian equivalents to burger buns . These are very popular in city of mumbai ( vada pav ) and pav bhajji

Exotic Bread
Retail bakery chain s are promoting exotic breads with chefs brought from Europe or Latin America.Baguettes, rolls, paninis, ciabattas, multi-grain bread, croissants, foccaccias, organic breads, gluten–free breads, Danish pastry and doughnuts.

Fruity Bread
Fruit cuts are spread for better taste Very popular with kids . No spreads are required .

The national players are Britannia and Modern ( now limited to few parts of the country ) .Every state has its own local brand.Short shelf life of bread makes difficult for big players to distribute breads at distant places

Bread can increase your protein intake, add fiber to your diet, refill you muscles by supply quality carbohydrate in addition to healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Bakery Equipments - Bread Manufacturing

Bread manufacturing requires certain specific equipments and machinery to produce bread . Listed are equipments required for bread manufacturing in very large volumes .


Flour Handling system
Sugar Grinders

Mixers - Spiral

Prooving and Forming

Hander Up
Inter Proover and final proover
Mould trays

Cooling Racks


Packing Machine
Printing Machine

With other material handling equipments and utility

Britannia s failed brands and products

Britannia s in its long history has tried and experimented with lots of products and ideas in its product range . Few of them has become me ga brands but few of them were withdrawn and discontinued . Its an interesting history of success and failures . Few of brands and product which were discontinued are mentioned below

Swiss Rolls

Half Half Cakes

Glucose - D

Milk man Milk

Chutney Bread

Zip Sip Flavoured Milk

Chai Biskut



Thin Arrow root or Jacob Thin


Career options in Bakery

With ever increasing demand for bakery products , speciality products . Burgeoning bakery chains , live bakeries ,hotels and restraunts , demand for bakery professionals have increased many folds

With traditional functions required to run a bakery business still present like
Sales and marketing
Human Resources
Stores or Warehouse
Production Planning

Following are the Skilled roles for bakery

Bakers ( Operators /Chefs)
In earlier days bakers used get trained under senior or experienced bakers .They used to get expertise through years of trials and errors . At present any one can get the skills and theoretical knowledge through Culinary ,hotel and catering schools or Specifically Bakery schools . It could be six month or two year course . Baker has a prime role in a small , retail , hotel or restruant type of bakery as he control s process from mixing to baking . Prime role of baker can be identified as .
Checking the right ingredients or raw material for the desired recipe .
Knowledge of roles and properties of ingredient added
Quality of the ingredients added
Get the quantities right as per the recipe of the product
Mixing Properties of the dough
Dough Consistency
Trouble shooting in case mixing is not proper
Check sanitation and hygiene requirement at working area
Record process parameters and other documents
Highlight safety or hygiene issues to the manager or supervisior

Food technologist
Role for foodd technologist are multi task . Most important is
Quality Control and Inspection
Product development
Reaserch and Development
Production supervsion

Engineers are required for maintenance , new technology for process and Break down trouble shooting. Specifically for material handling equipments , Oven , Packing machines. Due to automation done in almost all bakery plants Instrumentation has gained importance .

Packaging ideas for bakery products

packaging ideas, packaging concepts ,bakery packaging

We would concentrate on types of packaging used to attract consumers or through creative packaging to enhances sales and product s uniqueness from competitors . These includes  biscuit packaging ideas and  cake packaging idea

Flexible packaging ( laminates ,wrappers )
These are the most common method of packaging material used to pack bakery products today . We can recollect that biscuits used to be packed in wax papers.Mainly biscuits and sliced cakes . We can find zig zag fisssures at the end of the packs which helps consumer to tear the pack .Earlier we use to get plain ends where we had to struggle to open the pack . Few manufacturers are providing tear tape at the top of packing which opens like a thread and helps consumer to open a pack to required packet length .Either we find slug packs or Family packs . Good Day , Marie gold , Krack Jack, Parle G

Plain cardboard Boxes
These are used by many manufactures to pack biscuit to differentiate it s product from competitors . These normal paper boxes which are slightly thicker .

Display Boxes
After primary packing done by flexible wrappers these packets are arranged in display boxes manually and then these boxes are shrink wrapped .Consumers can see the products through these transparent films .

Vertical Pouches or Sachet
These have also been experimented by many bakery manufacturers mainly biscuits ,snacky biscuits . Britannia s Little Heart and now Frito Lays Aliva

Tins or Metallic Boxes

These are still popular in masses as it was in earlier days . These can be found for cookies packing which very soft to handle . Hence majority of cookies are packed in Tins . Danish Cookies and Britannia s Pure Magic cookies

Pvc Trays .
Soft cookies or cakes are arranged in these trays to prevent from any damage at with ease to handle and store .Britannia Good day choco chips are packed in pvc trays

Poly bags

Breads are packed in these types of poly bags which are tied through twist n tie bands or stickers .Normal flow wrap packaging is done for Majority of white bread available in market .
Breads by Harvest Gold .

Shrink Wrapped and Over wrapped boxes and trays
Shrink wrapping is done on boxes to give a attractive look to consumers with additional safety to the products . Display boxes can also be shrink wrapped .

Paper Bags

Bread  are normally packed  in poly  bags but for  few artisan bakeries customer prefer more environmental friendly  paper bags . These paper bags could be  plain or can have printed material  on them .Paper normally are used for baguette and convenient in carrying such product .

Zip Pouches

These are  introduced  with  resealable  pouches meant for products  to be carried over to a  distance or to be kept for longer period . These pouches have zip integrated in the pouches so as to open and close it when ever required thus keeping the product crispy and prevents moisture to enter the bag .

Cake Boxes

Cake boxes  have been  used  for   packing Cakes , Pies  and Swiss rolls  etc  ,these are aPET  transparent  with hinged cover and base . Consumer can see the products  through transparent cover 

Tube Packaging

Cylindrical  Tubes of  different height s are used  for  packaging   bakery products  such as cookies , biscuits

Food Packaging Solutions
Little Book of Big Packaging Ideas

India's Major Biscuit Brands

With lots of enquiries and searches for major brands of biscuit in India, we checked from market and their portals to list few of them . Find few major brands of biscuit in India .The Majors brands are from Britannia , Parle , ITC foods , Surya Foods

Britannia s

Good Day,Tiger,Marie Gold,50- 50,Choco -chips,Choco - nuts,Little Heart,Nutri Choice,Bourbon
Nice Time,Pure Magic,Milk Bikis,Jim -Jam,Cream Treats,Time Pass,Digestive


Parle G ,krack Jack,Monaco,Hide n Seek,Magix,Kreames,20 -20,Nimkin,Chox,Digestive,Marie,
Milk Shakti


Milky magic,Marie,Golden Bakery,Dark Fantasy,Glucose,Dream Cream,Snacky,Sweet n Salt,Nice,Vita,Special

Surya Foods ( PRIYA GOLD )
Butter Bite,Classic cream,Kids Cream,Bourbon,Marie Lite,Big Boss ,Magic Gold,CNC,Cheese Cracker,Snacks Zig Zag,Don,Coconut Crunch,Cheez Bit,Chat Patta

Anzac , Butter Cookies , Bradman Chocolate cookies ,Kiss Choco

United Biscuit ( Mcvities  )
Digestive , Cookies , Marie 

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