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United Biscuit buys SSFI in Himachal Pradesh

Finally UB ( United Biscuits ) ,UK has bought a SSFI unit in Himachal Pradesh to launch its product in India . Earlier in my blog I have reported news on United Biscuits moving into India and launching its product . It has been busy with building a team and time has come to translate into manufacturing .UB has got popular brands like McVities Hoola Hoops and Jacobs Cream Cracker .
United biscuit would test launch its product from this facility in first quarter of 2010 . The brands it would go in for world famous Digestive biscuit McVities . The Indian operations is headed by Jayant Kapare . For last year it has been scouting for manufacturing unit and now its has finally taken oven this biscuit manufacturing plant in Himachal Pradesh .
UB would have to face tough competition from already entrenched players like Britannia , Parle and ITC . UB has to work it out a recipe compatible with Indian taste and to market aggressively for brand recall.As history shows that Foreign brands could not make much headway in Indian biscuit market .
Product like Britannia Digestive , Marie Gold , Nutri Choice and ITC s Marie lite would give to tough competition . Indian biscuit market is worth Rs 6000.00 crore and fiercely competitive with dozens of local players apart from the BIG 3 ,namely Cremica , Priya gold , Dukes and Bisk farm.It would be interesting to see how Indian players respond to UB s McVities.

United Biscuits is owned by private global investment firm Blackstone and European private equity firm PAI .

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Requirement of second hand bakery equipments-Balaji foods

Machinery related to Bakery:
1. Bakery OvenDouble deckFour trays eachGas / Electric operated
2. Waffle Baking Machine
3. Heated Display counter for patties and puffs (preffered: three side glass and rotating shelves)
4. Single door cake rotatory display fridge- Vertical
5. Pastry Display fridgeFrost freeSize: 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 8ft length
6. Commercial refrigeration equipment- Double door, Refrigerator/ Deep freezer for freezing the cakes and pasteries after icing
7. High speed planetary mixtureWith three attachmentsCapacity: 20 litres

Machinery related to Food Industry:
1. Pizza Oven Conveyor typeGas / Electric operatedMinimum width OF Conveyor belt 20"with 28"n long Heating chamber minimum
2. Softy MachineSingle flavourEconomical Model
3. Horizontal 3 door cold storage fridge
4. 8' Long three door horizontal deep freezer
5. Generator Set 62 KVA (Silent)

If you have got above second hand machines please contact undersigned
Bikram Gupta
Shri Balaji Foods
91 98154 44448

E- Commerce a new tool for bakeries to save cost and build profits-Popular retail brands of bakery in China

Bakeries all over world are adopting e -commerce as new business strategies to get more sales , quick service , 24x7 operations .With time becoming precious entity in city daily routine more and more people are turning on to online orders for their food stuff requirement which includes bakery products such as cookies , cakes , biscuit and bread.
A recent article in china daily which highlights the popularity of online shops in China for popular bakeries cafes . Popular bakeries like Ebeecake, Waffle boy and 21 Cake all have gone for online stores for their bakery product .People find doing online business is economical and less time consuming .
Traditional bakery retail chain majors like Holiland , Weiduomei , Bread Talk and Paris Baguette are adopting different strategies for growth and sales .
Holiland has chosen the franchise path to open more than 1000 retail cafes.
Weiduomei has turned to western -style bakery cafe.
Bread Talk is focusing on gaining a foothold in high-end shopping malls and office buildings, reinforcing its niche image.

Chinese bakery market is growing with 20% rate year to year basis.Western-style bread and cakes have become daily necessities for many urban consumers in China . Competitive land scape has made bakeries to adopt different strategies in market .
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Energy savings in bakery

Bakeries all over world have many ways in manufacturing process to reduce energy bills which includes thermal and electrical energy. Apart from the basic production line there are utilities such as Air compressors , Air conditioning ,Refrigeration , Hot water generators , Boilers ,Chillers , Effluent treatment plant , Conveyors ,Generators ,Air washers , Cold Rooms and Lightening .Not only can a bakery reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions, but it can impact its bottom line

Here are few tips and Ideas for energy savings in bakery plant .


  • Eliminate improper cabling
  • Check alignment
  • Use synchronous motor to improve power factor .
  • Provide proper ventilation .

  • Maintain high power factor as lower power factor reduce s the motor efficiency and
    also reduces the efficiency of electrical distribution .Lower power factor results
    when motors of plant runs below the full load ratings.


  • Low wattage lighting s ( CFL )are now available in ratings of 18/20 watts with good lux ratings with retrofit could replace conventional tube lights and bulbs .
  • Occupancy sensor

Air compressor

  • We can save energy by having VFD installed for motor .

  • Screw compressors have far superior performance then other type of compressors

  • Select compressors which have ' motor stop arrangement ' in which motors stops
    on longer unload period.

  • Have cooling arrangement for incoming air .

Air conditioning/Refrigeration

  • Proper insulation of pipes of chilled water ,cu piping for refrigerant can
    results in energy savings.
  • Temperature can be set as per requirement & not going for extremes can
    help in reducing energy consumptions
  • Avoid over sizing select the refrigeration cap as per the load .
  • Consider gas powered refrigeration equipment to minimize the electrical
    load .
  • Connect refrigerated water load in series .


  • Waste heat generated can be utilized for heating water and pre heat in
    take air . recuperates and heat exchangers can be installed to use
    waste heat from flue gases .
  • Insulation are required for various industrial application such as Ovens.
    Furnaces,heaters,boilers,storage tanks,piping's,steam.chilled water pipelines
    etc .These insulations are made up of mineral wool,silica , alumina and mulite .
    Insulation can save heat losses considerably .While selecting insulation material
    check thermal properties,physical and chemical specifications
    Repair damaged insulation


  • Schedule pumps to turn off whenever possible .Putting up level sensors , float
    valves or pressure switches

  • Avoid recirculation through bypass lines

  • Minimize throttling

Cooling Towers

  • Use two speed or variable speed drives for cooling tower fan control if the fans are
    few .Stage the cooling tower fans with on -off control .

  • Turn off unnecessary cooling tower fan s when the load s are reduced.

  • Control cooling tower fans based on leaving water temperatures

  • Periodically clean plugged cooling tower water distribution nozzles


  • Provide separate lighting transformer for control of lighting systems.

  • Locate substation near the load centers to minimize energy losses in cables and also improve
    voltage levels.

  • Install capacitors with automatic power factor control panel to maintain a power factor of not less
    than 0.9. Install capacitors near the load points wherever possible or at the sub distribution board.
    The best practical method would be to install capacitors at larger capacity motors and at the
    substation for all other loads.

  • Identify under loaded motors and examine the possibility of replacing them with the appropriate
    capacity motor or alternatively fix retrofitting devices that are available to save energy.


Fuel consumption can be reduced by installation of fuel efficient burners .With advent of new technologies one can get fuel efficient burners . For example dual stage high pressure weishaupt burners . Its a monoblock burner with inbuilt blower s in the burner.
Other important factors of combustion is air -fuel ratio . All manufacturers of burner provides exact ration of air fuel .
Regular maintenance of burners also helps in reducing  fuel consumption .

These are few ideas to reduce energy cost in bakery plants . You can suggest other ways to save cost in bakeries .do write to us about your energy saving ideas.

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Britannia launches Bakers Pride in Qatar

 baker prides , khimji ramdas , britannia baker prides , baker prides from oman
Bakers Pride is a major brand of cookies in gulf and middle eastern countries .Bakers Pride has been launched in Qatar by Britannia Industries Ltd a major biscuit manufacturer in India . Earlier Bakers Pride was owned by K R Group of Companies. In 2007 Britannia bought this company from KR group and now its 100% subsidiary of Britannia Industries Ltd , India . Qatar Distributors are Ali Bin Ali Group, one of Qatar’s largest retail and distribution companies.

Qatari biscuit market is estimated to be around USD 30.0million and average biscuit consumption is 0.5 kg per capita . Britannia s see huge opportunity of promoting its biscuit in Qatar.The Baker’s Pride indulgent range of cookies includes Danish, butter, chocolate, double chocolate chip cookies and the newly introduced Baker’s Pride shortbread available in different sizes varying from 100 grams to specially designed tins in 400 grams.

Baker sPride brand covers products like Chocolates , Fruit rolls , Cookies and is manufactured at Sohar factory in sultanate of Oman called Al Sallan Foods Company .

Recently the Bakers Pride packaging and brands has been re launched through major change in design and logo by none other than by internationally acclaimed designer Jane Thorn, who has been involved with names such as Sainsbury’s and Heinz, to align the packaging with the new Baker’s Pride brand.

NABIL or National Biscuit Industries are the main competitor in Oman .

Source :ThePenisularQatar .com

Food grade lubricants for bakery plants

food  grade lubricants   , food grade lubricant , food grade oil and lubricant
Large bakery plants which are highly automated uses conveyors , material handling equipments and conveyors . Chain drives are frequently used in bakery plants for rollers , conveyors , band drives , blowers and chain for trays , bearings for rotating equipments .These equipments are always in contact with food raw or finished . Chances are there when they can contaminate the food items with lubricant if not done properly. To avoid this problem one can put food grade lubricant instead of conventional non- food grade lubricant or oil. Equipments were we can expect a food contact are mixers , molders , dividers , oven , packing machines and accessories like oil spray , milk spray ,flour sifters , screw conveyors , sugar grinders and biscuit grinders .spreading units , conches mixers ,laminators , depositors and gauge rolls. Compressed air does carry lubricating oil with it .special filters are attached at the output of the compressor to trap this oil. Oil free compressor are available but a bit costlier than normal compressor. Seals and gaskets generates leaks and spillages of lubricants .

These equipments need lubrication in intervals for smooth running and proper functioning of machines .Now due to new technology in lubrication and oil industry we can get food grade lubricants . Here in Indian bakery plants it is still to be popular . There are some misconception about food grade lubricants .

A lubricant qualifies as food grade when, in the event of a contamination, it is present in no more than 10 mg per kg of the foodstuff in question and must not cause any physiological hazard or affect the food's odor and taste in any way. Food-grade lubricants, such Shell Cassida, are special blends of base fluids and additives, and should be approved by the US FDA and registered by NSF International in the H1 category.

All major food safety management systems recommends using food grade lubricant in food processing and packaging companies .HACCP,GMPS,BRC,ISO22000,1SO14000,SQF,IFS

Food Grade Lubricants  can be  categorised into  following groups

  •     Gear Box  Fluids
  •     Hydraulic Fluids
  •     Conveyor Fluids
  •     Speciality  Fluids

Major misconception s and facts about application of food grade in bakery plants.

Legend #1: Contamination by machinery lubricants with food and beverage during manufacturing doesn't happen.

Fact #1: It happens more often than we think. Most contamination is detected before the product leaves the plant - but some aren't.

Legend #2: I am pretty sure that the lubricants I use in my plant are all food grade.

Fact #2: Food grade lubricants are made from components approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for incidental contact with food. You can verify whether the lubricant is food grade or not by asking for a declaration of the formulation from the lubricant supplier, or by checking whether the product is H1 registered with a third party certifier such as NSF International.

Food-grade lubricants are readily available in the United States and a growing number of food and beverage manufacturers are using them. Any food or beverage processor not using food-grade lubricants is courting a huge risk. The FDA has set a "zero tolerance" for contamination by non-food grade lubricants and also governs the components that are allowed to make up a food grade lubricant. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) formerly approved lubricants as H1 ("for incidental food contact") and published the list in what was commonly known as the "White Book." The USDA ceased this activity in 1998. NSF International has since taken over the "White Book" and now registers lubricants as H1 food grade. You can verify whether the lubricants in your plant are food grade by checking the list of NSF H1 certified non-food compounds on

Legend #3: Food-grade lubricant performance is inferior to traditional lubricants. The lubricants don't meet the demands of my applications.

Fact # 3: Synthetic food grade lubricants are designed to meet a wide range of applications and generally outperform traditional food grade mineral oils.

Machinery used in food and beverage processing has many moving parts requiring lubricants to maintain reliable and efficient operation. Food and beverage contamination can occur from drips off chains, hydraulic hose failure, oil leaks from seals and gearboxes, or a release of compressed air containing an oily mist. Using traditional non-food grade industrial oils and greases is inappropriate in these settings.

Food-grade synthetic lubricants, such as Shell Cassida®, are odorless, tasteless and generally outperform established mineral oil-based lubricants. They are specially engineered for high performance remaining effective in the sub-zero cold of freezers and the high heat of ovens. Their increased oxidation and thermal stability, compared to a traditional mineral or white oil-based food grade lubricant, can extend equipment life and reduce downtime, which lowers maintenance costs.

As the FDA restricts the type and concentration of additives allowed to enhance food-grade lubricant performance, the critical performance factor lies in the lubricant's base oil itself. Synthetic base oil has superior technical characteristics over traditional white mineral oils.

Synthetic food-grade lubricants are designed for use in food and beverage manufacturing applications, improving lubrication properties and performance and offering excellent water resistance. Food-grade lubricants are harmless if accidentally consumed in quantities below the maximum FDA-prescribed level of 10 ppm (10 parts per million).

Legend #4: Food-grade lubricants cost more than mineral oil products.

Fact #4: Synthetic food-grade lubricants actually cost less in the long run, because they not only reduce overall maintenance costs, but also can reduce the risk of potential liabilities from using non-food grade lubricants.

Synthetics do cost more than traditional mineral oils, but the initial cost of the synthetic brings subsequent returns, against which a food grade mineral oil-based lubricant cannot compete. Further, damages that could arise from not using H1-approved food-grade lubricants are immeasurable.

According to the Japanese Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM), "up to 65% of mechanical equipment failures can be attributed to some form of lubrication deficiency."2 Lubrication failures lead directly to production losses, so a robust lubrication program plays an effective part in plant management.

Lubrication quality has a significant impact on equipment life. Field experience and case studies show that food-grade synthetics have a longer product life and need to be replaced less frequently in machinery. In many instances, results demonstrate up to four times more life with synthetic oils.

Legend #5: None of my equipment actually requires food-grade lubricants for food safety.

Fact #5: Food grade lubricants should be used wherever there is a chance of incidental contact with food or beverage products during manufacturing.

Lubricants used in manufacturing facilities can make their way into the food we eat. Oil and grease droplets can seep from bearings and conveyors, can seamers, bakery ovens and other critical points of operation.

Plant quality managers and maintenance managers should identify areas of potential lubricant contamination. Companies can assist by conducting a Lubrication Contamination Control Point (LCCP) survey, which forms part of the plant Food Safety Plan. For example, a Shell LCCP Survey is based on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles and examines where the risks are in a plant, what they are and what can be done about reducing and managing them.

Food and beverage processing plants must prevent accidental lubricant contamination, which could potentially harm consumers and damage a company's brand and reputation. Synthetic food-grade lubricants can help minimize these risks, adding a buffer against contaminating our food supply.

Source :Shell Oil Co( Facts and Legend )

Major Food grade lubricants brands

  • Shell
  • Castrol
  • Mobil
  • FAG
  • Rocol
  • LPS

Ultra Modern Bread Plant - Gardenia ,Philippines

Gardenia  , gardenia philippines , gardenia bread plant , gardenia brand
Gardenia  , gardenia philippines , gardenia bread plant , gardenia brand

Gardenia  , gardenia philippines , gardenia bread plant , gardenia brand

Picture s of new bread plant in Laguna ,Philippines source business.

Private label bakery products giving competition to big brands

Private labels bakery products have become corner stone for many food retails to rake up good profits . Private labels have gained much of popularity with food retails who are gradually moving towards their own brands than to put big brands . Food retailers either with their own facility of outsourced manufacturing gets their bakery product .

Report, based on a consumer survey, reveals that while the adoption of private labels began with its value proposition, consumers perceive these store brands are offering quality at par with other national brands.

New Sets of manufacturers have sprung up to cater this private label requirements or manufacturers with idle capacity see this as good opportunity .Bringing extra jobs and employment .

Major food retailers like Reliance, Aditya Birla and Food Bazaar all have their private label bakery products . Private label foods have already been practised by retail giants like Wall Mart , Carrefour and Tesco .In addition to private label products they have live bakeries placed in their food courts.

Big Brands manufacturers have to innovate , launch new products with lower price strategy to counter this private label products invasion. Trade margins to be re worked with big retailers .

Griffins Food Ltd - A Major biscuit manufacturer in New Zealand - A profile

Griffin has been recently in news for outsourcing its production from Fiji . Griffins was established in year 1864 by John Griffin .Since then it s has expanded to be a USD 300 million turnover company . Griffin is among the top snack manufacturers in New Zealand and is owned by Australian based Pacific Equity Partners.

Chocolate biscuits , Cream biscuits , Crackers , Plain biscuits and Kids biscuit

Afghans,Belgian Cremes ,Cameo Cremes ,Chit Chat ,Chocolate Fingers ,Choc Thins ,Cookie Bear Chocolate Chippies ,Cookie Bear Hundreds and Thousands ,Cookie Bear PartyTime Wafers ,Cookie Bear Shrewsbury ,Cookie Bear Stripes ,Digestives ,Dundee ,Fruitli ,Gingernuts,
Krispie ,Lemon Treats ,Macaroon ,MallowPuffs ,Malt ,Meal Mates ,Melting Moments ,Milk Arrowroot ,Mint Treat ,Pasties ,Sensations ,Shortbread ,Snax ,Squiggles ,Swiss Cremes ,ToffeePops ,Wheaten ,

Employees - 800 employees working at two factories papa kura and wiri- Auckland

Ron Vella

Griffins Foods Limited,P O Box 76072,Manukau City 2241,New Zealand

Griffin New Zealands Favorite biscuit manufacturer outsources production to Fiji

Griffin is one of the leading biscuit manufacturer in New Zealand .This was done to meet out huge demand of Griffin products . The present capacity at Auckland fall short of that .Company has not disclosed which brand has been shifted to Fiji for production .Few of the cream biscuit packs have stopped displaying " Buy New Zealand Made".Brands includes Cameo Cremes, Belgian Cremes, Lemon Treats, Melting Moments and Swiss Cremes and accounts for 2.5 per cent of Griffin's' total biscuit production. It has also been dropped from Lemon Treats.
What ever the reason being definitly company would gain on cost of prodution as labor in Fiji would be available at lower payout.

Many bakery manufacturers would move production base to other countries to enter the local market and also take the cost advantage .


Oil Spray unit for biscuit production line

oil spray unit , oil spray unit  , oil  spray unit  s , oil spraying
Biscuit production line for crackers and other varieties which have oil on the top surface requires additional equipment called Oil Spray Unit .Oil gets deposited on the baked product by oil spray unit .These Oil spray units are installed after the delivery end of the oven . This kind of Crackers have gained popularity as consumers are now asking for crackers which are baked over crackers which are fried.

These Oil spray are used for cracker biscuit s ,hence if planning for cracker variety need to have this Oil spray unit . It can be of portable in nature or wheels are provided on the platform on which this oil spray rest .

Basic Principle

Oil spray works on principle of mist formation due to high rotation of Disc .Number of spinning disc varies as per the width of conveyor . Oil spray unit can have sets of 2 ,3 or 4 spinning disc . These disc are directly coupled to motor s . Oil is imparted on these disc through nozzle and oil are pumped through pu tubes to the Spinning disc.Uniformity of spray or oil deposition can be checked

Baked biscuit which passes the Oil spray unit on stripper conveyor .Excess oil is collected and returned to the reservoir tank.General body is made up stainless steel .

Major problem occurs during winter seasons in case of intermittent production of Crackers the oil freezes and chokes pu tube s and these have to be heated to melt the solid fat in these tubes .

Parts of Oil Spray Unit

  • Storage Tank

  • Reservoir tank( Insulated )

  • Valve to monitor the flow

  • Pump

  • Filter

  • Nozzles

  • Spinning Disc

  • Motors

Most popular Oil spray manufacturer is Arcall.

Rancidity and its measurement in bakeries

Fat and Oils are major ingredients for any baked goods . These oils and fats are bought in bulk by these bakery manufacturers . Chances of fat or oil being rancid becomes high if stored for a longer period .This rancid fat or oil can then effect the quality of baked items . Fat and oil can be checked for rancidity prior to production by instrument called rancimant .

What Is Rancidity?

Rancidity is a very general term and in its most general meaning, it refers to the spoilage of a food in such a way that it becomes undesirable (and usually unsafe) for consumption. When people say that a food has "gone bad," what they're usually talking about is rancidity. Most of the time, but not always, rancidity can change the odors or flavors of a food in such a way that it becomes very unpleasant to smell or taste.

While most any food can technically become rancid, this term applies particularly to oils. Oils can be especially susceptible to rancidity because their chemistry can make them exceptionally susceptible to oxygen damage. When food scientists talk about rancidity, they are often talking about a specific type of rancidity involving oxygen damage to foods, and this type of rancidity is called "oxidative rancidity." During the process of oxidative rancidity, oxygen molecules interact with the structure of the oil and damage its natural structure in a way that can change its odor, its taste, and its safety for consumption. Chemical reaction produces butryic acid which gives the foul smell and taste .

Rancidity is caused by hydrolysis and oxidation. Heat, moisture and exposure to light will increase these chemical reactions and thus increase the likelihood of the onset of rancidity. Anti –oxidant added in during dough preparation prevents or delays oxidation hence the rancidity of oil or fat .

How to measure the level of Rancidity?

Apparatus called Rancimat is used to calculate effect of antioxidant on oil and fat . Other methods like used for determination of rancidity are Peroxide value ( Primary Oxidation)and Anisidine value( Secondary Oxidation) in fat or oil .Peroxide value provides the extent of rancidity present in the oil.Peroxide value is found by formation of iodine when oil or fat are reacts with iodine ion. Totox value are also used to check the quality of oil and fat .

Totox Value = Anisidine value + 2x Peroxide value

The 743 Rancimat is an instrument with two separately thermostatted heating blocks, each holding up to four reaction vessels containing 2 to 10g of sample.This means that samples can be run at one or two different temperatures.

Up to four different instruments can be linked to a single PC via serial interfaces.Up to 32 samples at eight different temperatures can be measured.

The short-chain carboxylic acids formed by the oxidation at elevated temperatures are collected in the deionised water and the conductivity measured.

The conductivity time curve is shown live for each measuring point.

The induction time is determined automatically from the second derivative of the measuring curve.

Biscuit Packaging - PICS

biscuit packaging

I have been writing on bakery industry for last one year along with that I have collected few snaps/picture through my Kodak digital camera whenever possible and had few selective biscuits brand which ever I can lay my hand on . You can find all sorts of packaging and shapes of biscuit. Please check this out hope you would like these pictures .In case you have any such pictures do send it me .

Fats and Oils in Baking

All Bakery products contain fat or oil of different variety during baking process .Fat or Oil are important ingredients after Flour and Sugar .% of fat varies from product to product. Various type of fat and oils are used by bakers as per the need and availability .Few popular fat or oil are HVO ,Partial hydrogenated oil, Butter oil, Palm oil,Refined palm kernel oil ,Coconut oil , Soy oil.etc.

Fat or Oil perform various role in these bakery products . Few of important role are mentioned below
  • Shortening
  • Emulsifier
  • Lubrication
  • Machinablity
  • Absorption
  • Texture
  • Flavour
  • Aeration
  • ShelfLife
  • Nutrition
  • Heat Transfer

Bread manufacturing

It provides the flavour , lubricates the dough and retain gases to give texture as it give lift to the bread loaf . Retains moisture and helps in machinability /slicing .

Biscuit Manufacturing

Fats and oil are used in biscuit to shorten the gluten formation . Fat also helps in machining , moisture retention , creaming .

Cake Manufacturing

Fats and oil in cake manufacturing helps in aeration,tenderising , emulsification and creaming and icing application .


Heat tranfers , binding for coatings


Use of fat results in flakes ,texture , shelflife

Latest Bakery equipments in market

Bakery equiments manufacturers are innovating and experiments with newer technology and coming up with mahinery which meet customers demand and help bakeries in
  • improving efficiency
  • low energy
  • automation
  • safety
  • low maintenance
  • Food grade parts

Few of the popular bakery equipment in the market are

  • Tweedy mixers - Baker Perkins
  • Accurist2 Divider- Baker Perkins
  • Multitex4 dough Moulder- Baker Perkins
  • Electric modular ovens - Sopaco s
  • Bellift 275 Nozzle Depositor-Beldos
  • Bell cake depositor-Beldos
  • Crusto Bread Line -Rademaker
  • Modular laminating concept-Rondo
  • Eco -nova system in oven - MIWE( Michael Wenz GmbH)
  • FTM Oven - Mecatherm
  • Capway Ovens

These machine are easy to maintain , versatile for different products and with less changeover time .

Benzoic Acid reason for Dr Pepper recall in Ireland

12 November 2009 - Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Company has withdrawn certain batches of Dr Pepper in Northern Ireland, because of high levels of benzoic acid, the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has announced.

Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Company is contacting all its customers who received the affected Dr Pepper to make sure it is withdrawn.
The affected bottles have only been distributed in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and no other batches of Dr Pepper are known to be affected.
The product being withdrawn is:
Product: Dr Pepper (500ml)Batch codes: KH42315L91807 to KH42359L91807 and KH40000L91907 to KH41120L91907'Best before': end December 2009

Source : FSA UK

Gardenia Bakeries Philippines Inc increase s it capacity to reach new areas

Gardenia Bakeries Philippines Inc ( GBPI) is Philippine's largest bread manufacturer . GBPL is planning to increase its total bread by 75% through new setups and plant modification .It has commissioned new plant with capacity of 6000 loaves per at Binan ,Laguna . It would be the biggest bread plant in Philippines with equipments imported from USA, Germany and Japan . This would cover areas such as luzon and metro manila

GBPI is planning to set up two plants in Cebu and wants to have one that would have a capacity of 2,000 loaves, set up by the second quarter of 2010.

GBPI started commercial operations in the Philippines in January 1998 with a 2,000 loaf per hour capacity plant. By 2001, GBPI operated the first fully-automated and the largest bread manufacturing facility in the country with a 4,000 loaves per hour capacity.
It now has six production plants including four loaf plants, a pandesal bun plant and a snack cake plant.
Source :

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Bakery plant material handling equipment s

Larger bakeries and plants requires various material handling equipments which are help full during the production as well as material movement from raw material warehouse and finished material ware house .
Material to be transferred using material handling in bakery are cartons , raw material and ingredients bags , vessels, drums ,packaging material , and machinery etc .
Factory and warehousing layouts has to be such where on can have easy movement of these equipments and machinery . Selection of material handling equipment has to be on parameters like width , height and load which it would handle

Following are material handling equipments used in large bakeries

  • Forklifts
  • >material  handling  equipment  bakeries ,

  • Pallet trucks hydraulic ( automated or manual)

  • Conveyors - Swivel and hinged type or plain conveyors

  • Trolleys ( dollies)- for ingredients and tools

  • Steel transport rack
  • >

  • Oven racks
  • >material handling equipments in bakeries  ,  material handling equipment

  • Pan carts

  • Hand Carts

  • Drum Tilters

  • Chain hoist

  • Shelving

  • Racking

  • Conveyors

  • Dough trucks and trolleys

  • Heavy load nylon slings /Belts

  • Pallets

These equipments are required for seamless operation in a bakery plant . Maintenance has be done regularly to keep these equipments in good condition .It would require battery ,chargers , nylon wheels and lubrication , hydraulic oils , bearings and other material for maintenance

Significance of E-numbers used on bakery product packs

What are E numbers ?

E numbers are systematic way to identify different food additive .Food additive which passes the ESFA ( European Food Safety Authority )standard s are given these E numbers . E numbers are simple code which shows that these addtitive are safe to use and products containing these food additive are authorized to be sold in European nation.

Some additives have long chemical names and the driving force behind the idea was the need for a system of identification that was the same in all languages and easy to fit on a food label.

These standards are being accepted by most of the food manufacturers across the globe and one can find these numbers on all food product packs .

Major categories of Food additive and their E series

Colors ( 100 )

Preservatives ( 200)

Antioxidant (300)


Emulsifiers/improvers/stabilizers/gelling agent/thickeners (400)


Bakery manufacturers mainly bread and biscuit manufacturer display following E number’s on their pack . It varies from product to product .

Biscuit’s have E numbers

E500ii ,E 503 ii ,E521 ,E322,E 471 ,E 481ii

Bread’s have E numbers

E 282 , E 481,E 260,E1100( improver ),E 924 a ( improver),E 300 (anti oxidant)

Check complete list of food additives with their E numbers

Food additive in bakery products

Apart from major ingredient s like flour , fat , sugar , salt , ammonium bicarbonate and others .Bakers should also be aware of  numerous food additives available  for bakery products .

Emulsifiers( denoted by E numbers ):
GMS , poly sorbate , lecithin , CSL , SSL
Dough Conditioners
Calcium stearoyl lactylate , Sodium stearoyl lactylate , Sodium stearoyl fumarate ,Potassium bromate , Carrageenan , Tetrasodium pyrophosphate , Fumaric acid
Leavening Agents
Sodium bicarbonate , Ammonium bicarbonate , Yeast , eggs , Gyceroyl monostrate
Tocopherols (Vitamin E) ,Ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate (Vitamin C) ,Erythorbic acid (like vitamin C, but not a vitamin) ,BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole) ,BHT (Butylated ydroxytoluene) Sodium citrate ,Lecithin ,Propyl gallate
Sodium benzoate ,Benzoic acid ,Potassium sorbate ,Sorbic acid ,Natamycin ,Triclosan ,Triclocarban ,Hexachlorophene ,Acetic acid (vinegar) ,Salt ,Sugar ,Calcium propionate ,Sodium propionate ,Lactic acid ,Sodium nitrite ,Sodium nitrate ,Propylene glycol ,Butylene glycol ,Honey
Sucrose ,Invert Sugar ,Fructose,High Fructose Corn Syrup ,Neotame ,Acesulfame-K ,Aspartame Sucralose ,Saccharin ,Lactose
Annatto ,Beta carotene ,Carmine ,Saffron ,Turmeric ,,llura Red ,Tartrazine ,Indigo ,Sodium caseinate ,Calcium caseinate ,Ferrous Gluconate
Acetic acid (vinegar) ,Citric acid ,Lactic acid ,Stearic acid ,Phosphoric acid ,Fumaric acid
Tartaric acid
Methyl Vanillin ,Ethyl Vanillin ,Denatonium benzoate
Vanilla ,Monosodium glutamate (MSG) ,Hydrolyzed vegetable protein

Ethanol ,SD alcohol ,Stearyl alcohol ,Cetyl alcohol ,Glycerine (glycerol) ,Menthol

Figs, Dates,Prunes , Cherries , Nuts , Coconuts , PeaNuts

Moisture Controller
Glycerine (glycerol) ,Sorbitol ,Sodium PCA ,Propylene glycol ,Butylene glycol ,Panthenol

Corn syrup (mostly glucose) ,Sodium caseinate ,Calcium caseinate ,Polyethylene glycol (PEG)
Polypropylene glycol (PPG) ,Lecithin ,Hydroxymethylcellulose ,Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose
Xylenesulfonates ,Agar ,Gelatin ,Pectin ,Alginate & proplylene glycol alginate,
Starch ,Modified Starch ,Carrageenan ,uar bean gum ,locust bean gum ,Gum Acacia ,Gum Arabic ,Brominated vegetable oil ,Xanthan Gum ,Gum Tragacanth ,Ghatti ,Karaya ,Furcelleran

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FDA Updates Food Code -2009

US FDA ( food and drug administration ) the nodal agency of USA monitoring food safety issues . Food codes are updated in regular intervals for standards required on food safety.Food code serves as a way for state and local regulators to harmonize food safety regulations.

The FDA’s Food Code is the model for state, city and county regulation of about 1 million restaurants, retail food stores and vending and food service operations in the U.S

Highlights of revision Food codes:
  • Each provision in the Food Code is prioritized to assist the industry and regulators have a maximum impact on food safety.
  • Cut leafy greens are now included among the foods that require time and temperature control for safety.
  • New requirements were added to improve awareness of food allergens.
  • New requirements were added related to cleaning and sanitizing of equipment and surfaces

Read more on FDA food codes

Britannia Nice Time - A product review

britannia , britannia nice time , britannia nice time biscuit , nice time , nice time cookies
Britannia's Nice is one of the popular brands of Britannia's products. Nice time is a one of the oldest brand from Britannia which has coconut flavour and sugar sprinkled over it which gives additional sweetness to the product . Gives good competition to coconut cookies .Nice has become a generic name for coconut biscuits.

Main feature of Nice time

Name of the product --- Nice Time

Taste -- Coconut flavour

Color - Dark brown , baking good

Bite- hard bite

Packaging- Good with metalized wrapper with pvc tray available in 173 gms .

Ingredients-Wheat flour ,Sugar,Edible vegetable oil ,Coconut products , Milk solid , Starch ,Raising agent ,Salt , Emulsifiers .

Added flavours ( Coconut and Vanilla )

Calories-455kcal per 100gm servings

Price - Rs 15.00 for 173.0 gm s

Competitors --- ITC Nice, Priya Golds Coconut crunch

Milk spray units for biscuit production line

Milk spray unit , milk  spray units   , milk spraying unit , milk spaying machine
Certain varieties of biscuit needs milk spray to give milk flavour and milk is sprayed on the top surface prior to baking which after baking gives the shine and the flavour .

For such an requirement the biscuit line have milk spray installed on the forming section of the biscuit production line just after the cutting unit where dough sheets are cut into desired shape by cutters .

Milk Spray unit consists of following element

Preparation and Storage unit
Milk spray unit consisting of spinning disc and nozzles .

Milk prepared in the preparation tank is transferred to the milk spray unit tank from where the milk is transferred on to the high speed rotating spinning disc which then forms a uniform mist and is then applied to the surface of wet dough pieces through muslin clothes .Each spinning disc has a direct coupled motor . Milk spray unit can either be placed manually on the platform or can be brought to desired place n pre fabricated mobile stand . No of disc depends upon the width of the unit which is made as per the width of the conveyor carrying dough pieces .

Flow or the quantity of the milk spray can be controlled through valves . Ensure the correct angle of the nozzles toward the spinning disc so as to get the uniform mist .Return lines are provided for excess milk which is then returned to the collection tank. After application the Milk Spray unit is washed and cleaned and kept ready for the next production schedule.

Yamazaki Baking Co - World Major bakery manufacturers - A profile

yamazaki baking co ltd , yamazaky bakeries , yamazaki brand
Yamazaki Baking Co., Ltd. (Yamazaki) is a Japan based baking company. Yamazaki is engaged in the manufacturing and sale of bread, sweet buns, Japanese-style confectionery, Western-style confectionery, processed bread and prepared rice and side dishes, as well as jam, desserts and prepared foods in retort pouches. The company, through its subsidiaries manufactures a broad range of products, including biscuits, crackers and sembei. It is also engaged in sale of other products procured from other companies. It has around 25 factories in Japan .

Yamazaki markets its products through supermarkets, convenience stores and other sales channels. The company operates its representive offices as well as group companies in China, the US, Taiwan, Singapore,Hongkong,Thailand,Malaysia and France. It operates 97,000 stores. It is headquartered at Tokyo in Japan. Runs one of the largest bakeries in the world .

Major competitors are -FUJI FOODS, INC,Morinaga & Co., Ltd.Nippon Flour Mills Co., Ltd,Q.P. Corporation,QAF Ltd.

Established :1948

Motto : Best Quality ,Best Service.

No of Employee: 22506

Annual Turn over : USD 7,751 Mn

President and CEO :Nobuhiro Iijima


Yamazaki Baking Co., Ltd.10-1, Iwamotocho 3-chome, Chiyoda-ku, TKY, 101-8585, Japan

Combi a new product from Rebisco -Philippines

 combi biscuits , rebisco , rebisco brands , combi cookies , combi biscuit
Combi brands of biscuit is a new variant from Rebisco (Republic biscuit corporation) , Philippines . Crackers with cream filling has been around for some times but Crackers with wafers is something unique and is liked my consumers . Crackers shell wrap wafers in between giving you crispness and taste .

Republic biscuit corporation -A Profile

Established in year 1963 the group has grown to be the leading biscuit manufacturer in Philippines.Along with subsdiary Suncrest which manufactures cakes Rebisco group dominates the Philippines bakery market .

Popular products

Biscuits , cookies , wafers , cakes , crackers , nuts and seeds , candies and other confectioneries

Popular brands

Choco rio , Frootees,Hansel , rebisco ,bravo , combi , King ,fudgee,Chunkee,Ding Dong


Republic Biscuit Corporation - Gen. Luis St.Sitio Capri, Brgy. Nagkakaisang NayonArea 9 District II, Novaliches Quezon City, Philippines
Telephone:(632) 937.4434 loc 170 120

Pakistan s Biscuit Industries face sugar shortage

Pakistan's biscuit and confectionery manufacturers association has asked government to supply sugar to biscuit factories as sugar availability in open market has been reduced drastically

The chairman of the Association Mr Maqsood Ismail has warned government for the closure of biscuit factories which would result in heavy job losses as biscuit and confectionery industry employs around two million people directly and indirectly .He also urged the Trading Corporation of Pakistan to come into action in this matter and make sugar available to them.
Source:Dawn News

Major player in Pakistans biscuit industry are

  • EBM (English Biscuit Manufacturers (Private) Limited)

  • Coronet Foods (Private) Ltd

  • Continental Biscuits (LU)

  • Montgomery Biscuits,

  • Silver lake

  • Mehtab Industry (Krunchi)

Together they constitutes approximately 70% of the branded Market.50% market share is still unbranded

Additional equipments required for biscuit production line

Apart from basic equipments such as biscuit oven , mixers , laminators , packaging machine which are used by large biscuit manufacturers in their automated biscuit production line there are certain equipment requirement specific for certain varieties . We can call them accessories to the main biscuit production line .These are either permanently installed on the line or can be fitted on the production line during change overs .Varieties like Crackers , Cream , Nice , Milk and for additives like cashew , pistachio and other nuts would require these additional equipment on the biscuit production line.

To make your plant truly versatile you need to ask your biscuit plant and machinery manufacturer to make the plant for hard dough and short dough variety or in other words biscuit plant which can produce cutting and moulding variety .

Following equipments are

  • Oil spray unit
  • Milk spray unit
  • Flour dusting unit
  • Cashew or Nut sprinklers
  • Salt Sprinklers
  • Sugar Sprinklers
  • Biscuit Grinders
  • Sugar Grinders
  • Creaming Unit
  • Depositors
  • Milk Storage and preparation unit

When installing biscuit production line check for above mentioned equipments and make arrangement for them .

Small pack s in Jar - Britannia marketing strategy

cookies in jar , biscuit in jars
Its common sight now retailers keeping small packs of biscuit in Jar similar to toffees and other confectionery . Britannia as well as Parle s biscuits are now available in Jars and products priced in the range of Rs 2/- Rs5/-.

Britannia's Bourbon , Cream treat , Good day and Tiger glucose are now available in small packs .These packs have 4- 6 biscuit a pack which is sufficient for one time serving for people .

Small Packs In Jar strategy is working for Britannia and is now Rs 250/- - Rs 300/ crore - business annually . This kind of pack are hit in categories like teens and kids primarily . It provides an option for the consumer to buy biscuits in ready -to-eat-on-move as the present 16- 17 biscuit a pack concept is meant for family or group of friends.

Spiral conveyors -Optimising space in your bakery

Spiral  conveyors , spiral conveyors  for cooling , spiral  conveyor  in bakeries , spiral conveyor s Spiral conveyors have wide applications in bakery industry . Main advantage is that it occupies less floor space . Spiral conveyors can be used for cooling , shifting finished goods , cartons , bags and boxes .Acts like elevator or lowerator .
It could be installed after packing section for finished good cartons or near warehouse to shift CBBS ,Laminates and Wrappers to and from mezzanine floors . Span of conveyor could be between 8 ft - 4 ft and angle of inclination of the conveyor is maintained between 9 deg - 11 deg so that material does not slip .

Conveyor could be slat conveyor , roller conveyors or belt conveyors as per requirement . Spiral conveyor has a single motor drive hence saving in energy . Spiral conveyor manufacturer normally assemble it at their fabrication shop and ship them as pre- fabricated way easy to assemble mode . Spiral conveyor can travel in both direction ie from bottom to top or from top to bottom .Smaller bakeries have lot to gain from such conveyors.

Ceylon Biscuits Ltd- Srilanka s largest biscuit manufacturer -A profile

Ceylon Biscuit Ltd ( CBL ) , A major biscuit and cake manufacturer of Sri lanka was in news for
Launch of its products in China . CBL would be exporting to Chinese shores adding up china into its ever growing list of nations where it exports .Ceylon Biscuit Ltd exports its product to 36 countries .Sri Lankan has got the maximum consumption of biscuit per capita in Asia .
Sri Lankan Institute of Marketing ( SLIM) has awarded Munchee biscuit brand as the top most brand- 2009 of Srilanka and best brand to be exported . Munchee is aleading brand of Ceylon Biscuit Limited ( CBL )

A Profile
Established in year 1968 to manufacture high protein biscuits under the aegis of Care Organisation of USA and SriLankan government it has come a long way as top biscuit manufacturer of Sri Lanka with market share of more than 50% and with 10 manufacturing units in Sri Lanka and two units in India . It has taken over Bakemans factory in Ludhiana and Madras snacks and diet of Parry India, Chennai .

Products : It main products are biscuits , cakes , fruit juices and dried fruits , soya beverages , chocolates .

Major brands : Munchees,Ritzybury,Tiara,Cecil,Lankasoy,Samaposha,Rasa Hari , Go Jelly.
Competitors : Britannia , Maliban

Chairman : M.P. Wickramasingha
ManagingDirector:LMJ De Silva

HQ :
Ceylon Biscuits LimitedP.O.Box 3,High Level Road,Makumbura, Pannipitiya, Sri Lanka.
Exports : +94-11-2855056Sales : +94-11-2855362Imports : +94-11-2857207
General : +94-11-2749749,+94-11-2749700

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