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FDA Recalls Rolf's Patisserie For Staph Food Poisoning

The FDA has recalled all Rolf's Patisserie desserts produced since November 1 as they have been suspected to have associated with a recent outbreak of Staphylococcus aureus food poisoning.
People have been warned of using any recalled Rolf's Patisserie deserts and have been urged to discard them in a sealed container so that the infection could not spread to other humans, pets and wild animals.
The recalled products include cakes, tortes, wedding cakes, truffles, cobblers, decorated cookies, pies, tarts and pastries. Some products don’t even carry labels on them.
Also, there are some products that have been repackaged and have been marketed under different labels. Till now, there have been reported 100 cases of food poisoning, which are related to four different events. Around 70% cases are linked to one even in Wisconsin and the remaining are from three events in Illinois.
The symptoms of the illness begin revealing after one to six hours of the infection that include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach ache, headache, muscle cramping, temporary fluctuations in heartbeat and temporary fluctuations in blood pressure. Very young and very old are more vulnerable to this infection. The person recovers from the illness in two to three days.


Wafer Biscuit Production Line

Watch out this  video  for wafer biscuit automated  production line  . Point to observe is the directing heating by gas burners . Alternatively  wafer biscuit  manufacturers   also use Electric  oven .

Chocolate Muffins Home Recipe

Holiday  seasons  are here again .Most would  have been trying  different recipes and bakery products  to celebrate this seasons . My favorite has been  chocolate muffins . Try  out your self

List of Ingredients  required for  chocolate muffins

Chocolate Muffins:

1/2 cup (113 grams) unsalted butter, melted and cooled

2 large eggs

1 cup (240 ml) buttermilk

2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract

1 3/4 cups (230 grams) all-purpose flour

2/3 cup (60 grams) unsweetened cocoa powder

1 1/4 cups (265 grams) light brown sugar

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 cup (170 grams) milk or semisweet chocolate chips


Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Position rack in center of oven. Butter, or line with paper liners, 12 - 2 3/4 x 1 1/2 inch muffin cups.

In a large measuring cup or bowl whisk together the eggs, buttermilk, and vanilla extract.

In another large bowl whisk together the flour, cocoa powder, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Stir in the chocolate chips. With a rubber spatula fold the wet ingredients, along with the melted butter, into the dry ingredients and stir only until the ingredients are combined. Do not over mix the batter or tough muffins will result.

Evenly fill the muffin cups with the batter (the muffin cups will be full), using two spoons or an ice cream scoop. Place in the oven and bake until a toothpick inserted in the center of a muffin comes out clean, about 20 minutes. Transfer to a wire rack and let cool for about 5 minutes before removing from pan.

Chocolate Frosting: Melt the chocolate in a heatproof bowl placed over a saucepan of simmering water. Remove from heat and let cool to room temperature.

In the bowl of your electric mixer, or with a hand mixer, beat the butter until smooth and creamy (about 1 minute). Add the sugar and beat until it is light and fluffy (about 2 minutes). Beat in the vanilla extract. Add the chocolate and beat on low speed until incorporated. Increase the speed to medium-high and beat until frosting is smooth and glossy (about 2 -3 minutes). Spread a little frosting on each muffin with a knife or offset spatula.

Makes 12 - 14 regular sized muffins.


Top 10 Popular Bread Bakery In America

 Artisan & Traditional  Bread  have their own taste and charm  in comparison to  automated , mass produced  , sliced  white bread what  we generally  buy  from supermarkets . Here  is a list of most popular bread bakeries  in America

Della  Fattoria  -   Petaluma  , California

Tartine Bakery & Cafe  - San  Francisco

The Denver  Bread & Co -  Denver

H & F  Company   -  Atlanta

Fox & Obel  - Chicago

Berkshire Mountain  Bakery -Massachusetts

Rustica  - Minneapolis

Sullivan St. Bakery  - New York

Barrie Cullinan -Austin , Texas

Macrina - Seattle

Each one has  Bread specialities  such as  ciabatta's, sourdough ,pullman loaves or  baguette and many more  which  make them special .


Ceylon Biscuit To Set Up New Biscuit Factory At Seethawaka

The Sri Lankan confectionery industry has recorded a satisfactory expansion with a 10 percent annual growth showing signs of being a dominant industry. It is capable of generating much foreign income to the country while reducing the unemployment rate considerably.

The confectionery industry comprises chocolates, biscuits, cakes, sweets, toffees and others.

Ceylon Biscuits plans to set up a biscuit manufacturing plant in the Seethawaka area and it is expected to be operational by mid 2011 generating over 1,000 job opportunities for the youth in the country.

Ceylon Biscuits Limited Group Director and Marketing and Sales Head Nandana Wickramage said new opportunities are opening for local confectionery manufactures in the face of escalating tourist arrivals to the country.

“The high cost of raw materials has been identified as a major stumbling block that hampers the growth in the industry. In addition to that, there is stiff competition in the confectionery industry in the country with the invasion of huge confectionery products from leading multinational companies to the local market.

“However, Sri Lankan consumers are very quality conscious when they purchase confectionery products from the market,” Wickramage said.


Bread Talk In China Town

Baked goods are not a staple of a traditional Chinese diet, but they have been quickly catching up among China’s urban middle class during the past 10 years.
The retail value of baked goods like bread, pastries and cakes sold in China has risen to an estimated 7.8 billion renminbi, or $1.2 billion, this year from 3.7 billion renminbi in 2000, according to data from Euromonitor International, a market researcher. Revenue could grow to 11.1 billion renminbi by 2015.
Per-capita consumption of bakery products in China stood at 4.1 kilograms, or 9 pounds, in 2009, nearly double the 2.1 kilograms per capita 10 years earlier. This compares with 36.4 kilograms per capita in Britain and 25.4 kilograms per capita in the United States, but the upward trend is in place.
“Young Chinese city dwellers influenced by Western culture increasingly favor bread as a morning staple over traditional breakfast foods” like rice porridge, says Anastasia Alieva, a food analyst at Euromonitor.
The rising demand, mainly in China’s major cities, has offered great business opportunities for foreign bakery chains, many of which have quickly expanded, gaining ground on large Chinese bakery companies like Christine and Holiland. The South Korean chain Paris Baguette now has 37 stores in China while the Taiwanese chain 85°C Bakery Cafe has about 145.
Leading the foreign pack is BreadTalk, a Singapore chain, which opened its first outlet in China in 2003 and now has 170 shops spread mainly across the wealthier coastal cities.

Bakeries Claim a Growing Niche in China -

Anmol Biscuits - A Regional Power Brand of Biscuits

Recently Anmol Biscuits were in news for its plan  to set up new biscuit plant in Orissa.They also had  big stall showcasing entire range of biscuits in recently concluded Indian Trade fair in Delhi .Which shows Anmol ambitions  to become major player in Indian Biscuit Industry . Anmol biscuits  are  one of the popular brands in  eastern and nothern part of India.Indian Biscuit market has been primarily dominated by big 3 Britannia ,
Parle and ITC .New players have been recently added such as UnitedBiscuit and Kraft ( Yet to begin manufacturing ) . But few regional brands are giving tough competition to these entrenched brands . Local competition  for Anmol comes from Biskfarm , Moreish foods , Raja , A1 , Sona Biscuits and Priya Gold .

In  Eastern Indian market Anmol  is the one brands which has successfully build inroads to the bakery productsmarket and are available at all major retail chains and bakery retail chains . Anmol  products have also spread to Delhi, UP ,Bihar , Orissa and North Eastern States along with dominant player in West Bengal .  Anmol Biscuits Ltd runs  two manufacturing units  one at Dankuni (WB) and other at Noida (UP) with BSI , ISO -22000 , HACCP and GMP  certification. Anmol Biscuits inventory includes  23 brands and 43 SKU 's with 110 Super stockists, 2600 distributors & 250 sales person & and presence in about 4 lakhs retail shop.

Started in year  1993 with one single unit now running 6 production lines   , Anmol  has gradually  transformed itself  into company  to join  the big league of Indian biscuit industry. Under  Mr Baijnath Choudhary leadership  company has achieved great success in expanding market foot prints .

Products -
Biscuits and Cakes


Biscuit -  Butter Bake , Yummy  , Lemon Maja , Marie Time , Thin Arrowroot, e-time,Fun Fill, 2in1, Snackles,Gol Mol, Gluco Power,coconutty

Cake -  Bar Cakes , Cup Cakes of Different flavours



229 A. J. C. BOSE ROAD


KOLKATA - 700 020

PHONE: +91-033-2280-1277 / 78

FAX: +91-33-22895006 / 07


Ceylon Biscuits Ventures Into African Market

Sri Lankan biscuit manufacturer Ceylon Biscuits managed to increase exports last year despite recession in the West by venturing into new markets like Africa, a senior official said.

"Our exports grew by nine percent in the last financial year even though there was a global economic melt down," Lakshman De Silva, group managing director of Ceylon Biscuits (CBL), said.

"What we did was, when Europe went down, we off-set the losses there by going into new markets like Ghana in West Africa."

The company exports biscuits and chocolates to around 45 countries and Ghana, Australia and the United Kingdom are its biggest buyers.

Ceylon Biscuits exports about 500 tonnes a month to West Africa and 100 tonnes to Europe.

The company has just won international recognition for its brands at the recently concluded 'World Brand Congress 2010' by winning two awards.

Munchee and Ritzbury, two brands that are owned by the company, were the only brands to bag awards in the fast moving consumer goods category at the awards.

Nandana Wickremage, Head of Marketing of Ceylon Biscuits, also secured an award that is conferred to individuals who make contributions to brand development and sustainability.


Kellogg's Re launch Navigable Brands of Biscuits In Ghana

Ghana  is one of the most favoured  destinations for all major biscuit manufacturers of the world  as biscuits  consumption is much higher as compared to other  region  of Africa . Kellogg's  has relaunched the navigable brands of biscuits .
The navigable red pack brand of cream crackers has been re-launched at a ceremony in Accra.

Speaking at the launch, Mr Greg Howard, a spokesperson for Kensington International Marketing Company, representing Kellogg's in Ghana, said apart from cream crackers, the navigable brand also boasts a wide range of biscuits such as Onion Crackers, Milk Biscuits, Butter Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Vanilla Sandwich Creams and Chocolate Sandwich Creams.

According to Mr Howard, the stable political landscape made Ghana one of the best trade centres in the sub-Saharan region and pointed out that much optimism had been expressed for the direction that the country was going with its development agenda.

Mr Howard named the key local distributors involved in the distribution of the various products of the company.

They are Ernestomog Enterprise, Oyadu Enterprises, Er-Mart Limited, Mrs Nana Yaa Asokwa of Lady Bird, Mama Fausti Enterprise, Mrs Regina Asomaning of Ginar, and Mr Yaw Boakye -Serebuor of House of Openness Group.

Mr Howard described Ghana's economic environment as very conducive for business and said he was very hopeful that the navigable cream crackers and biscuits would have a strong impact across the entire consumer market.

Rotary Ovens For Bakery

Rotary oven are suitable for uniform and perfect baking of various products like bread, buns, cakes and cookie. Widely popular among small to medium bakery businesses and is best suited for bakeries producing  number of varieties .
Rotary oven are with turntable and has stainless steel, body and baking chamber for easy maintenance. It has one-piece door with heat reflecting glass, specially designed gasket that gives complete sealing of doors. It has large steel heat exchanger that ensures lower fuel, consumption and fully indirect heating, from cold to 250°c in 20mts. It has pictorial indicating plate with electronic digital display. The machine also has steam generators on feed wall for better steaming. It has an excellent air distribution system for optimum baking performance. Illuminating elements outside main heating chamber with off facility to reduce electricity bills.
Rotary oven are designed to be easy and safe to use. The thick, overlaping insulation keeps the heat where it should be,inside the oven ,and forbid to transfer heat to the working environment;.  It can be heated by electricity ,oil,gas or coal. the control panel can be used for either by hook or rotating plantform. the large window in the door incorporating heat-reflecting double glazed glass and the effective internal light permits close observation of the baking process inside the oven. ,toast,biscuit,cake,etc.

Rotary  Ovens  have  anti  explosion safety installed for  any explosion inside  the chamber . Trolleys as per the dimensions of the products are provided or could be fabricated by the bakery manufacturers  . Trolley once loaded with  dough is placed onto  the rotating platform on which this trolley is stationed .Rotary  oven  thus gives uniform heating  to  the product .Main components are  Burners , Extracting Fan , Controls and Rotating base

Specification for  Rotary  Oven

Capacity : Varies from 50kg -200kg
Type :  Convection  Oven / Turbo Oven
Fuel :  Electric /Gas/Diesel
Trolleys : Single or Double
Tray :32trays/trolley or 64trays/trolley
Power : 2.0-5.0 kw
Controls : Manual /Automated

Gulfood 2011 - 27feb-2March 2011 -Dubai

Gulfood   one of the largest food trade exhibition in Middle Eastern ( MENA ) region show case the opportunities in that area for food manufacturing  and others stake holders in food industry such as Manufacturers , Ingredient suppliers , Packaging suppliers..It would be held at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre .

It would have categories for exhibits such as

Food and Drink
Ingredients Middle east
Restaurant and Cafe
Equipment and Hospitality
Processing and Packaging

Its an annual feature in Dubai .Every year major player in food industry come together and display their product and services.MENA ( Middle East and North Africa )  is fast becoming a major economic block for other s to trade with .

Along with exhibition there would be seminars and work shops on various issues related  to food industry.

This year  Major Bakery  exhibitors  are

Strategic Food Intl llc
Bakery Initiatives
Bvt Bakery services

Fun Foods To Be Relaunched By Dr Oetkar

Germany’s diversified business group Dr. Oetker on Thursday announced the completion of takeover of Fun Foods, the Indian manufacturer of packaged food such as mayonnaise and sandwich spreads. Brand Fun Foods, acquired in 2008, has been re-launched with a new logo and revamped packaging.
After the Fun Food takeover, Dr. Oetkar has expanded its food range and introduced barbecue sauces, Mexican, Chinese and Indian sauces, eggless cake mixes and other similar products.
Explaining the entry in the Indian packaged food market, Volkmar Preuss, board member and executive vice president sales at Dr. Oetker Global Food Division, said, “For a global food company, it is important to be in India. We chose to enter India through the acquisition route.”
The brand will target the lower to upper middle class consumers through modern retail as well as traditional stores.
Oliver Mirza, Managing Director Dr Oetker India & Fun Foods said, “Dr.Oetker is entering India as this is an emerging economy growing at a double digit rate. There is a growing demand for continental cuisine, with food sector and food retailing both growing significantly.”
In order to compete locally, the product line will remain focused on the Indian palette but an international line of products can be expected in the next six months, he added. Internationally, the company sells a range of region specific foods such as frozen pizzas, ready desserts, dessert mixes, and sweet dishes, which may be launched here depending on the demand.

more on
German company Dr Oetkar re-launches Fun Foods - Corporate News -

Cookie Depositor - Video

Dawn Foods & Switz Group To Open Frozen Donut Plant In Oman

Swan Foods, an equal joint venture between Dawn Foods USA and the bakery focused Switz Group inaugurated a frozen donut plant in Sohar, Sultanate Of Oman. The two giant manufacturers in the bakery industry has have joined forces to utilise their years of knowledge and experience to launch their unique frozen bakery concept, which will be developed from Swan Foods' new 8000sqm plant which will produce 90million donuts per year for markets in the Middle East and Far East.

Providing major benefits to chefs and bakers, Swan Foods' frozen bakery concept will help to save time, effort and resources as well as drastically reduce wastage within commercial kitchens. Furthermore, there will be no compromise on the consistent high quality and great taste, for which Switz and Dawn Foods have become renowned.

Ron Jones, Chairman of Dawn Foods commented after the opening event: "We are delighted about this new partnership with the Switz Group and Sohar is the ideal location for exporting to the Middle East and Indian subcontinent, which are some of our most successful markets."

Originating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the 70's and known for the manufacturing and distribution of Sambosa Leaves, Cup Cakes, Croissants and the like, Switz International view the facility opening as a major step towards the growth of the partnership.

"We are delighted to have joined hands with one of the most innovative and successful bakery businesses in the world and the first company in the U.S. to launch an original donut mix almost one hundred years ago," said Taizoon Khorakiwala, Managing Director of the Switz Group.

"The formation of Swan Foods and its new manufacturing plant will give us the opportunity to enter new markets, develop our existing client base and focus on new innovations in the bakery industry, to help us remain ahead of the competition for years to come."

Handling the production, marketing and sales of this high quality, frozen bakery concept, the facility will encompass the latest technologies in food production, safety and hygiene standards, ensuring clients receive the highest quality product every time.

Dawn Foods, a $1.5bn bakery major, is making its maiden foray into Asia with this major commitment in this joint venture with the Switz Group. Dawn Foods has plants and distribution centers in the US, Mexico, Canada, UK and Europe. Switz Group has manufacturing operation in Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines.


Srilankan Maliban Creates " World Largest Lemon Puff Biscuit "

pic courtesy
The House of Maliban created history by setting a new Guinness World Record by creating the world's Biggest Lemon Puff which today is the most popular lemon cream biscuit in the market at present. Maliban is the first biscuit manufacturer to achieve a such a great height from Sri Lanka.

The previous Guinness World Record for the largest cream biscuit was held by Executive Chef Paul Thacker and amateur biscuit master Simon Morgan of the United Kingdom for creating the biggest custard cream filled biscuit measuring 59 cm in length, 39 cm in width, 6.5 cm in height.
This record which was set on 18th November 2010 and was broken by reputed local biscuit manufacturer House of Maliban of Sri Lanka. The massive Lemon Puff created by the company stands at a final production size in length 7"5" (2260mm), breadth 3"9" (1143mm) and Sq.Metres 2.58 m2. This one of a kind biscuit can be served to 1012 persons.

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Top Brands of Pretzel In USA

Following are major brands of  Pretzel  In United States

Snyders of Hanover

Rold Gold





Old Dutch

Nabisco Mr . Salty

Source : Information Resource ,Inc

Flow diagram for pretzel manufacturing

Pak Bakers Demand Exemption From RGST

pic courtesy
Bread manufacturers have appealed to the government to keep bread exempted from reformed general sales tax (RGST) as it is an essential food item exempted from consumption tax all over the world.

They warned that 125 documented, automated bread manufacturing plants in the country employing around 30,000 workers would close down if RGST was imposed on bread, the daily breakfast food in most of the urban households.

“It will put at risk about Rs10 billion investments of small and medium entrepreneurs,” said Haroon Chaudhry, the chief executive of Bunny’s Limited.

“RGST is a nightmare for those documented sectors where non-documented competitors are equally strong as in the case of bread where the end product looks the same and doesn’t reveal the unhygienic processes adopted by small roadside bakeries.”

He said that under the current inflationary situation people went for the cheaper product without caring about how it was prepared.

He said an automatic bread plant was established at a cost of Rs150 million to Rs1 billion depending on its size. “The breads manufactured by these plants comply with the best global health and hygiene standards, which cannot be guaranteed by the non-documented bread-makers who would capture the entire bread market if RGST was imposed on the documented manufacturers.”
Bread-makers demand exemption from RGST

Flow Diagram For Pretzel Manufacturing Process

Bread Talk To Open More Boutique Bakeries In Vietnam

More than 300 boutique bakeries in many countries and territories, BreadTalk offers a wide variety of breads and cakes.BreadTalk, a pioneer in revolutionizing the image of the bakery industry with its trademark open kitchen, allows customers to view the entire baking process from flour mixing to hot breads from the oven.Bread Talk  now plan to expand its  franchise retail  business in Vietnam.
Vietnam’s Binh Minh Toan Cau Joint Stock Co. plans to set up more than 10 BreadTalk boutique bakeries in HCMC in 2011 under a franchising agreement with the Singapore-based chain of boutique bakeries. Two such bakeries called BreadTalk have already been opened in HCMC.

Ly Qui Trung, chairman of the local company, said at the opening on Wednesday of the second BreadTalk boutique bakery at 02 Cao Thang Street in the city’s District 3 that next year his company would open some 10 more bakeries in the city.

The third BreadTalk boutique bakery at Maximark Cong Hoa Supermarket on Cong Hoa Street, District Tan Binh will be up and running next month.

“This is part of Binh Minh Toan Cau Joint Stock Co.’s plan to increase the number of its stores in the city from two to more than 10 next year,” said Trung.

He said that the second BreadTalk boutique bakery in Vietnam with the investment capital of more than VND5 billion was the biggest bakery of BreadTalk boutique bakery chain in the world. The store covers some 150 square meters.

In the coming time, his company would open BreadTalk boutique bakeries at supermarkets and department stores, he said, adding each bakery in the city should cost some VND5 billion.

BreadTalk, a premium bakery brand of Singapore, has more than 300 boutique bakeries worldwide including Singapore, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, Kuwait, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea, Oman, Bahrain and  Vietnam. 


National Food Hygiene Rating Scheme Launched In UK

Question as to  how to control   food standards  at various  restraunant s, cafe , bakery shops  and other eateries have been dealt by  authorities in  UK through novel idea of  ratings . which would be monitored by authorities . We expect other countries  to implement similar monitoring  to ensure food safety .

The primary purpose of these food hygiene rating schemes is to allow consumers to make informed choices about the places in which they eat out and from which they purchase food, and, through this, to encourage businesses to improve hygiene standards.
Local authority enforcement officers are responsible for inspecting food businesses to ensure that they meet the legal requirements on food hygiene. Under food hygiene rating schemes, each food outlet is given a hygiene rating or hygiene score that reflects the inspection findings and may display this in their premises where consumers can see it. Scores are also available via websites where consumers can see the scores for all the businesses in the local area.
At the moment, more than 200 local authorities across the UK have food hygiene rating schemes in place. These schemes vary in their design and the way that they are operated so the Agency is working towards a national approach to avoid further proliferation of different arrangements in different areas, and so ensure consistency for consumers and clarity for businesses.
The hygiene rating given to a food business will give customers a glimpse into the areas that they don’t normally see to get an idea of what’s going on in the kitchen, or behind the scenes. Ratings are available for anyone to view at

Food Standards Agency - Food Hygiene Rating Schemes

United Biscuits To Launch New Products In Biscuits & Cakes Categories

United Biscuits (UBUK), is launching an array of new products and promotions in the New Year to drive growth across the biscuit and cake categories in 2011.
As well as introducing the second phase of the popular McVitie’s VIP Club loyalty campaign, UB is launching a new McVitie’s Hobnobs product, two new go ahead! products and is continuing its programme of providing healthier products, meaning that retailers should be prepared to enjoy a profitable start to the New Year. 
In January, UB is launching new McVitie’s Hobnobs Cookies to build on the popularity of McVitie’s Hobnobs. The range features the same oaty taste and texture familiar with those that already love Hobnobs. Available in two variants, McVitie’s Hobnobs Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies and Hobnobs Milk Choc Chip & Hazelnut Cookies,
Go ahead! is expanding its go ahead! Yoghurt Breaks range with the addition of a new Cherry flavoured variant in January. The number one healthier biscuit brand, worth £61m, is adding the new variant to the range, which will be available for retailers to buy in a multipack format of six bars at an MRRP of £2.85.
UB is continuing its drive to provide healthier product by announcing yet another saturated fat reduction on its go ahead! range, this time across its range of Crispy Fruit Slices. Available from February, the go ahead! range of Crispy Fruit Slices will now contain just 49 calories.
Continuing the development of its go ahead! range, January will see McVitie’s Cake Company (MCC) launch go ahead! Fruity Cake Slices. The new range will be available in two variants that are both baked and contain juicy sultanas and oats. Apple & Sultana includes apple flavoured fruit pieces, whilst the Honey, Caramel & Sultana contains honey and caramel flavour pieces. go ahead! Fruity Cake Slices are individually wrapped and will be sold in packs of five at an MRRP of £1.49 offering the right product for retailers to grow sales within the cake category.

Grupo Bimbo To Power Its Plant Using Wind Energy

Food Industry  Including major bakery manufacturers have been trying various renewable energy source such as  Solar energy , Bio mass and other alternative energy  to conserve and reduce cost .Grupo Bimbo  is exploring to harness wind energy  to get power for its factories . With this  step it has set  an example other major food  manufacturers to adopt wind energy for sustainable growth .

A report

Grupo Bimbo S.A.B. de C.V. has begun construction on "Piedra Larga," which is expected to be the largest wind farm in the food industry, generating nearly 100 per cent of the electrical power at Grupo Bimbo in Mexico.
According to Grupo Bimbo, the wind farm, which will be located in Union Hidalgo, State of Oaxaca,will have installed capacity of 90 mega watts, and will be able to supply power to 65 of the company's facilities.
Grupo Bimbo also has invited Grupo Calidra, Frialsa Frigorificos and Papalote Museo del Nino to participate in the project.
"The construction of this wind farm is a milestone in our effort to continue growing with the force of nature, making us the first company in the food industry to embrace the transformation to renewable energy," said Daniel Servitje, chief executive officer of Grupo Bimbo. "It represents an unprecedented effort in the use of renewable, clean and virtually endless energy: green energy."
Mr. Servitje continued, "Grupo Bimbo continuously seeks to reduce its environmental footprint, and as such it operates under the highest performance standards. This is an effort we have undertaken for 10 years and is gaining greater importance within our five axes of environmental sustainability: energy conservation, water conservation, emissions reduction, waste management and corporate social responsibility.

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Grupo Bimbo to build largest wind farm in the industry

Global Brands Eye Indian Pizza Market

Pizza  Corners and Cafe  have sprung all across Indian cities in last 2- 3 years . You name any global pizzeria  and would find one in the metros . Changing lifestyle with  more money in pcoket has contributed  for people  going out  or getting these pizza delivered at home . Domino''s and Pizza Hut  have  become synonomous with Pizza   Even local pizzerias  are popular among masses .
A report
The strong debut of Domino’s Pizza in the stock market early this year has fuelled interest among global pizzerias such as US-based Little Caesars and Papa Murphy’s to enter the Rs 470-crore Indian pizza delivery and dine-in industry.
Other global chains, including Sbarro, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s and Chicago Pizza, who already have some presence in the country, are looking to expand in an industry that is growing annually at 40 per cent.
“After the Domino’s initial public offer, which raised over Rs 320 crore, we have seen a greater interest from global food and beverage chains to form associations with a local franchise partner in India,” Gaurav Marya, president of Franchise India Holding Ltd, told The Telegraph.
Jubilant FoodWorks, which runs the Domino’s Pizza brand in India, became the first fast food company to list on the bourses. Industry players said RJ Corp, which runs Pizza Hut, Yum Restaurants and KFC, could also be looking at divesting its equity stake.
Marya said this year there were more participants from food and beverage firms, including companies from the UK, the US and Russia, in Franchise India 2010 — an annual convention for firms looking for potential franchisees or franchisors in the country.
Pizza and pasta contribute barely two per cent to the Rs 32,000-crore eating-out industry in the country. Indians consumed 3.5 million pizzas a month in 2008, said the Food Franchising Report 2009. In 2001, only 1.5 million pizzas were consumed per month.

Popular Pizza  Chain 's In India 

more on
The Telegraph - Calcutta (Kolkata) | Business | Global pizza chains vie for local pie

Bosch Packaging Launches Versatile Transwrap 1650

Bosch Packaging Technology launched the null 1650 packaging machine in India, at the Pack Plus 2010 in New Delhi. The product with its wide range of packaging solutions is suited for a variety of packaging needs, styles and budgets. It thus aims at addressing increasingly customized and market driven demands of the food and non food packaging industry.
The array of packaging options includes package styles like pillow bags and side gusseted bags along with many other options pertaining to Heat Sealing, Poly Ethylene welding systems, anti static devices, chain packages and hole punch devices. These choices cater to a diverse range of package styles and product specifications. All these options can be activated through simple setting procedures via an intuitive human machine interface, offering user the flexibility which in turn allows for considerable shorter changeover times. This machine definitely offers user the advantage of cost efficiency as well as attributes like low height for a compact product stream coupled with higher speed that have been able to facilitate increased efficiency and ergonomics.
Over and above the benefits of flexibility and cost efficiency, the machine is constructed of corrosion resistant material which extends the machine capability to pack aggressive products. The concept of modularity in the machine design of the null 1650 allows for easy integration of dosing devices (augers, null, and cup fillers), gas flushing devices, printers as well as check weighers along with various up and downstream equipment interfaces.
Apart from catering to basic needs of pacnullTranswrapnts the MRP and serial numbers on the produced bags, while its print registration control senses the printing position in pre printed film to maintain accurate bag length.
Commenting on the occasion of the launch, Ashok Gourish Business Head Packaging Technology Division said, “It hanulllways been our endeavor to cater to the evolving needs of our customers. With the launch nullwnullrap 1650, we believe that our portfolio is now in a position to address the exact specifications and demands for higher customization of the packaging indusnull


Britannia Loses Market Share For Its Major Brands

Indians spend more on biscuits than on toothpastes, skin-care products, shampoos and instant noodles put together, and Parle Products has surged ahead of Britannia Industries to become a clear leader in the Rs 11,000-crore-plus market, say Nielsen data.

The country spent Rs 11,295 crore on biscuits in the 12 months ended March 2010 compared with Rs 2,300 crore on toothpastes, Rs 3,500 crore on skin-care products, Rs 2,400 crore on shampoos and Rs 1,300 crore on instant noodles. And in the first half of the current financial year, it has already spent Rs 6,320 crore on biscuits, according to The Nielsen Company, the country’s largest market researcher.

The largest piece of this big and growing cookie now belongs to Parle Products. The Mumbai-based, Rs 5,000-crore company, promoted by Vijay and Sharad Chauhan, has close to 45% share of the biscuits market while Nusli Wadia’s Britannia Industries has about 38% share.

For years, the two largest cookie makers were neck-and-neck with about 35% share each in the market.
Nielsen data shows that Good-Day’s share dropped from 31.6% in 2009-10 to 27.8% in the April-September period, while Parle 20-20’s share increased from 11.3% to 17.9% during the same period. Parle also managed to push its share in the Rs 3,312-crore glucose biscuit segment where Parle G now accounts for more than three-fourths of the category.

The share of Britannia’s Tiger glucose slipped from 12.2% in 2009-10 to 11.7% in April-September this year, while the share of the third significant player in the category, ITC’s Sunfeast glucose, remained constant at 8.8%
In salted crackers, Britannia Time Pass is the only major brand that lost share, to 10.6% in the first half of current fiscal from 11.3% in the whole of last year, the Nielsen data shows.


Franchise Opportunities For Bakers & Entrepreneurs

India has been witnessing retail and franchise boom in food  sectors  which includes bakery and bakery related products . All most all major brands and chains are offering franchise opportunities to people to own franchise  for  their brand /product . Investment varies from  Rs 1.0L  to   Rs 1.0 crore and space requirement  from 150 sqmtr - 2000sqmtr.

Following are the brands  with franchise  opportunities

Pizza Heaven
Daily  Bread
Baker Bites
Donut Master
The Waffle Express
Monginis Foods Pvt Ltd
Smokin Joes Pizza Pvt Ltd
Food Factory  Slice Pizza
Slice of Italy
Pizza Corner
Bread Smith
Muffin Bakery
Donut Baker
Debonair Pizza
Birdys Bakery & Patisserie
US  Pizza
Pizza Buffet
The Pizza Company .

Tiger Brands Ltd Seeking Biscuit Plants Outside South Africa

Tiger Brands Ltd, South Africa's largest food company, which has  businesses covering  baked products, flour , snacks and beverages  this week announced it had formed a venture in Ethiopia and agreed to buy biscuit-maker Deli Foods Nigeria Ltd to diversify earnings away from its home market.The company is pushing for a presence outside South Africa.
Tiger Brands Ltd, South Africa's largest food company, is in talks to acquire a 49% stake in one of Zimbabwe's largest and oldest bakeries - Lobels Bakery   business digest has learnt.

Market sources say officials from Tiger Brands have been in and out of the country to carry out a due diligence examination into Lobels and recently toured the operations of the company.
Lobels resident director and acting CEO, retired Brigadier General David Chiweza, on Wednesday would neither confirm nor deny his company was in talks with Tiger Brands.
He said: "All I can say is I will neither confirm nor deny that. At this stage, we have very confidential negotiations. We are in an equity mobilisation programme and in discussions with various people."
But sources say Lobels shareholders will sell a 49% stake in the company for around US$10 million in a bid to raise capital for the troubled bakery.
The sources added that shareholders had opted to retain control in Lobels in line with the country's empowerment laws that compel foreigners to sell 51% stake in businesses valued at US$500 000 or more.

source : Zimbabwe: SA Firm Set to Acquire Lobels Stake

Dubai Hot Spot For Indian Biscuit Brands

My stay  in  Dubai  has few surprise  as  all  major Indian biscuit brands could be found in retail  shop  as well as mall supermarkets  and hypermarkets   with  other international and local brands . We could also  find few brands from   south east  asian countries such as  Philippines , Thailand , Malaysia  and Indonesia .  . Local brands    from countries like   Oman , Iran , Syria, Saudi Arabia  and Turkey . Other major international brands most visible were Mcvities , Oreos , Bisca , Locker  and  local favorite Tiffany .

What   has drawn my attention of  the volume and  shelf  space Indian brands occupied on  malls  such as Carrefour and  the Brands displayed  on Vans   carrying this products

Retailers displayed  all major  brands such as  Britannia's , Parle , ITC  and even Priya Gold  . Dubai have a very sizable Indian populations which  prefers Indian biscuits  to other brands thus making it a lucrative market to Indian manufacturers .

All  major Indian brands  which  have to  face stiff competition at home have started scouting for markets overseas   and Dubai  being the favorite destinations for them . Most of them  operates through authorised  distributors  except  for  Britannia Industries Ltd  as they  have  bought  local company  Strategic Foods Intl Co LLc  from Khimji  Ramdas  . Britannia  is now promoting  both its Indian brands such  as Good Day , Marie Gold , 50-50 , Milkbikis  as well as local brand  such as  Nutro  biscuits   and wafers .

Mrs. Fields To Buy Cookie Man Chain

As  discussed in earlier post  Indian firm was hot favorite to take over  Cookie Man  but finally its was Mrs Fields  which won the bid.
Franchise chain Cookie Man has been rescued from liquidation, with former rival Mrs. Fields acquiring the brand in a deal announced this morning.
Cookie Corporation, with owns the Australian master franchise for Mrs. Fields, will buy the business and tip it into a new subsidiary called Cookie Man Australia. The Cookie Man chain has 43 stores, which are supplied cookies from a manufacturing plant and warehouse in Sydney.
Cookie Corporation will continue to separately operate the Mrs. Fields chain, which has 27 stores. Managing director Andrew Benefield says Mrs, Fields will continue to import its trademark cookies from the United States, although Mrs. Fields will have some access to the Cookie Man manufacturing facility and warehouse, allowing it to develop new products for the Australian market.
Benefield has also brought former Cookie Man owner Peter Elligett on board as general manager of the Cookie Man business, a move Benefield says will be "very popular with Cookie Man franchisees".
Benefield told SmartCompany the two brands can co-exist in the marketplace as separate entities.
"Mrs. Fields is a premium brand with a very specific, soft-baked cookie where Cookie Man has always been popular with kids and senior citizens – it’s a very different market."

more on
Mrs. Fields to buy collapsed Cookie Man chain - Business news, business advice and information for Australian SMEs | SmartCompany

Honey Top To Invest In Indian New Factory At Nasik

Chapatis and Naan have  been popular overseas with  Asian expat communities . HoneyTop Speciality foods is now coming up with automated plant in India to launch   ready  to serve  chapatis and naan  . It would be interesting  to see Indian consumer response to such product  as Indians  still prefer  fresh prepared food  to  ready  to serve items.

Honeytop Speciality Foods has invested £3m to build a new factory in India that will supply naan bread and chapattis to India and the wider Asian and Australian markets.
The new 8,000m2 factory - located in Nasik, about 150km north of Mumbai - will initially employ 100 people and is due to open in the second quarter of 2011.

Europe's leading producer of naans and flatbreads and a major supplier of own-label breads to the UK multiples, Dunstable-based Honeytop exports to 10 European markets with overseas sales now accounting for 15% of turnover.

However, this is the first time it has expanded its manufacturing footprint overseas, md David Laurence told “It’s the bakery equivalent of taking coals to Newcastle, but we believe our naan bread is so good that it will find a ready market with Indian consumers


What Consumers Should Know About Packaged Food Label s

Here  are  the  declaration made mandatory by FSSAI  for  food manufacturers on  their  food product packaging .( includes  bakery products ). Consumers are advised to check details before buying food products  to ascertain that food is good for consumption.

  • Name , trade name  or description of  food
  • List of  ingredients  in descending  order of  their  composition  by weight and volume
  • Specific  declaration  for added  permitted  colours/added flavours  and their class
  • Symbol of Veg / Non- veg  food (  Green coloured  circle in a square  with green outline for vegetarian food and brown  colour filled circle  inside the square  with brown outline for non-vegetarian  food )
  • Net weight  or number or measure of volume  of  content
  • Month and year of manufacture /packing
  • Best before date with storage condition
  • Nutritional  information  or Nutritional  facts per 100gm or 100ml or per serving of the product
  • The food  in which  hydrogenated vegetable fats  or bakery shortening  is used  shall  declare  on the label  that " Hydrogenated  Vegetable  Fats or  Bakery Shortening  used - Contains Trans Fat "
  • Where a health claim  of  "  Trans Fat Free" is made  then the  Trans Fat  shall be less than  0.2g per serving  and in case  where the claim " Saturated Fat Free"  is made then  the saturated fat  shall not be more than  0.1gm per 100gm  or 100ml of food .
  • Nutritional information are not mandatory  in case of raw  agricultural commodities like  wheat , rice , sugar ,cereal  spice and condiments , table salt  or non - nutritive  products .

In case of any complaints  consumer  can  log in to  or call  1800 180 4566

other  important site on food safety guidelines are
food safety and standards authority of India ( FSSAI)
Ministry of consumer affairs , Food and Public Distribution

Markem - Imaje World Major Printing Solution Provider For Bakeries

Markem - Imaje  is  world major manufacturers of coders and printers   used in printing solutions for bakery packaging  such on laminates , cartons , poly bags etc . Markem   coders has become synonyms to  coding and printing solution providers in  bakery product packaging.Its part of  Major Industrial product congolomorate  Dovers Corporation.

Bakeries across globe  are using inkjet printing and coders on production line or  offline  instead  of  traditional methods like hot stamping or embossing .In particular, the speed with which codes can be changed has reduced downtime . The greater versality of inkjet printing also means that code location, its content and even the packaging on which it rests, can be changed without resort to different coding methods.

Markem-Imaje is a trusted world manufacturer of product identification and traceability solutions, offering a full line of reliable and innovative inkjet, thermal transfer, laser, print and apply label systems and RFID-based systems . Markem has 95 years of history  and operates with 30 subsdiaries worldwide  more than 300 engineers engaged in  6 R& D centres which are located  at  US , UK ,Belgium , France ,India and Sweden . Supported by logistics and support team world wide . Major  competitors for  Markem are Videojet,Linx , Matthews and  Domino Printing Sciences

Most widely used applications  in bakeries have been  in packaging machine providing dry touch coding on wrappers  with 9000 series  and   Inkjet coding  for wrapper or  cartons .

Imaje was  independent  company recently taken over by Markem Inc  which were major players in Inkjet printing .Merger of these two companies has made it one of  the world major printing , traceability solutions and product  identification  solution providers .

Markem Imaje product lines  have following equipments/services

  • Small character CIJ printers
  • Thermal transfer overprinters
  • Laser coders
  • Hi-res small character inkjet printers
  • Hi-res large character inkjet printers

    • Large character DOD valve-jet printer
    • Print & Apply systems
    • Ink roll printers
    • Postal printers
    • Supplies
    • Software

    Pocky's In India

    Pocky's   is  one   of the  world popular   biscuit  stick  coated   which  is  owned by Japanese company  Ezaki Glico  Co ltd , Japan .  Pocky's pack are now available  at most of  the  retails  shop in major metros  in India .Imported biscuits have been in demands from upper middle class who have money to flaunt on imported biscuits . But now even middle income group consumers are experimenting with new products . Biscuit sticks are  such product.

    Pocky was first introduced to people of Japan in year  1961 with  chocolate  flavour . Later many flavours were added to Pocky s biscuits  such as  milk , strawberry ,honey , coconut and banana  with shelf life of one year .Same is marketed by LU , Danone by name  of Mikado in European countries .

    Now Pocky stick biscuits are available  to Indian consumers   from  manufacturing countries  like Thailand or China .
    Pocky's packs are available  at  Rs  45/-  for  47gm with   flavours like Milk ,Chocolate and Strawberry .Try out Biscuit sticks  which are addictive  enough.

    The distributors   for Pocky's  Biscuit  in Delhi are
    Delhi  Supply  Co . G-3 , Dewan  House , Ajay Enclave , New Delhi -110018
    email :  or Call +91- 9310099095

    Cargills( Ceylon ) Plc Acquires Diana Biscuits In Srilanka

    Cargills Quality Foods Ltd a subsidiary of Cargills (Ceylon) PLC completed the acquisition of Diana Biscuits Manufactures (Pvt) Ltd yesterday. The investment to acquire the production facility located in Nalanda, Matale totaled Rs 350 million.
    Diana Biscuits is engaged in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of a range of biscuits under the brand name "Helan", which fits in well with the current portfolio of products manufactured and marketed by the Cargills Group of Companies.
    Cargills is of the view that the anticipated double digit economic growth in the medium term and the consequent growth in per capita income and change in lifestyle among young Sri Lankans provide vast opportunities for the FMCG business. The Company is therefore looking to further expand its businesses in line with its core business interests in retail and FMCG.
    Sri Lanka is among the highest per capita consumers of biscuits in the South Asian region. Cargills therefore sees great potential for expansion and innovation in the biscuit category. The Group also identifies branded consumer goods to be a thrust in its future expansion and diversification. The acquisition of Diana Biscuits manufactures (Pvt) Ltd comes in the wake of these identified opportunities and potential for sustainable growth.
    pic courtesy :
    Since its entry into the food manufacturing business over two decades ago, Cargills has enjoyed sustained levels of growth in its FMCG businesses. All Cargills manufacturing brands, Cargills Magic, Cargills Finest, Cargills Supremo and Cargills Kist are established market leaders being responsible for driving industry growth through an innovation driven strategy. The competitive advantage of being the leader in modern trade industry through its Cargills Food City supermarket chain coupled with its islandwide marketing and distribution subsidiary Millers Limited provides the ideal platform on which Cargills can nurture the potential of this newly acquired biscuit company.

    source :

    Mrs Field's Opens Co - Branded Stores With New Zealand Natural Ice Cream

     A Unique concept which has now gained as innovative marketing strategies for companies to  cross promote products which are complimentary to each other .Mrs Field's is one of the premier chain offering cookies and baked goods to  390 outlets in United States and 80 bakery  chains world wide .

    Mrs. Field’s Australia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with New Zealand Natural Ice Cream to develop co-branded stores in Australia.
    Mrs. Fields Australian Managing Director Andrew Benefield announced the deal alongside David Foreman, the General Manager of Emerald Foods which owns New Zealand Natural.
    According to Benefield, the product synergies between the two brands made it a logical partnership.
    “I believe that co-branded outlets  still need to have an offer that makes sense to consumers.  Cookies and Ice Cream are a natural fit,” he said.
    “There are lots of complementary products we can develop such as ice cream sandwiches, affagato’s and brownie sundaes.”
    The new combined operations would also be instrumental in helping the franchisee smooth the daily and seasonal sales curve, according to Benefield.
    “Ice cream is obviously a popular item in summer as are cookies in winter. However they are also complementary during the course of a single day as coffee and cookies are strong in mornings, and ice creams and smoothies are big in the afternoon.  Both have a very similar frozen goods supply chain, making it an easy fit into rear of house operations.”
    Continuously improving sales and the profitability of the franchisee is  vital to the success of both companies moving forward, Benefield added.


    Local Bakery Equipment Manufacturers Draws Huge Crowd At Techmart2010

    Techmart 2010 organised  by NSIC  has  wide representation of small scale industries  from areas like bakery , textiles , dairy , leather and handicraft .Its  held  along with annual Indian trade fair at Pragati Maidan ,New Delhi.

    Major  attractions has been   live  demonstration  of  manufacturing process  by these small  bakery equipment manufacturers  where  one can see cookies preparation and baking .Products were offered to visitors  fresh from oven .Capacities displayed were from  30kg-50kg/hr  of production .

    Some of the bakery equipment suppliers were

    Pritul Machines: Mixers , Rotary  Ovens ,

    Growthway Technologies: Mixer , Rotary  Ovens , Depositors

    Ever Bake :  Rotary Ovens

    Goodlife  :  Rotary Oven , Mixers and Depositors

    In addition to  bakery equipment manufactures One can visit packaging machinery section which  could be used in cookies , cakes  and biscuit packagin

    Companies present were

    Jawla Engineering Pvt Ltd  -  HFW  , Vertical form fill machine

    Shri Vinayak Packaging Machine  P ltd - Shrink wrap , Sealers , Vertical form fill machines

    Entrepreneurs  looking for  starting small bakeries   could visit   these manufacturers /Suppliers  in Hall No-14  at TechMart 2010 .

    Packaging Solutions For Biscuit & Cookies

    Animation  courtesy  : harpak-
    flow  pack   arrangement for  pillow ,slug , family  or Tikki Pack

     Animation courtesy  :
    Vertical  form fill  pack  for  biscuits  and cookies

    Animation courtesy -
    Shrink wrap  packaging for  assorted or family  packs in a pouch  or  to shrink wrap  carton box .

    Britannia ' s New Diabetic -Friendly Nutri Choice Cookies Launched

    Britannia Industries has launched NutriChoice diabetic- friendly snack range to meet the nutrition and taste needs of diabetics.
    The company has previously launched several innovative products like hi-fibre biscuits and five-grain biscuits under its flagship health brand NutriChoice.
    As per IDF Diabetes Atlas 4th edition, India has the second highest number of people with diabetes at 5 crore (50 million) adults. In addition to this, 4 crore (40 million) Indians have impaired glucose tolerance (IGT), which means they are at high-risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
    ''Diabetes is posing a serious lifestyle challenge needing immediate attention and NutriChoice is committed to building awareness for diabetes prevention and management, and creating expert products than can be included in the lifestyle of a person with diabetes,'' said Vinita Bali, managing director, Britannia Industries Ltd.
    Britannia claims that NutriChoice diabetic friendly essentials have zero added sugar, zero cholesterol, zero transfat, extra dietary fibers, and complex carbohydrates. The manufacturer has introduced the range in two variants, oats cookies and ragi cookies in two pack sizes priced at Rs25 and Rs50 respectively.

    more on

    Health and wellness  bakery products

    ITC Plans Expansion For Its Sunfeast Brands Of Biscuit

     sunfeast , itc biscuit brands , sunfeast biscuits
    'Sun feast ' brands of  biscuit   owned by  ITC   group  which is amongst  major  corporates in Indian industry with   products ranging  from stationery items , paper , hotels , food products   and  its main stay tobacco . ITC  is new entrant  to biscuit segment  which has been dominated by  Parle and Britannia .  ITC deep pockets and distribution channels  have helped  it  to make dents in already entrenched market  . It claims to have  9-11% market share of organised or branded  Indian biscuit  market. With competition hotting up  with slew of new products  and expansion by its  competitors   and with arrival  of  new players like  Mcvities , Unibic ,GSKB,Pepsi ,It  plans   to counter these developments  through various  expansion plans for its biscuit division . 

    A report

    ITC Foods is investing in research and development projects to launch new variants in Q3 FY 2011.On the company’s growth strategy, Chittaranjan Dhar, CEO of ITC Foods said, “We want to create new products to fight competition. We are extending our distribution network both in rural and urban India. Our core strategy is to offer quality products at optimum prices. “

    According to Dhar, the company has extended its manufacturing capacity by setting up three new biscuit plants in UP and West Bengal. “We are sharpening our focus on our supply chain management strategy to enhance product freshness, market servicing and margins,” he added. ITC has 14 manufacturing facilities.

    To promote its flagship brand Sunfeast, ITC is investing in mass media ad campaigns and non-traditional media in Q3 FY 2011.

    “Sunfeast biscuits grew by 32% in the September quarter driven by products mix improvement with growth in the sales of value-added variants of cookies and creams,” said Dhar. Master blaster Sachin Tendular will continue to be the brand ambassador of Sunfeast. Like ITC, Parle Foods is also investing in new product developments to woo new consumers.

    source : financialexpress  dt 5/11/10  author : lalitha  srinivasan

    Latest Trends And Innovations In Bakery Industry

     In the latest  edition of  IBIE 2010   Bakery Industry  biggest and largest  trade fair of the world   one can see the  trends of bakery  industry  and  what  manufacturers and business leaders are upto  to meet the consumer demands .Following has been major  areas  for bakery  manufacturers  to deal with 
    • nutritious
    • natural/organic
    • gluten free 
    • whole grain /multi grain
    • probiotic/omega -3 /fortified
    • low fat
    • low sugar
    • low sodium 
    • green packaging 
    • ethical  businesses practices  . 
    Companies which  can promotes its product on these  lines  can see surge in its  sales .

    A report

    Clear Valley omega-3 shortening is a new, on-trend ingredient from Cargill. It can help bakeries differentiate their products by adding an FDA nutrient content claim for ALA omega-3s, which, surveys show, consumers increasingly are looking for.

    On the grain side, Cargill's Horizon Milling unit launched "EcoFlour sustainability solutions" – a customizable program that can give processors and farmers not just a flour but also a sustainability claim. It uses satellite imagery and soil sampling to identify the best (read that: minimal) use of fertilizer on fields, improving yields and reducing energy inputs -- and cost. Plus, depending on how the numbers play out, you could make a "green" claim.

    Another interesting development from the Minnesota multinational was a new business unit, Cargill Process Optimizers. This new service is weighted toward the plant operations side of food manufacturers, helping them increase yields and capacity and reduce energy and water consumption. Cargill, after all, operates 1,200 of its own facilities around the world, so its engineers have a pretty good idea of how to run a plant. They"ve also developed some proprietary software. For the first time on a broad scale, Cargill shares that know-how as a contract service.

    Using enzymatic interesterification, Bunge Oils brought out a new line of shortenings and oils, the UltraBlends EIE line. These soybean-based products eliminate trans fat and optimize saturated fats, while delivering functionality and great taste. They have a wide plasticity range and have a more consistent SFC Curve, creating less variability in firmness of the dough.

    Loders Croklaan launched a line of donut fry products aimed at improving eating quality and production efficiency. SansTrans DF Select frying shortenings eliminate oil migration, a shortcoming in typical commodity donut frying shortenings, making these products ideal for coated donuts. In addition, the improved crystallization properties mean improved eating quality as the melting profile is cleaner and less waxy.

    Switching to gluten replacement, ConAgra Mills' continued to plug its Ancient Grains flours. Made from amaranth, millet, quinoa, sorghum and teff, these flours – in stock and in customizable blends – are naturally gluten-free. They also add some important nutrients (protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants) as well as consumer interest. Sample baked goods also used ConAgra's Ultragrain white whole-wheat flour, which combines the nutritional benefits of whole grains with the mainstream appeal of refined flours.

    For its gluten-free solution, American Key Food Products turns to the cassava root. King Lion Cassava Flour can be used as a single flour solution, eliminating the need to blend with other flours in most applications. It differs from both tapioca flour – which often is just tapioca starch -- and even other cassava flours on the market, which often are course cassava meal. King Lion has a finer particle size, similar to that of wheat four.

    The National Honey Board was there to assist gluten-free product formulators. Using honey as a sweetener provides moisture and flavor improvement to gluten-free baked goods – while also adding functional benefits, color, enzymes, extra browning and a clean, even attractive, label.

    With integrated milling and processing, 21st Century Grain Processing has long been a supplier of grain-based ingredients. At IBIE, the company put several of its grains (wheat, oats, corn) together into cereal clusters. Visitors to the booth were sampling Chocolate Kitchen Clusters and Honey Kitchen Clusters, both with whole grain oats and other grains. The company now offers custom coated grains and cereal cluster with enhanced texture, flavor bursts and mineral fortification to build a targeted nutritional profile.

    Gum Technology Corp. introduced Coyote STARch Pastry Cream Stabilizer, a blend of modified starch, tara gum and carrageenan, that improves the characteristics of pastry cream without adding cost. It provides a smoother and less grain texture than starch alone, company officials say.

    Fibersol-2, the soluble dietary fiber from Matsutani LLC and ADM, was a key ingredient in a chocolate chip cookie prototype, which displayed how added fiber can give baked goods a "good source of fiber" claim without negatively impacting taste.

    Separately, ADM featured a new sorghum flour in a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie – as well as other flours and milled products, cocoa and chocolate ingredients and VegeFull cooked bean ingredients.

    G+ technology was a new addition to the PowerFresh line of bakery enzyme products of Danisco USA. G+ is an amylase-based addition that give specific performance characteristics, foremost among them longer freshness/shelf-life.

    Nielsen-Massey Vanillas was showing Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Paste. It's made with the company's Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract with the addition of real seeds from the vanilla pod, combined in a slightly viscous base. It is used whenever the distinctive look of vanilla seeds is desired.

    Viterra Food Processing focuses on premium oat and barley ingredients, many of them organic certified.

    National Starch showed Homecraft Create 765, a clean-label specialty flour that can reduce fat and costs in baked goods.

    Watson's Soft "n" Mighty products include natural and certified organic dough conditioners and a premium bread base.


    Biscuit's of India

    indian biscuit brands , Indian brands of biscuits
    Popular   Brands of Biscuits  From  Big 3 of  Indian biscuit Industry ( Parle , Britannia  and ITC )
    Indian biscuits  are low priced  with majority of sales  accounted in unorganised sector , but gradually  things are  changing  for biscuits in India  as more players are  making investment in biscuit  segment .

    source : Gayathri

    Biscuit  Industry
    Biscuit Brands Market share
    International  Brands In Indian Biscuit Market

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