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United Biscuits To Use rPET Trays For Its Product

Major food processing manufacturers along with bakery manufacturers are looking out for reducing packaging waste to environment .One of the method is to recycle packaging material . Bakery products requires BOPP , HDPE  , LDPE and  cartons in huge quantities  cartons have been successfully recycled and used by bakery manufacturers .But for laminates and wrapper we are still to have  recyclers in many countries . Once the technology is developed  we hope that all bakery products packaging material would be of recycled   material . UB  initiatives are  commendable

Excerpts from foodproductiondaily

United Biscuits is aiming to switch to rPET for all its thermoformed trays by the end of 2010 in a bid to scale up the amount of recycled packaging in its range.


In an exclusive interview on packaging policy at the company, Barry Pamplin, European packaging technology controller at United Biscuits told this publication that, in terms of availability of supply of recycled material, the firm can now rely on UK suppliers for the projected recycled polyethylene (rPET) take up in its trays.

But he cautioned that the company’s usage of the material is minimal – 1,000 tonnes – in comparison to what a soft drink maker would require to cover a range.

Read Complete Interview for  UB views on

  • Product integrity
  • Micron measures
  • Bioplastics trialled
  • Plastic recovery push
  • Supply chain metrics





Wrapper Format For Bakery Product Packaging

 Initial Wrapper design  can be done on photoshop  with following basic structure  and after all elements are incorporated .These designs are passed on to the wrapper  manufacturers  with color combinations , images , manufacturing details , ingredients , nutritional facts  , statutory food safety symbols  and eye mark position and orientation .
Once the trial prints is made  mock trial are done on products  and after few modification wrapper printing is sent  for mass production

Wrapper design , pack design , label design , wrapper design for baked products

Ceylon Biscuit Adopts Oracle Based ERP for Sales

Ceylon Biscuits Ltd. (CBL) a leader in food manufacturing in Sri Lanka, has developed and implemented a sales force automation solution based on Oracle Mobile Lite Server, Oracle Database Lite Client and Oracle Database Enterprise Edition with Oracle Diagnostics and Oracle tuning packs, to enhance the overall productivity of its manufacturing businesses' sales infrastructure.

CBL, with its various foods, chocolates and confectionery brands, caters to 110,000 outlets across Sri Lanka serviced by a large sales force. This deployment enables its sales force to perform various sales related tasks from remote locations, in a centralised and automated environment, increasing its productivity and overall operational efficiency.

CBL engaged DMS Software Technologies, an Oracle PartnerNetwork Platinum partner, to fulfill the deployment. The readily available support and training provided by DMS Software Technologies helped to cut short the time to deployment.

"CBL recognises the importance of leveraging technology to enhance productivity in all sectors of our business. Our sales force automation application deployed on the Oracle Database is a perfect match for our business. It has given us an edge over our competitors by allowing our sales team to work more efficiently. We are now capable of making key strategic decisions quickly and effectively," said Rasith Wickramasingha, Senior Technical Manager, Ceylon Biscuit Limited. "We are capable of streamlining our sales force and focusing our marketing strategy based on real time data. Constant innovation has been the hallmark of our business strategy. That is one of the reasons we went with Oracle. Oracle Sri Lanka and DMS have been extremely helpful in getting this project off the ground by providing us with all the support and training required.


Bakery Waste Recycled As Animal Feed And Fertiliser

To convert waste into animal feed and fertilizers, Reclaims Enterprise gets factories' organic waste, such as biscuits, bread and milk waste, removes the moisture in it using high temperatures, and then grinds it into powder.

The technology used for this process is termed Environmental Recycling System (ERS) and is imported from Japan. In the first few months of usage, Reclaims Enterprise engaged experts from Japan to come to Singapore to train workers to operate the machines.

Using its newly-imported machines, Reclaims Enterprise is able to reduce moisture content in the resultant product to less than 10 per cent compared to the usual 20 per cent that other recycling companies in the industry can do. A lower moisture content means that the product can last longer.

Reclaims Enterprise has four of these machines situated in Tuas and each of them can process about 60 tonnes of waste. As moisture makes up about 88 per cent of the waste processed, after processing the waste through the machines, only a quarter of the 240 tonnes can be used as animal feed and fertilisers.

'Rather than having companies incinerate their waste, we can recycle it to something more useful,' says Mr Tan in Mandarin, commenting on Singapore's recyclable waste of about 2,000 tonnes daily


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Major Food Companies Pledge To Cut Salt

NEW YORK — Sixteen food companies plan to cut the amount of salt in bacon, flavored rice, and dozens of other products as part of a national effort to reduce Americans’ sodium consumption by 20 percent.

“Sodium is a major cause of high blood pressure, which in turn can lead to heart attack and stroke,’’ said New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who said yesterday that companies including H.J. Heinz Co., Kraft Foods Inc., and Starbucks will commit to the National Salt Reduction Initiative, a voluntary effort initiated by New York City.

Mars Foods said it would cut the salt in its Uncle Ben’s rices by 25 percent over five years.

Lanette Kovachi, corporate dietitian for Subway, said the sandwich chain has cut sodium by 30 percent in its European outlets and is working on reducing salt in its US restaurants — “in all of our menu items.’’

Heinz had announced it would reduce sodium by 15 percent in all the ketchup it sells in the United States, starting May 1. Heinz said the move is part of an ongoing commitment to sodium reduction. Heinz has cut sodium in Bagel Bites snacks 20 percent, for example.

Source : Associated Press

Flow Diagram For Bakery Waste Water Treatment Plant

waste water treatment , bakery waste waster treatment , effluent treatment plant
Bakeries  generates large amount of waste water in process which are highly acidic in nature and cannot be discharged in municipality drainage or open drains . Every country has their discharge parameters for pH,COD , BOD ,TSS,TDS,Fat and Oil , Heavy Metal .

Bakery waste water consists of Flour , Fat and Sugar  from process  these waste are biodegradable hence biological treatment can be effective in reducing BOD of the waste water

ETP  ( Effluent treatment Plants)  for bakeries are biological  rather than chemical which are used for heavy chemical  industries .

Three type of biological treatment  are used in bakery waste water treatment

  • Aerobic ( aeration )
  • Anaerobic( Without aeration in enclosed area )
  • Anaerobic -Aerobic combined

The best results are  from combined treatment through aerobic and anaerobic treatment .

The Disadvantage  of combined treatment .

Foul Smell  due methane gas generation in anaerobic  reactor. ETP plant has to be located at distant place away from production facility.
Large area for reactors
Water Treatment: Principles and Design
Bakery waste handling

United Bakery Equipment Target UK Bread Slicer Market

US company United Bakery Equipment is set to launch a campaign to raise its UK food industry profile in conjunction with its UK partner, Midlands-based equipment agent and consultant Habwood Technical Solutions. The moves follows the highly successful installation of a high performance UBE band slicer at a leading UK bread bakery.

Peter Wallin, a director of Habwood Technical Solutions, said: 'UBE has been successfully making heavy-duty slicing and bagging equipment for the baking industry for 35 years. They are world leaders for the simple reason that their machines are the most durable and reliable on the market. They outlast and outperform the competition.'

In recent years UBE has had a relatively low profile in the UK but Dr Wallin says this all about to change. 'UBE fully recognise the importance of the UK market and we are determined to make further inroads.'

Dr Wallin went on: 'UBE's band slicers set the benchmark for continuous feed bread slicing machines and already exports them to bakers and food manufacturers in over 40 countries. The market leading 90-75 band slicer provides smooth, even slicing and is ideal for the British market.

'Slices are smooth and uniform because the 90-75 moves loaves through the blades at a slower penetration rate. Loaves enter the blades in a continuous line, not at intervals as in conventional “flight feed” systems.

'This continuous flow means 80 per cent more useful slicing time so a slow blade speed is possible. Hence the smooth accurate slices and it also means that blades last much longer. Plus, having a continuous infeed system rather than a conventional system ensures crippling jam-ups are avoided.

'When combined with a UBE reciprocating bagger, we believe the 90-75 is the front end of the most reliable high speed sliced bread packaging solution in the industry – up to 75 loaves a minute sliced and bagged.'

The lightweight slice thickness adjuster can easily be removed or put back in less than five minutes. This easy accessibility means that the slicer is easy to clean and maintain.

Source :


What Are Different Types Of Baking Bands In Travelling Ovens

Travelling oven Or Conveyor ovens  consist s of Bands which travels  through the oven with the product to complete the baking cycle of the product .These bands are kept on feed end and delivery end drums  and the tension is provided either by weights or pneumatic pressure .Drive is given through motors to the drum .  High Temperature  elongates the band  the tension provided by weight or pneumatic pressure keeps the band from falling .

Several type of Wire bands are  used as per the application

wire mesh bands , tunnel oven bands , z-47 oven bands 1. Articulated Wire Mesh  : These kind   wire mesh  are mostly  are used in biscuit ovens  and biscuit manufacturing . Wire mesh  specifications covers.

Length x Width
SWG : 16/18/22
Mesh Type =  Z -47
Sides Welded Or Open
S.S or M.S

These  Wire Mesh are joined together  with  spiral links  provided by the wire band manufacturers. Good wire band can run for at least 5- 6 years . Most of the  oven manufacturers  source it from wire band manufacturers . Cleaning requires scrubbing band by mechanical means or putting of  bees  wax to melt on the surface of wire mesh which carries  dust along with it .

2. Flat Steel Band :  These are used in traveling ovens which uses  batter  or  viscous  dough for  baking . These flat bands made of  Stainless Steel  mostly used for products like Cookies ,  Swiss Rolls  and Cakes .
Flat bands are ordered as following specs. Costlier than Wire mesh Bands . Cleaning consume large amount water .

Thickness ( SWG)
Length xWidth

3. Modular Type Wire Mesh  :  These are baking band on which  either bread/buns/Rusk  are kept directly on the  modular band . The bands carries these mould or  baking trays through  baking oven . Small bakeries normally opt these kind of traveling oven.

Tracking of band   occurs due to tensioning   and can be adjusted through adjusting feed or delivery drums.

Does Bakery Units Buy Wheat ?

Above  headline has been  a search term  to arrive at  bakerybazar . Yes  All major bakery companies buy wheat from open market  either  for their  own flour mills or to hedge from any sudden rise in price .

This has been the strategy for bigger bakery units  to lower their prices  . Procurement cell of these companies keep their men in the  commodities market and with arrival of  wheat they  do the negotiations  and buy bulk wheat  which then can be transported to own storage or to be stored at  flour mills and these mills can be paid  only  conversion or milling charges .Miller take orders to fill in their idle capacities .

Second option is to have contract farming where companies enters into contract  with farmers for certain volume of wheat at  a price lower than the market price and buy that wheat after the cultivation . Farmer are also willing as they get bulk order at good price from any government minimum price  .

Many advantages  of this strategy .

  • Reduce cost of flour
  • Sure of quality of flour
  • No Middlemen   hence  reduces cost
  • Can sell excess wheat when  prices are high

Cookies Vs Biscuits

Cookies and Biscuit  have difference in taste , bite  and as well as  in production process . It starts with dough the cookies have  batter or short dough where as  biscuits  are made of tighter dough which are subjects to more machinability with laminators , gauge rolls and  cutter / moulders .

cookies vs  biscuit
cookies vs  biscuit
Most people confuse cookies with biscuits. The truth is when it comes to Cookies
and biscuits, there really isn’t much to compare. Cookies are softer and tastier than traditional biscuits. Cookies use wire cut technology that allow them to have a soft and chewy texture. Biscuits on the other hand, due the high compression of the dough piece in between the rubber roller and the die roll cavity, give a denser texture. When it comes to chocolate chips and fruit ingredients, cookies allows the inclusions to embed themselves in the midst of the rich dough, to give fantastic flavour and taste. Biscuits on the other hand, run a risk of burning the inclusions while baking, which is why most ingredients end up on the bottom of the biscuit.

Biscuit  production line 
Cookies production line 

Sugar Grinders - Major Bakery equipments

Sugar  is a major ingredients  for  all bakery products   whether in  bread , biscuits , cakes or wafer biscuit along with flour and fat . Addition of  sugar can be done in

  • Crystals or Granules
  • Powdered Form
  • Sugar Solution
  • Invert Syrup

All above mentioned  types of  sugar additions are done as per the requirement of  bakery products .. Mostly powdered  sugar are used to enhance the taste( sweetness )   of the product due to better mixing in dough stage  .

Powdered sugar are obtained  from Sugar Grinders  which  grinds sugar granules into powder form and  are basically of two types

Basic Types of  sugar grinder  are

Hammer types mill
Pin types mill

Particle  sizes of  these powdered  sugar can be altered through mesh   size

Capacity of Sugar Grinder/Pulveriser  : 500kg/hr - 1000kg/hr

Normal components of Sugar grinding systems  apart from  Sugar grinder  are

Screw conveyor  Or  Spiral conveyor -  Operators need to keep in mind the hygroscopic  nature of sugar  which may clog these conveyors frequently hence any wet sugar or high moisture sugar should be avoided  for grinding .

Dust Collector Bags : These are required to collect sugar dust  as huge amount  of sugar dust is generated while grinding  . These dust collector bags traps the dust  and these could be used in production . Dust collectors reduces the waste and keeps  the  environment dust free which very important for any bakery unit . Filter bags need replacement after  bags starts choking .

sugar grinders , sugar grinding equipments , grinders for sugar , bakery equipments
Safety precaution -  Sugar being hygroscopic in nature has tendency  to get fire on higher temperatures  hence  we should always ensure electric arrestors to the sugar grinding components such as mill, filter bags ( critical) etc.

One should always place  permanent magnets bar s into infeed hopper  for metal detection in the sugar .

Major Sugar Grinder supplier are

Stephan Machinery

Kaps Engineers
Mangal machinery

Racking Solution For Storage In Bakery

Racking solution , storage solution in bakeries , racks , shelving

Space constrain is a major problem for bakery manufacturers . You need space for  raw material , packaging material  and finished goods along with parts storage systems  engineering goods and work shop floor .

Storage space is required for

Raw material  
Packaging material
Plastic and wooden pallets
Work in Progress material
Finished Goods
Engineering  Spares
Rejected packed products
Workshop or maintenance working area

 racking , racks for warehouse,racking solution , pallet racks
With limited space one can optimise by introducing racking storage in their factory or ware house . Racking system uses vertical spaces rather than horizontal span hence reducing the space requirement . Goods can be stacked  on pallets  and the same can be stored or kept on these racks reducing the loading and unloading time .

Racking system can be designed  keeping in the view the height and width of the available area  and  can be designed to store products stacked on pallets .  we can design the racking cell keep the view the pallet dimensions .

Racks   are formed into  rows and columns  are  calculated in basis of  row x columns such as 6x4 , 8x4  etc  depending on the space available .

Another advantage is the dismantling and erection of these racks . These could be easily  dismantled and erected in short time  as these are made up with frames and  use fastener for installation .So any expansion can be done without any major cost .

Its highly suggested that bakery manufacturers  to go for racking systems to optimise their space . Using Forklift the materials can be stored upto 4- 5 meter  height .

Low Cost Strategies For Bakery Manufacturers

With cost spiralling upwards for most of the components  Options for bakery manufacturers are listed below  for reducing cost of production and  increase the profitability of bakery unit

Raw material availability

To start or move to area where  raw materials like Flour , Sugar and Fat  are available at low rates or areas where these material are processed in abundance.

Labour Cost

Putting or running plants  away from metros  or suburbans areas can reduce the overheads cost as living costs in  these  areas  are very low . Governments  have setup industrial zones in such areas  to help local populations with jobs and help in  industrialization of that areas sops like tax and duty exemptions are also given to the investors.

Fuel  Availability

Check  out  for areas where one can source fuel  at lower rates  for fuel such as Lpg , Ldo , Rfo  or CNG .With proper source of  electricity .

Logistics Infrastructure

Area  to be well connected with rail and road network as to  get raw material easily and transship finished good in shorter time .

Market proximity

Not to ignore the market proximity near by as it would reduce the  logistic cost of transportation and distribution channels .


Areas where  there are fewer competitors or no competitors can enhance the sales and in turn increase the profitability

Bread Dough Divider

dough dividers , bread dough dividers , dough divders , volumetric dough divdiders , pneumatic dough dividers

Bread dough divider is one of the critical equipment in bread automated manufacturing . Its main function is to  divide dough into number of equal  dough pieces.
Mostly  Bread Dough dividers are mechanical  devices  with manual adjustment but we can opt  for more automated dividers  with HMI  integrated to its operation where operators can  change variables from pre programmed software.Basic design are either Crank driven  divider or Hydraulic systems which operates  the ejector , ram ,knife , collector  controlled   by hydraulic directional  valves .
Most used Divider with medium to small bakery are  Crank type mechanical dividers . Its a  device which uses common crank to cut , push and drop  dough piece into equal pieces on the conveyor.
Volume adjustment can be done to correct the weight of these dough piece . Screw along with L –link which change the volume of cylinders to fine tune weights of the dough piece .
Dividers  are rated  by
Capacity  = Strokes /Min  Or   Dough Pieces Per Minutes
We can get bread dough  dividers   which can cut and drop  2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9  dough pieces  and are called tandem dividers .
It has been observed that  initially  the dough is less extensible  but as the time lapses it becomes softer  which affects the weight of dough pieces at bread dough dividers . Hence operator to continuously  adjust  and monitor the  volume of the  cylinder.

Features to  check  for Hydraulic  Bread Dividers
  • HMI  to be integrated with hydraulic system of bread divider
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Cleaning arrangements for ram , ejector , knife and collector box
  • Knife made up of Stainless Steel
  • Remote weight control arrangement
  • Water wash down to clean entire bread divider
  • Cross and inclined conveyor
  • Flour duster

Major bakery equipment manufacturers are
  • Baker Perkins
  • Werner and Pfliederer
  • The Peerless group 
Other equipments
De panner
Dough Tilter

Life Imprisonment For Food Adulteration Under Food Safety And Standards Act

India,New Delhi, Apr 20 (PTI) The new anti-adulteration law makes food adulteration an offence punishable with life imprisonment and manufacturers can be fined up to Rs 10 lakh, Health and Family Welfare Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad said.

Replying to supplementaries during Question Hour in Rajya Sabha, he said the Food Safety and Standards Act passed by the Parliament in 2006 will come into force in next 3-4 months.

The Act integrates multiplicity of provisions under various food related laws. It will among other things regulate food safety standards and uniform licensing in the country.

Of the 101 sections in the Act, so far 43 have been notified and the rest will be notified shortly, he said.

The delay, he said, was mainly because several subjects were not under the Health Ministry and had to be brought under a common ambit.

Source : PTI

Warburtons - Most Popular Brand Of Bread In UK

warburtons , warburtaons bread , uk bread brands , uk bread manufacturers

Warburtons are undoubted the most popular brand in bread category  for Britain .  With a long history  of quality products with ever expanding bakeries across the Britain .
Established in year  1876  by Thomas and  Ellen  in  city of  Bolton . Employs  around  3500 people and have 14 bakeries across Britain from which its produces One Million bakery product per day .Turnover around 600 Mn GBP.Innovative bread varieties  has been  the hallmark of Warburtons  they produce bread under several categories such as  like whole grain , dietary , seeded and healthy

warburtons , warburtaons bread , uk bread brands , uk bread manufacturers
Products - Breads , Muffins ,  Tea cakes , Pan cakes , Rolls
Brands – Toastie ,All In One ,  Danish , Crustry , Farm House ,  Tasty Grains , Whole meal  and more
Competitors- Allied Bakeries  , RHM
Chairman – Jonathan  Warburton

Warburtons Ltd
Back o'th' Bank House, Hereford St.
Bolton, BL1 8HJ 
United Kingdom
0120 4 531004
0120 4 523361

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Oxy -Bio Degradable Packaging For Bakery Products - An Alternative Packaging

Bakery Manufacturers have started using Oxy -Bio Degradable  plastic packaging for breads , frozen bakery products  and in shrink wrapping /Pallet wrapping .

World major bakery product manufacturers have switched to oxy -biodegradable  packaging . Mexico s  Bimbo group  and South Africa s Tiger brands  has already implemented for their products.

In  recent judgement by South African  Ad monitoring agency  have cleared  Tiger brand "Albany" bread bags  from using bio degradable word with Oxy -Biodegradable plastic packaging .

Plastic s have  created  environmental issues  in the world because of its non biodegradability . Governments have tried to dissuade people for using plastic bags and encouraged them to use alternatives such as paper bags or products packed in Oxy -Bio degradable packaging

Few Facts on Oxy - Bio Degradable Plastic Packaging

Standards available for plastic bio degradation

American Standard ASTM D6954-04
British Standard 8472 for Compostability
European Rule s EN 13432

  • Oxy degradation  in plastic happens from the time its manufactured . This process is initiated by a pro degradant additive which is added to speed up degradation process when plastic material is exposed to heat , light and stress.It reduces the polymers to level where micro organism like bacteria and fungi act upon it hence its  bio degradable .  This additive is by product of  oil refining .

• They will degrade in any outdoor or indoor environment, even in the absence of water. This is a very important factor in relation to litter, because a large amount of plastic waste cannot be collected. Most of the hydro-biodegradable plastics need to be in a highly microbial environment such as a compost heap before they will degrade.

• Oxo-biodegradable plastic can be programmed at manufacture to degrade within a timescale to suit the user's requirements. The rate of degradation of hydro-biodegradable plastics cannot be controlled.

• Oxo-biodegradable plastics are stronger and more versatile.

• They are much cheaper

• They are thinner, and use less space to store and transport, and less material to produce

• They can be transparent, so that the food or other contents within can be clearly seen.

• They can be recycled and can be made from recyclate. Hydro-biodegradable plastic cannot be made from recyclate, and cannot be recycled unless extracted from the plastic waste stream and treated separately.

• They can both be composted, but because the carbon is released more slowly from oxo-biodegradable plastic, the carbon becomes a food resource for growing plants.

• Bags made from them do not leak

• Less energy is required to produce and transport them.

• No genetically-modified ingredients

• They do not emit methane

• No residual plastic particles

• No organo-chlorine

• Safe for direct food contact

• Ideal for frozen food because they can be kept for long periods in sub-zero temperatures and will not start to degrade rapidly until the frozen food has been used and the wrapper has become waste.

• They can be used in high-speed machinery (such as for bread packaging) but the performance of hydro- biodegradable plastics in these machines is not acceptable.

• They can be incinerated with much higher energy-recovery than hydro-biodegradable plastic

• They can be made with the same workforce and machinery as conventional plastic products, but hydro-biodegradable products are made by a quite different process.

Source: http://www.plastemart.com/

We would like Indian Big 3 ( Britannia , Parle  and  ITC ) bakery manufacturers to take such intiatives  to reduce plastic waste by bakery product packaging

Oxo–biodegradable plastic made mainly from polyolefin polymeric material is now very widely accepted all over the World. It is manufactured by Symphony Polymers of UK.

It is available in India by its agent called Priti Plastics Pvt Ltd., Phone: +91-22-28614929 / 28637432, Email: contact@pritigroup.com

Albany South Africa 's Most Popular Bread


Albany breads  are most popular bread in South Africa owned by Tiger Group .Albany has by far the biggest share of the country’s national bread market, with 12 major bread plants producing the Albany Superior, Olde Cape, D’light and Everyday ranges.Albany breads now claims to have oxy- bio packaging which is bio degradable .

Albany bread varieites

  • Albany Superior White Bread
  • Albany Superior Brown Bread
  • Albany Superior Brown Seed Bread (Low GI) Albany Superior Best of Both Bread
  • Albany Superior Wholewheat Bread Albany Superior Hi Top White Bread
  • Albany Superior White Low GI Bread for
  • Sustained Energy Albany Superior 100% Smooth Wholegrain

The Olde Cape range is fresh and tasty, packed with the wholesome goodness that nature provides.

  • Albany Olde Cape Brown Seed Bread
  • Low GI Brown Seed Bread
  • Albany Olde Cape Wholegrain Brown Bread
  • Albany Olde Cape Muesli and Fruit Loaf

Major competitor are  Sasko   and Blue Ribbon


During the 1970’s and 80’s, Tiger Oats and National Milling Co took over a number of independent bakeries to create “Albany Bakeries”. In 1983 Albany Germiston was completed, this was the biggest bakery in the country at that time and represented 20% of the baking industry in South Africa.

The Albany Brand has been around for approx 30 years. For many of these years the industry it competed in was regulated, which meant that: Each Bakery had their own allocated quota of products which they had to produce; punitive measures were in place if they under or over supplied; prices were fixed by the government; there was no differentiation, poor quality and no innovation in the market.

In 1991, the industry was de-regulated and the market became fiercely competitive with price being the main weapon used between competitors. This eroded the profitability within the industry and created a commodity market.

In 2000, Albany underwent some drastic changes in order to ensure the continuation of the brand. The key area of change was to reduce the number of bakeries around the country and install state of the art production equipment in order to launch the Albany Superior range.

This range offered superior quality which encompassed freshness, longer shelf life and whiter “white” bread. This innovation turned the market on its head and ensured the continued growth of the brand as well as the market.

In 2003/2004 the company once again brought innovation to the market by launching the Best of Both bread. The company understood that children loved white bread and wouldn’t eat brown or wholewheat bread, which parents wanted them to eat for the added health benefits (essentially the fibre levels).

Source : www.tigerbrands.co.za

Major Brands Of Bread In SA

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Australian Bread Story

As its every where bread has become staple food for most of the house hold Australians have started experimenting new varieties of bread  such as  fiber or whole grain breads.


BREAD, despite the inroads into our diet of growing wealth, multiculturalism, fads and the profusion of snack foods, remains the staff of life.

Australians have reduced average consumption but the bread industry has fought back, producing a profusion of varieties: wholemeal, whole grain, seeded, sweetened, sourdough and rye, artisan loaves, focaccia, ciabatta and flat breads. Bread is a $2.5 billion-a-year industry in Australia.

In 1948-49, Australians ate on average 64kg of bread a year. By 2000, that had fallen to 53.4kg. But bread remains such a staple of the national diet that when the food regulator, Food Standards Australia New Zealand, decided to fortify the population's diet with folic acid and iodine in 2009, it chose bread as the vehicle.

Australian  Bread Industry
Two bread companies dominate the market: Goodman Fielder, which owns 15 labels, including Helga's and Wonder White, a fibre-added white bread claimed to be the No. 1 bread brand in Australia, and George Weston, which owns 10 brands, including Tip Top and Burgen.

Woolworths is the single largest seller of bread, accounting for more than 30 per cent of sales. It both retails packaged branded breads and bakes its own in-store. Andrew Ortland, business manager of the supermarket's proprietary cakes and breads, agrees customer focus has shifted away from the traditional white into grain loaves.

Source &

TOP 20 Brands Of Biscuits In U.K

Listed below are the Top 20 biscuits by  sales volume  in United Kingdom
  1. McVitie's Digestive( United Biscuits   )  
  2. Kit Kat (NestlĂ©)   
  3. Go Ahead! (United Biscuits ) 
  4. McVitie's Jaffa Cakes (United Biscuits)   
  5. Kellogg's Nutri-Grain (Kellogg's  ) 
  6. Quaker Snack-a-Jacks (PepsiCo  ) 
  7. Jacob's Crackers (United Biscuits )  
  8. Kellogg's Special K Bars (Kellogg's  ) 
  9. Maryland  (Burton's Foods  ) 
  10. McVitie's HobNobs (United Biscuits)  
  11. Penguin (United Biscuits)  
  12. Kellogg's Rice Krispies Squares (Kellogg's  ) 
  13. Fox's Creams (Northern Foods  ) 
  14. Cadbury Fingers( Burton's Foods ) 
  15. Ryvita crispbread (ABF ) 
  16. Cadbury biscuits( Burton's Foods ) 
  17. Rocky (Northern Foods ) 
  18. Twix (Mars ) 
  19. Crawfords (United Biscuits ) 
  20. Blue Riband  (NestlĂ©) 

Source :
The Manufacturing Confectioner, February 2010, p. 18
Statistics obatined from Inforamtion Resources Inc.

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Biscuit Grinders –How to reduce waste in biscuit production

Biscuit  manufacturing generates waste in form of 
  • Loose biscuits
  • Over weight biscuits
  • Under weight biscuits
  • Unpacked biscuits
  • Oven dropping
  • Rejection due to color
  • Rejection due to ingredients
  • Trial  waste
  • Packing machine rejections
  • Packing defective
These if not recycled can result in huge loss of money labour  fuel and packaging  for the company  . The best way to recover some value is to recycle these biscuits . These biscuits should be collected in hygienic ways in s.s  containers  without being contaminated  and with help of biscuit grinder turned into biscuit powder which can easily  be  used in fresh batch of mixing . Normally 1-2% of batch weight can be biscuit dust without affecting the dough properties . Ensure that  biscuit powder is labeled as per the variety  and is added in the similar variety .Excess addition can affect the quality of the biscuit .

Various type of Biscuit grinders are available in market
  • Rotary type   biscuit grinders
  • biscuit grinder
  • Hammer type  grinders

Principle  of biscuit grinder is that these defective biscuits are put into either pin type or hammer type grinders which on higher rpm reduces these biscuits into fine dust . We can always adjust these elements to increase or decrease  the powder size . Keep these  biscuit powder either in s.s enclosed containers or  food grade  plastic bags . Ensure that Rejected biscuits are screened with metal detectors installed on the feeding conveyor .

Popular Grinders are  from   equipment  International equipment manufacturer

  • Stephan Machinery
  • Bauermiester
Indian Biscuit Grinders can be sourced from

  • Kaps Engineer
  • Mangal Machinery

Unilever To Buy All Its Palm Oil From Certified Sustainable Vendors

Bakery Industry  are bulk  consumer of Palm oil  and 80% of the palm oil are sourced from  Asean countries . Manufacturers and Palm tree grower have created an environmental crisis in these countries through mindless encroachment of forest land through massive deforestation .  It would have better if all major food companies get their palm requirement through certified vendors which would ensure that they are producing palm oil through  sustainable methods .

A Report

Unilever today announced that it has secured enough GreenPalm certificates of sustainable palm oil to cover the requirements of its European business; as well as those of its business in Australia and New Zealand.

This is part of Unilever’s overall commitment to buy all its palm oil from certified sustainable sources by 2015.

GreenPalm is a certificate trading programme, endorsed by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), which is designed to tackle the environmental and social problems created by the production of palm oil. By selling certificates through the GreenPalm programme, palm oil producers can earn more for their crop through sustainable farming.

Gavin Neath, Unilever’s SVP Global Communications and Sustainability, said: “This is an important achievement and a significant step in our journey towards sustainable palm oil sourcing. Until suitable segregated supply chains become available, GreenPalm certificates are the best option to encourage growers to comply with the requirements of the RSPO and certify their plantations as sustainable. Our consumers can now confidently choose Unilever brands in the knowledge that we are actively supporting the development of a sustainable palm oil industry.”

Although there are now significant quantities of certified sustainable palm oil available on the market, there isn’t yet sufficient volume coming through segregated supply chains where buyers can have confidence that the refined oil which they are buying comes from a plantation, mill and refinery which have been certified sustainable.

Last year Unilever purchased 180,000 GreenPalm certificates at a premium to the market price for ordinary palm oil. This accounted for over 80% of all the certificates traded globally in 2009. We will double this volume in 2010.

"We hope that our actions will transform the palm oil industry and help put a stop to deforestation in South East Asia," concluded Neath.

Source :  http://www.foodbizdaily.com/

Kraft Food Inc Outsource Its Procurement Services To Capgemini

The rumours are true - Capgemini has announced its first major deal following the acquisition of on-demand purchasing solutions provider IBX.

The new agreement will see the French consultancy supporting Kraft Foods’ procurement operations in North America. The arrangement is a multi-year contract that makes use of Capgemini’s new, integrated platform to manage the food giant’s North American procurement services from front-end sourcing to category management.

“These services will streamline Kraft’s procurement operations and support their goal of sustainable performance,” said Hubert Giraud, head of Capgemini business process outsourcing.

Source :  blog.procurementleaders.com

Bakery workers are more prone to asthma - A Report

Bakery workers were nearly eight times more likely to have an asthma exacerbations than those working in other industries, reports a new analysis of 2003 European research data.

The occupational contribution to severe exacerbation of asthma was the focus of a review of data from the European Community Respiratory Health Survey (ECRHS), which is published in the European Respiratory Journal.

Occupationally aggravated asthma is an exacerbation or worsening of asthma in workers with previously existing asthma as a result of single or repeated workplace exposures to pulmonary irritants such as dusts and fumes, and the researchers point out that it contributes to loss of productivity due to sickness.

The research team said they analysed data related to a subset of 966 working adults in the ECRHS who had asthma, were from several European countries and were aged 20 to 44.

Seventy-four study participants reported having one or more severe exacerbation events, and this was defined as self-reported unplanned care for asthma in the past 12 months.

The authors noted that ex-smokers were less likely to have such an event than current smokers.

Substances hazardous to health in baking include flour dust, improver dusts including enzymes containing additives such as amylase, as well as cleaning and disinfectant products.

Last year, the UK Federation of Bakers, updated its guidance and associated training package on Dust Control and Health Surveillance in Bakeries in collaboration with the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to reflect changes to the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations.

According to the regulations, bakers must reduce exposure to flour dust as far below the WEL of 10 mg/m3, to lower the risk of occupationally aggravated asthma. Avoidance of dust clouds which arise from throwing flour, disposing of empty flour bags and brushing, is also advised.

Bag emptying, sieving, dough making are processes that also create a lot of dust.

Other recommendations to bakers in terms of mitigating dust exposure is to start up mixers on slow speed until wet and dry ingredients are combined and to use dredgers or sprinklers for dusting.

Published by : http://www.bakeryandsnacks.com/
Source: European Respiratory Journal

Title: The occupational contribution to severe exacerbation of asthma
Authors: P.K. Henneberger et al

Health And Wellness Products By Biscuit Manufacturers

The Big 3 of Indian biscuit industry have joined the health and wellness market with launch of various products . Health and Wellness market is estimated to be in tune of Rs 10,000 crores (tsmg) and is set to grow by 30-35% ( carg)till 2015 .Apart from food MNC like Pepsi, Nestle, Danone and Unilever Bakery manufacturers have started taking this market seriously and are innovating their product to meet this demand.Indian market is still have few products as compared to developed nations HW products .


Britannia with its zero trans fat campaign and digestive biscuits have taken lead over other brands in HW market plus it has foritified tiger biscuits with vitamins and iron . Recently it has launched Health Kit called Nutrichoice Health Starter Kit

Not be left behind Parle has Digestive Marie lined up and is thinking to relaunch Parle lite BonBon


ITC  has placed its   Sunfeast Marie Light   oats variety in this category  earlier version  of orange  and original has done well in this category

United Biscuit

New entrant in Indian biscuit has come up with its popular brand of Mcvities Digestive  in whole grain fibre category

Vertical Pouch Filling Packing Machines Used In Biscuit and Cookies Packing

Biscuits  Pouch packs  are available in the market  .This video shows you the basic principles of vertical pouch filing packaging machine with multiple weighing hoppers at the top .

Popular vertical packing machines used are

Wright machinery

Ishida Packing machines

Africa A New Destination For All Major Biscuit Manufacturers

Africa has become a hot market  for all  biscuit manufacturers  be it manufacturers in Europe , USA ,UK ,ME ,Asia . Every one is interested in pushing their products in African countries . Imported biscuits are cheaper  than   the local biscuit in most of these African nation . Most of these companies have manufacturing base either in african countries  itself  or in Middle east and North African   ( MENA )  countries .

Trades are done on contract manufacturing or  private labels for business houses .Distributors  for major  brands are also present in these  countries .

what makes these countries attractive are for the following reasons

  • Low to zero competition
  • Costlier local products
  • Higher  Competition  in the manufacturers country
  • Economic revival for some economies in Africa
  • Longer shelf life  for biscuits as per the foods laws in African countries
  • Biscuits have become staple food in many drought affected countries
  • Transaction in advance payment and in dollars
  • Large population needs fortified biscuits as govt sponsored schemes

Some of the major  market in Africa are

  • Morroco
  • Egypt
  • South Africa
  • Ghana
  • Nigeria
  • Ivory Coast
  • Tunisia
  • Kenya
  • Libya
  • Algeria

Biscuit Consumption Per Capita Of The World

India’ s Top biscuit brands

Listed  are India’s Top Biscuit Brands . These are listed as per popularity with consumer ,malls,supermarkets and media .

 indian biscuit brands , indian biscuits , biscuits from india

indian biscuit brands

indian biscuit brands

indian biscuit brands


 Indian Biscuit  Industry  Review

Weishaupt Burners For Bakery Ovens

weishaupt burners , burners , oven burners , biscuit oven burners , tunnel oven burner

Burners used in ovens plays crucial role in energy efficiency and baking . New bruners have been introduced by bakery oven manufacutrers .One of the most burner used in bread , biscuit and   cake  plants are weishaupt high pressure burners .

Advantage of  these burners over conventional burners are

  • Easy to install and dismantle
  • Energy savings  as these have  compact blower installed in burner body hence no requirement of secondary air  blowers .
  • Safe operations
  • Less polluting
  • Smart Operations
  • Less maintenance
  • Dual fuel mode

Product Features

Reliable, efficient and universal in application: Weishaupt´s new monarch® burner series embody the Weishaupt virtues of exemplary low emissions and robust equipment for lastingly reliable operation that Weishaupt customers have come to expect. Thanks to the digital combustion management – incorporated as standard – installation, adjustment, operation and servicing of the new Weishaupt monarch® burners are easier and more precise than ever.- WM series

•Outstanding price-performance ratio: Digital technology, a modular system and the most up-to-date combustion technologies make the Weishaupt monarch® a sound economic investment all round.

•Great versatility: Burners from the Weishaupt monarch range fire hot water boilers, steam boilers and modern high-capacity boilers between 183,000 BTU/hr and 19,350,000 BTU/hr

•User-friendly concept: All components, such as the fuel and air control system, are clearly arranged and easily accessible.

•Spatially variable: Burners can be hinged open to the left or right.

•Easy installation: All components are connected with plugs and sockets.

•Particularly quiet operation: An innovative fan unit and aerodynamically arranged air components minimise the amount of noise produced.

•Fuel: Weishaupt oil and dual fuel burners are suitable for use with #2 light oil and low sulphur oil, as well as #2 light oil containing up to 10% bio components, fuel B5 and B10.
Source : http://www.weishaupt-corp.com/

Givaudan SA World Major Flavour Manufacturing Company - A profile

Givaudan  is a common name in Bakery Industry  all across globe . I think there would not be any bakery related company which does not  use Givaudan products .Givaudan  products  such as  are used in all major bakery plants .Givaudan produces flavor and fragrance compounds for a variety of products; its Cincinnati-based flavor division supplies the "taste" in food products ranging from soft drinks to soups, and its fragrance division headquartered in Switzerland provides the aroma in perfumes and personal care and household products.Givaudan holds a 19% market share in an industry which is overall valued at around CHF 17 billion, and it is one of Switzerland’s 30 biggest listed companies in terms of market capitalization.

The company has a leading presence in all major markets and operates through a network of more than 40 subsidiaries in the markets of Europe, Africa and the Middle East, North America, Latin America as well as Asia Pacific.Givaudan has acquired  Taste Maker ,FIS ( Nestle) and Quest International .Established in year 1895 in Zurrich ( Switzerland) byLeon and Xavier Givaudan. Now owned by Roche group  and has been merged with another company called Roure

Bakery products require artificial flavours  such as Vanilla , Strawberry , Butter , Mango , Orange ,Banana ,Hazzlenut ,Mint, Cheese , Chocolate  .These flavours are sourced  from Givaudan.

Products  - Flavours , Fragrance , Pharmacueticals

Competitors -  Danisco , International Flavors and Fragrances company , Symrise

5, Chemin de la Parfumerie
1214 Vernier
Tel: +41 22 780 9111

Fax: +41 22 780 9150

website : http://www.givaudan.com/

United Biscuits Launches Cookies And Cream Biscuits In India

United Biscuits after launching Digestive biscuits in India  has  started  testing different varieties such as Cookies and Cream.

Biscuit  market  would now have  United Biscuits brands taking on established players in cream and cookies segment . Biscuit  market is estimated to be in tune of Rs 6000/- crore .  More than 50%   of this is of plain glucose which is dominated by Parle G and Tiger rest is shared between Cookies , Marie , Crackers ,Nice  and Cream biscuits .

mcvities , mcvities , mcvities in india, mcvities mcvities india , mcvities , mcvities , creams
United Biscuits have launched  Mcvities Cookies  in 68gm  pack  Priced Rs 10/- and would be competing with Britannia s Good Day and Sunfeast Special .

Where as other variety  from UB is Mcvities Cream  chocolate flavour in 75 gm priced Rs 12/-  and would be competing with Britannia s  Cream treat biscuits .

It would be interesting to note how the BIG 3 ( Britannia , Parle and ITC ) would take on United Biscuits competition .

For now its the consumer which is having advantage with pleothra of varieties in biscuit segment .

Britannia s Pure Magic In Tube Packaging

 pure magic , britannia pure magic
Britannia has started marketing its premium product  Pure magic in Tube Packs as similar  to what are  we used for Pringles snacks . It gives a  premium look  to Pure magic  cream chocolate biscuit s .

Britannia Experiments With Chocolate Bars Launches Treat Choco Decker

choco decker , choco decker  , choco decker  s , treat

Britannia Industries Limited has introduced Treat Choco Decker. The product has chocolate, biscuit and jam. The product is available in tow variants of Choco and Jello. The product is priced at Rs. 5 and Rs. 10.

Britannia is trying to test choco bar market and has come in competition with Nestle and Cadburys choco bar s

The company has launched Britannia in 2002 which has proved to be an all time favourite of kids. The range of Treat biscuits included Treat Jim Jam , Treat Choco Treat or Treat in flavors such as Elaichi or the fruit flavored creams such as Orange, Pineapple, Mango, and Strawberry.

According to Ms Shalini Degan, Category Director, Delight & Lifestyle, Britannia Industries said that the brand is designed to cater to the children’s craving for chocolate.

The biscuit major according to the AC Neilsen report, Britannia has market share of around 35 percent in 2008-09. The key brands of the company are Tiger, Good Day, Marie Gold, 50-50, Milk Bikis, Treat and NutriChoice. It has led the market with several differentiated brands like NutriChoice Digestive, GoodDay Classic Cookies, Tiger Banana and NutriChoice 5Grain.

According to market sources, the biscuit market in w:st="on"India is estimated between Rs. 3,000 crore and Rs. 4,000 crore. Leading players are ITC with Sunfeast, Parle and Surya Food & Agro Limited (SFAL), makers of “PriyaGold. India is the third largest biscuit maker in the world after US and China.

Source : http://www.fnbnews.com/

Raw Material And Storage Systems In Bakery Plants

Large Bakery Plants have  Optimised their operations  by installing  centralised storage system for their raw material handling for eg  Flour , Sugar , Fat , Butter  and other Liquids .

Most of the conveying is done through pneumatic  or  screw conveyors .

bulk handling system , flour handling , bulk handling of raw material , bulk flour handling

Packaging Cost Lowers Profits Of FMCG

Recent hike in petrol ,diesel prices and  price rise in  major raw materials coupled with increase in packaging materials  have now forced all major  Indian FMCG companies to revise their prices . Every companies have been holding up  price s  with internal cost reduction programs but now it has become difficult to sustain manufacturing at present prices  .Packaging cost is around 8-10% of the total cost of product . Recent hike in CBB or Carton  price  is  due to  increase of Kraft paper  prices by 25- 30%.

Recent Article On ET

MUMBAI: A sharp surge in packaging costs is tormenting consumer product marketers, squeezing their margins and forcing them to consider increasing

prices of processed food and some other products in a cut-throat market, company sources say.

Prices of packaging materials such as aluminium foil, kraft paper, adhesives for corrugated boxes and packaging plastics have increased up to 25% in the last three months, forcing companies such as Marico and Dabur to talk price hike in a marketplace where increasing prices and cutting advertising spends could prove fatal.

"We believe that any expansion of current margins is not sustainable for long-term volume growth," said Saugata Gupta, CEO consumer products business of Marico. "There will be some moderate inflation in prices," he added.

FMCG companies, working with extremely low margins after absorbing most of last year’s rise in raw material prices and higher logistics costs due to fuel price hike, are also exploring innovation in packaging and hedging materials to retain profitability.

Some analysts expect companies to cut internal and advertising costs for some time before hiking prices in the second quarter of the next fiscal.

"In the current scenario FMCG companies will exercise options like trimming internal costs, hedging in the packaging materials or cut down adverting & promotional expenses for a quarter if they are not launching any new products," says Shirish Pardeshi, senior analyst at Anand Rathi Securities.

He added that companies may increase prices after first quarter of 2010-11.

A Dabur India official said while the company has absorbed higher packaging costs so far, it may increase prices in some categories if costs rise further.

"We are finding it a bit difficult to procure our requirement in the corrugated box and paper segment. However, we have enough hedging contracts in place for packaging materials such as plastics and kraft paper," said Jude Magima, executive director-supply management at Dabur India.


Bulk Handling Of Flour in Bakery Plant

Bulk Handling of flour is now days must for any  large bakery plants which manufacturers high volumes of  baked products.

Bulk Handling  of  flour helps manufacturers in many ways

  • Loading and Unloading labour eliminated
  • No Injury
  • No unnecessary movement of  people transferring flour from stores to production hall
  • More Hygenic  as flour are stored in large silo
  • Low transportation cost
  • Can  increase  production rate .
  • Low chances of contamination/foreign body  complaint
  • Low Wastage

 bulk flour handling , bulk handling of flour

Picture courtesy http://www.dunbarsystems.com/

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