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United Biscuit to use sustainable palm oil

UB ( United biscuit) has joined group of companies committed to promote sustainable palm oil on guidelines of RSPO . United biscuit has entered into a two year supply agreement with New Britain Palm Oil Limited.( NBPOL). There has been lots of criticism of food company ignoring RSPO ( Roundtable on sustainable Palm Oil).

The UK refinery will have a dedicated supply source from NBPOL's certified sustainable plantations, which it said means the palm oil will be fully segregated and traceable from seed to finished product. UB has plan to get 100% sustainable palm oil for all its product by end of year 2011.

Britannia seeks courts stay on eviction notice

Britannia Industries Ltd ,Kolkatta has approached local court, Alipore Judges Court for stay on eviction notice issued by KPT ( Kolkatta Port Trust ). Earlier KPT has won an legal battle on rent dispute these two parties in continuation of that KPT has asked Britannia to pay the over due rent or evict the premises which it has leased to Britannia .

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Saw Dust replaces Wood in some small bakeries in Ghana

Bakers in Ashanti region of Ghana are using briquette of saw dust instead of saw dust as source of fuel for baking . This technique has been developed by EPL ( Energy Pool Ltd ) with collabration Forest Research Institute of Ghana (FORIG) and found to be of high quality for use in the bakery industry and households.
Another advantage of this fuel is that its smokeless hence has less effect on bakery worker health .

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Britannia post 11% increase in net profit- Q2 results

Britannia s net profit after tax has increased by 10.8 % to Rs 59.1 crore in Q2 in comparison to same results in Q2.last year . Even with spiralling prices for raw material company with its prudent revenue management skill managed to post increase in profit . Britannia launched smaller packs of Rs 5.00 along with new variants in nutrichoice and marie . It also relaunched its dairy business with launch of UTH milk and flavoured milk .Britannia is a major player in bakery and dairy product market in India .

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Cartons selection for your products –bakery industry

Cartons are used as secondary packaging in bakeries .These are termed as corrugated paperboard boxes ( CBBS) in bakery lingo . These cartons are used for transporting biscuits , cakes and cookies to consumers through distribution channels . Cartons are the most economical  mode of packaging done for transportation and handling .These are easy to palletize and suitable to be packed in containers . Cartons with  1kg,2kg,3kg and 5kg  are popular in bakery industry as these are easy to handle and lift manually .
Following   are important features to check    before finalizing carton for your product
Box type
Regular slotted cartons
This is the most common carton design, and efficient for many applications. All flaps have the same length and the two outer flaps (normally the lengthwise flaps) are one-half the container's width, so that they meet at the center of the box when folded. There is very little manufacturing waste, usually making this type of box the most economical.
Half slotted cartons

Same as Regular Slotted Carton without one set of flaps. Normally used as a cover, an open storage container, a deep tray, or as a bottom part of a 2-piece box where a telescope top would serve as a box cover
Full telescope
The 2-piece box made from two scored and slotted trays.
Book fold
cartons  , type of cartons , CBBS , CBB , carton boxes , cardboard boxesOne piece of board cut so that it provides a flat bottom, with flaps forming the sides and the ends, and extensions of side flaps meeting to form the top. Most common uses include books, paper reams, audio and video, artwork, mirrors, and many more.
Five panel folder
cartons  , type of cartons , CBBS , CBB , carton boxes , cardboard boxesA single cut and scored piece features a fifth panel used as a closing flap, completely covering a side panel. The closed box has several layers of combined board on each end, providing stacking strength and protection for long articles of small diameter which might me damaged, or damage the box if pushed through the ends.
Inner Pack
Pads are plain shapes of corrugated fiberboard. They can be used to fill the space between the inner flaps of an RSC, to completely cover the bottom or top of a box, pr to separate layers of product (horizontally or vertically).
Dimension of corrugated box are given   L X W X H  . These are arrived upon by doing mock exercise with the products .Products can be arranged horizontally or vertically as per the  maximum number  of packets that can be arranged .So check your product dimensions and its arrangement in CBBS .
cartons  , type of cartons , CBBS , CBB , carton boxes , cardboard boxesKraft Liner - linerboard manufactured from pulp produced by the Kraft cooking process. This is the most economical type of color because no further processing is applied.
White Top (Klay) Liner - a two-ply sheet composed of one bleached and one unbleached layer. Terrace Paper Company uses a high quality grade of klay, thus very little kraft surface of the unbleached kraft layer shows through. White-top corrugated board can be ordered one-sided (only one linerboard is White Top, the other is Kraft) or two-sided (both linerboards are White Top).
cartons  , type of cartons , CBBS , CBB , carton boxes , cardboard boxesBleach Liner - liner that is composed entirely of bleached virgin fibers, making it white throughout. This corrugated board can also be ordered one-sided or two-sided (with either one linerboard or both linerboards bleached).

Burst Test is a traditional form of measuring box strength (also known as Mullen Test). Burst Test is the force required to rupture board hydraulic pressure. This force is measured in pounds per square inch. Thus, a box’s burst strength of 200 test indicates that this box can withstand 200 lbs of hydraulic pressure per square inch. Burst strength relates to individual box’s ability to withstand internal or external forces and to contain contents during rough handling. Out of the two types of test board, Burst Test board is considered a stronger and better quality kind.
The Edge Crush Test (ECT) is another form of measuring box strength and it measures top-to-bottom compression strength of the finished box. Thus, it is usually measured by stacking weight on top of a carton until it crushes. This force is also measured in pounds per square inch. Thus, a box with a 44 ECT indicates that its board can withstand a force if 44 pounds per square inch before crushing. The higher the ECT number is, the stronger is the compression that box can withstand.
Compression strength may be important depending on the types of materials and filling capacity of the box. When a box is packed with heavy material and NOT filled all the way to the top, it is more likely to crush when other boxes are stacked.

Single Face - one medium is glued to one flat sheet of linerboard.
Single Wall - the medium is between two sheets of linerboard. Also known as Double Face.
Double Wall - three sheets of linerboard with two mediums in between.
C-flute: the largest in size and most commonly used material. Offers superior stacking strength and is commonly used for shipping cartons.
B-flute: thinner than C-flute, provides good puncture resistance, commonly used for die-cut boxes and shipping cartons.
E-flute: lightweight, great printing surface, commonly used for die-cut boxes and retail packaging.
F-flute: very lightweight, easily folded, excellent printing surface. commonly used for retail packaging and small die-cut boxes.

Label winding design options for laminate/wrapper rolls

Bakery packaging with help of laminates ,wrappers , bopp films ,hdpe or ldpe requires certain labels to be printed on it . Packaging manufacturer would provide you with this design chart out of which you have to select your requirement as per pack design and machine requirement .
Here are few options .

label winding , label winding in packing , label  winding  in flexible packing
Check for Rolls opening up direction
Check for label text orientation
Check for the eye mark location

ref : Label –arle

Britannia Vs Parle – Battle for the market continues

Britannia and parle the two food majors of India in the field of biscuits and bakery products . fighting it out in market for the share of consumers pocket and market dominance .In yester years it was market segments which both have dominated and not much was seen to disturb that arrangement.Parle with its Parle G , Kraxkjack and manaco where as Britannia has Good day , Marie gold , Creams
Britannia dominated the premium segment of biscuits where as parle dominated the mass ,low premium biscuits ,things were pretty predictable but for the
entry of new players have changed that status .Now that ITC and Priya gold are trying to break into their market and have established them selves as important players in biscuit market . These two major biscuit producers has are now forced to innovate products by the consumers to create brands which could be differentiated .
Both are trusted brand are ranked in top brands for biscuit ,both have a long history of brands . The Major difference though is that where Britannia is revenues from bakery products is around 90 % ,share of biscuit sales is around –80% for parle
Recently two categories has seen major ad war are bourbon and salty snacks . Parle has come up with new bourbon under its hide and seek umbrella brand .Pitching against Britannia s popular bourbon which has 70% market share of the bourbon biscuits . Parle upped its TV ads by roping in Hritik roshan . Similarly Parle has re jigged its Krack Jack biscuits to Britannia's 50- 50 eating up its market share . Krack Jacks with new packaging and TV ads of Krack and Jack promoting the brands . It would be interesting to see what impacts these would have on the sales of these two biscuits .
Nature of businessPublic ltdFamily run business
No of manufacturing units5 own ,40CMU8 own units ,60 CMU
Market share ( value)32.80%32.94%
Ads Major methods Cricket events and players Celebrities endorse ment
New areas of promotionEnvironment Health and wellness
GlucoseTigerParle -GParle-G
MarieMarie GoldParle Marie Marie Gold
Salty snacks50-50Krack JackKrack Jack
Choco chipsGood dayHide n seekGood day
MilkMilk bikisMilk sakhtiMilk bikis
BourbonBourbonHide n SeekBourbon
Nice Nice------Britannia Nice
Multi grainNutri choice-----Nutri choice
Cream Cream TreatKreamsCream treats
CookieGood day20-20Good day
So the battle for market share continues and advantage is for consumers who will get better product from both these biscuit majors .

Glucose biscuits market share on slide- Indian story

Glucose biscuits are the mainstay of Indian biscuit industry . Glucose market share was growing at a very low rate but suddenly for the last three years there has been drop in glucose biscuit sale . All three major biscuit manufacturers( ITC ,Parle , Britannia ) has started re jigging their product mix ( SKU s ) in favour of premium biscuit against glucose biscuit .The Glucose share is almost 50% of the total biscuit market share .Rest are other varieties like cream , crackers , snacks ,digestive, marie ,nice ,wafers etc

"Parle-G, which contributed to more than 70% of Parle’s revenues a couple of years ago, now accounts for 60-65%. According to a report released last month by Motilal Oswal, contribution of the glucose segment to ITC Foods’ revenue has come down from 56% in 2007-08 to 48% in 2008-09. Britannia’s largest brand Tiger yields just over 20% of the company’s revenue."
Ref : ET .

The ever increasing Indian middle class are now experimenting different categories of cookies /biscuits at premium range .Tapping this market Britannia , ITC , Parle all have come up with their own product . such as Britannia s Nutrichoice , Parles Hide and seek bourbon biscuit . The Genius of Parle G is waning .

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FSSAI to issue Integrated license for all food products w.e.f Jan2010

FSSAI ( Food Safety and Standards Authority of India ) set up by government of India in 2006 to monitor entire food safety issues and a single authority to handle legal and statutory requirements for rules and guidelines for entire food supply chain . FSSAI has declared that they would issue a single integrated license to the manufacturers for their manufacturing processes .
Earlier food manufacturers were subjected to plethora of acts and laws e.g PFA Act , Weight and measurement Act ,Act for milk , Act for Edible Oils , Act for meat processing units etc .These laws would be merged into single entity and would be implemented in phased effective from January next year .

The licence for the larger industries would be issued from the government of India while the state governments will issue the licence for smaller industries. 'Since licences for smaller industries were issued by bodies like panchayats and municipalities, we are now working on getting all these integrated into one licence,' Mr Suvrathan said. Mr Suvrathan is the CEO of the FSSAI .

FSSAI is working on comprehensive Act which is being formulated with analysing present standrads in other countries and Codex Alimentarius.Each sectors has been studied and standards matched with best practises across the globe .

Labelling and Advertising laws are also under review .

source :IANS

Bakery business opportunities

So your are thinking for entering bakery business . Bakery business is one of the evolving businesses and give good returns on investment .As bakery industry has shown its resilience even in these tough times . Bakery Manufacturers are adding new products and experimenting with different recipes .Bakery products which have popular demands are artisan bread , breads ,biscuits , cookies ,cakes ,wafers , pizza and pastries .Go through the list of bakery business opportunities .
Bakery business requires knowledge of finance , marketing , production , maintenance ,Ingredients ,packaging , food safety and hygiene . After a little surveys for issues like market competition , buying habits , neighborhood ( small bakeries) would help in deciding the nature of bakery business .Following options are there for any business men to enter bakery business .
  • Home made bakery products.
  • Artisan bakery chain
  • Automated bakery plants
  • Small Bakeries
  • Third party manufacturing/private labels(outsourcing)
  • Export/ Import
  • Retail chain
  • Online shops
  • Pet animal food ( DOG BISCUIT )
  • Food Additive manufacturing
  • Packaging material manufacturing
  • Bakery equipment manufacturing
Start & Run a Home-Based Food Business
Ebook on bakery manufacturing  process

Major bakery manufacturers in South East Asian countries

With demands on rise for bakery products in this region ,opportunities are there for business men and entreperneur to set up or do business in these region . ASEAN countries have strated producing and exporting their baked products across the globe .

Here are few major bakery manufacturers of ASEAN countries


  • Kraft Foods S.A
  • P.T.Khong Guan Biscuit Factory
  • P.T.Mayora Indah
  • P.T. Nissin Biscuits Indonesia
  • P.T. Pacific Millenia Pangan Makmur

  • Crown Confectionery Co ltd
  • Lotte Confectionery Co ltd
  • Apollo Food Industries
  • Gandour Sdn .Bhd
  • HupSeng Perusahaan Makkanan Sdn Bhd
  • Kinji Baking and Packaging machinery Co
  • Oriental Food Industries Sdn .Bhd
  • Silver Bird Group Bhd
  • Apollo Food Holdings Bhd
  • Gardenia Bakeries Sdn Bhd
  • Croley Foods Manufacturing Co .
  • First Choice Food Co.
  • Monde Nissin Co.
  • Republic Biscuit Co.
  • Universal Robina Co.
  • Gardenia Bakeries
  • European Food Public Co. Ltd
  • URC - Thailand
  • Bien Hoa Confectionery Co.
  • Tan Tan Processing Trading Corporation
  • URC Vietnam .
  • Vinabico Kotobuki Co ltd .

Britannia -Kolkatta may shift its sales office from Taratala

Britannia Industries Ltd ,Kolkatta might shifts its sales team from existing location of Taratola . In view of recent notice issued by Kolkatta Port trust for eviction of the land which it has leased from KPT .

In recent development the Senior management has meetings with worker union of the company and discussed various options with them , details were not given . One of the options which has been hinted was shifting of its sales office .

Britannia would approach court to put stay order on eviction notice issued by KPT . There are about 200 management cadre officers and 300 workmen along with a large number of contract labourers at Taratala. A large number of the employees are engaged in sales. The manufacturing, planning, logistics and sales operations for the eastern region are done from Taratala.Any shifting of unit would put unnecessary burden on employees.

Source The Telegraph- read more

US Smart Choices Program Suspended

Declaring the withdrawal of Smart Choices program voluntarily by Mike Hughes, chair of the Smart Choices Program and vice-president for science and public policy at the Keystone Center. He told media that Smart Choice Program would not encourage new members and current members to use smart choice logo. This comes after US FDA declared that its inspecting and formulating new policy for front-of-the package labels used by food manufacturers to communicate nutritional qualities of the food .

Mr Hughes also confirmed suspension of the program in the view that FDA has taken a bigger initiative to develop labels for front -of-the -pack and On -the-shelf for the consumers . He told that they would give full support to the FDA new initiative.Members to this program were Kraft , Kelloggs ,ConAgra ,Unilever and General Mills with other major food manufacturers

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Popular Food Trends in food Industry

Here are list of popular trends in recent time s .Food manufacturers and processors are eagerly following developments ,consumer reactions and market response to such products .


  • Eco friendly foods
  • Prebiotic and Probiotic foods
  • Low fat or Low trans fat products
  • Low salt products
  • Alternative Sweeteners
  • Green packaging
  • Labelling and Ingredients
  • Natural products or Organic Food
  • Gluten free products
  • Whole Grain products
  • Food safety related labels and symbols
  • Higher Price of Food products

Greggs - UK 's Popular bakery retailer - A Profile

greggs bake shop , greggs bakery retail chain , greggs bakery chain , uk premier Gregg's a major bakery retailer declared its plan to open 600 bakery shops in near future.This would give jobs to around 6000 people .Encouraged by the sales figures and popular demand for its product Gregg's has plan for opening at least 50-60 more shops by 2010 and 70 shops per year from 2011 onwards .

A Profile
Established in year 1930 by John Gregg's at Tenyside . It went on to have seven central divisions and 504 shops by 1994 . It has acquired Bakers Oven and Birketts
Gregg's bakery shop are popular destination for customers who prefer fresh baked products . Gregg's now owns upto 1400 bakery shops through out UK . It operates on regional central bakery supplying bakery products to local retail shops all of then owned by Gregg's. Its 10 such divisions in UK.
Improved shop designs were introduced , with the new Gregg's format offering improved access to takeaway food and speedier service, and Bakers Oven featuring an enhanced seated catering concept. It become most sought out bakeries in the country.
Main products of Gregg's are Sandwiches ,Savouries , Bread , Cakes and Regional Specialities bakery products .

Britannia Industries Ltd , Kolkatta asked to vacate Taratala premises

Calcutta Port Trust ( CPT ) has slapped 15 days notice to Britannia Industries Ltd(BIL) ,Kolkatta to vacate the Taratala premises which has been given to Britannia on lease by CPT since 1947 .This notice is effective from Oct 15 .

Default on rent has been cited as the reason for this action .As per the notice Britannia has not paid its due since 1989 . Against outstanding of Rs 12.0 crore BIL has only paid Rs 3.4 crore this dues includes the penalty on non payment .

Britannia has taken two plot of 45000sqm and another 35000sqm on lease on renewable basis for period of 10 years from CPT . Dispute has arisen as CPT wanted to revise the rent from period of 1967 . The Britannia contested the raise went to High court where the court maintained the raise .

Britannia ,Kolkatta has 200 management staff and 300 workers on the pay roll.

Read complete story source The Telegraph

What are standards for use of egg in bakery products

Its interesting to note that we find different rules for different countries regarding use of non sterilised egg liquid . Egg liquids are used in number of bakery products such as breads , cookies ,cakes . Eggs can be cause of infection if their bacterial count is more than the standards .An Interesting debate has cropped up in South Korea on use of non sterilised egg liquid .Eggs yolk is rich source for Vitamins A,D,E , Folic acid ,biotin and choline. Egg liquid also acts as a leavening agent for bakery products and provides that special flavour which we are used to fore those speciality cakes.
Food technologist argument is that the food can be contaminated and can have bacterias like Salmonella .Where as Egg liquid manufacturers counters this by the fact that the cost of sterilising the egg liquid it too expensive and bakeries prefer to use non sterilised/pasteurised egg liquid as the process is such that these germs are eliminated during baking .

Eggs are used commercially in bakeries as Eggs in shell , Eggs in refrigerated liquid form , Egg dried powder.Few countries have stipulated that the all egg products to be pasteurised prior to use at 140degF for at least for 3.5 minutes .Other Important standards followed is the bacterial count for egg liquid which is limited to 10000 viable bacteria per gram and for egg white frozen it is 50000 viable bacteria per gram .In addition to bacteria limit for yeast ,molds and coliforms to be less than 10 per gram .
Countries like USA has banned non sterilised egg for food processing industry , where as Japan has sets standards by bacterial count .

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Mcvitie’s gets award at IGD 2009 Food Industry

Nestlé Wellness Award, for the company that has made a real impact in terms of presenting healthier eating and drinking choices for consumers, was won by United Biscuits (Holdings) Ltd.

United Biscuits has re-developed six of its biscuit lines including McVitie's Digestives, McVitie’s Rich Tea, and McVitie’s Hob Nobs to contain 50% less saturated fat - without changing the taste. This groundbreaking initiative demonstrates United Biscuits' commitment to responding to consumer desires to eat healthier.

Makgeolli Bread popular with Korean Airlines

Traditional Korean bread made up of rice and Makgeolli rice liquor is an instant hit with foreign travellers with airlines .Asiana Airlines have already introduced these Makgeolli bread in their in flight menu en route Japan . Following this Korean Airlines have also decided to introduce Makgeolli Bread in their flights.

Such is an Impact of bread ! Just ask for these Makgeolli breads when you are on these Korean Airlines


Bakers quality seal from American Institute of Baking

American institute of baking ( AIB ) is one of the oldest baking institutes which provides wide range of service to bakery industry world wide . Most of the bakeries would adhere AIB guidelines and standards . AIB has already inspected and have various programs running in 70 countries .

American Institute of Baking was established in 1919 by wholesale and retail baking industries to transfer technical knowledge and provide assistance to food manufacturers and bakers . Although AIB is an premier American institute but now has international spread giving technical knowledge and auditing for food safety standards and maintenance related expertise.AIB's staff includes experts in the fields of baking production; research related to experimental baking, cereal science, and nutrition; food safety and hygiene; occupational safety; and maintenance engineering.

Its bakers quality seal is widely popular and stands for quality and food safety norms . Bakeries all over world has adopted bakers quality seal from AIB . AIB does not provide any certification but on request they do audits on the customer sites and provide certificate of achievement if company is found to have superior or excellent rating s.

It has around 900 members from all across the globe which includes prominent food manufacturers ,ingredients manufacturers and bakeries.

Services provided by AIB could be categorized as

Food safety audits

Food safety education

School of baking( baking science and technology ,maintenance professional program ,management development program for food safety/sanitation)

Research and technical services


AIB International, Inc.
PO Box 3999
Manhattan, KS 66505-3999
+1-785-537-1493 Fax - General AIB
+1-785-537-0106 Fax - Audit Services

other regional offices are for Europe , middle east , Africa at Surrey for Asia pacific at shanghai , for Latin America –Mexico.

Wengers pastry shop –Best in Delhi

wengers , wengers  bakery , wenger bakery shop  , wengers bakery retail
Hindustan times awards- HT City Crystal- for best food and beverages providers declared Wengers pastry shop as the best bakery cafe in bakery section .

Established in year 1926 and Located in the hub of Central Delhi, Wengers, a reputed pastry shop offers you a complete line of individual signature cakes, novelty desserts and assorted minipastries .One of the oldest bakery chain stores in Delhi and pioneers of Swiss confectionery in town.

Wengers do have Online stores from where you can order cakes , pastries

Address :

Wenger & Co.
A-16, Connaught Place
New Delhi - 110001
Tel - 2332-4594 / 4403 / 4373
Fax - 23352142

List of Major bakery manufacturers in China

China have seen major growth in bakery products such as breads , cookies , biscuits and cakes .This is mainly due to economic prosperity , change in lifestyle and eating habits . To cater such popular demands many bakery manufacturing units have come up in this region .Major brands are Nabisco , Kellogg's , Kangshifu

Here are list of few major bakery plants in China

Foshan Confectionery factory – Canton

Gandour Food Co – Suzhou

Kraft Food Asia – Beijing , Suzhou

The Garden Company Ltd- Kowloon

Ting Hsin International Group- Tianjin

URC Shanghai Peggy Foods Co Ltd- Shanghai

Arnotts Biscuits Ltd.

Beijing Delliyana Food Co

Beijing Meidan

Beijing Jitiantin

Boya Botong

Dongguan Gang Lian Food Co. Ltd

Dongguan Golden Apple Food Co. Ltd

Dongguan Golden Fuji Food Co. Ltd

Dongguan Hsu Fu Chi Foods

Dongguan Huamei Foods Co. Ltd

Dongguan Jia You Food Co. Ltd.

Dongguan Kam Tai Co. Ltd

Dongguan Lap Chau Foodstuff Co. Ltd

Dongguan Yi Dong Foodstuff Co. Ltd

Four Seas Group

Ezaki Glico

Fujian Dali Group

Fuma Group

Gang Rong Foodstuff Development Co. Ltd.

Garden Li Hua

Garren Biscuit Co

Ginbis Four Seas (Shantou) Co. Ltd

Gong Yang Foodstuff Co. Ltd

Guangdong Jiashili Group

Guangzhou Jessica Food Products Co. Ltd

Guangzhou Oubao Food Co

Hai Tai Confectionery

Hangzhou Kaida Biscuit Co. Ltd.

Hebei Hualong Biscuit Corp

He Tian (Dotin)

Hua Jia Food Co. Ltd.

Jiangmen Danone Biscuits Co.

Khong Guan (S) Ltd.

Kotobuki Seika Co. Ltd.

Kum Ho Foods (Qingdao) Co. Ltd

Liwayway Group

Lotte Confectionery

Lotte Stone Foods Co. Ltd

Meidan Group

Meiji Seika Kaisha

Orion Food Co. Ltd

Qingdao Food Co.

Qingdao Guliguo Food Co

Quanzhou Harvest Foodstuffs Co. Ltd

Shandong Navigable Food Co. Ltd

Shanghai Danone Biscuits Foods Co. 148

Shanghai Ezaki Glico Foods Co. Ltd. 151

Shanghai GT Nissin Food Co. Ltd. 155

Shanghai President International Foods 159

Shantou Maohuat Foodstuff Co. Ltd. 163

Shenzhen Rungu Food Co. Ltd. 165

Taishan Entally Enterprises 168

Tianjin President International Food Co. Ltd

Tianjin Ting Yuan International Food Co. Ltd.

Tong Yang Confectionery Co. Ltd.

Uni-President Enterprises Corp

Universal Robina Corp

Want Want Holdings Ltd.

Xian Food Factory

Yantai Alliance Food Co. Ltd.

Yat Hing (China) Co

Yi Shui Qing Yang

Zhongshan Caesarwave

Zhongshan Mei Hua Co.

Zhongshan Weiss Biscuit Factory Ltd

Zhuhai Kaidoo & KiuXiu Food Co. Ltd

Basic design aspect of biscuit packaging

biscuit packaging  , bakery packaging , packaing of biscuits , flexible packaging
biscuit packaging

biscuit , biscuit packaging , packaging design  , biscuit pack design

So your product has been approved on trials and you are trying to finalise its packaging . Packaging is very important tools towards making that product a success or failure .Many design consultants are ready to help you out with design, logo and peppy line or two for the product .Select one or two consultants and brief them on the theme ,color pattern and product features .

Few basic design consideration of biscuit packaging .

  • Select your target consumers .

  • Select your graphics /pics/theme before finalising the print .

  • Select your color patterns with concepts like matching colors / contrast / black white / plain / colorful . Try to match with your target consumers

  • Finalise how to pack the product whether its flow wrap/pile type or on the edge packing

  • Select the type of wrapper you want whether it would be metallised ,pearlised or plain BOPP.

  • Select your slogan or the punch lines .

  • Check for the labels as per the laws .

  • Now check the dimensions of wrapper such as length and width as per product pack.

  • Check the cut off length of wrapper as per the pack size . This is important as far as cost is concerned you have to careful not give to large a cut off length or very less margin for packing .Special eye marks are put for sensors .

  • Winding directions - wrapper s have to manufactured as per the machine orientation as wells text and picture layout . They can be put into different orientation like anti clockwise or clockwise .Text parallel to the length or across the width .placement of eye mark with respect to printer arrangement .

  • Ask wrapper/laminate manufacture to produce two or three samples before approving the final print .

  • See the demo through manual packing of the product to see how it looks .

Each step mentioned above are critical for getting a good print from wrapper manufacturer as printing involves various steps like preparing rollers ,getting inks etc .Hence lot many correction can hamper the quality of print .


Wishing all my blog readers


( Festival of Lights )

Munchy ‘s is Malaysia No 1 brand of home grown biscuits

munchy biscuit  , munchy , munchy brands , munchy brand Munchy’s is Malaysia’s No.1 homegrown biscuit brand, specializing in wafers, wafer sticks and biscuits. Since its birth in 1991, Munchy’s has grown to become a RM300 million company with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia. Its products are exported to more than 60 countries which includes Japan, China , India , Auatralia , USA ,Canada ,European and Middle Eastern countries
In line with its mission to fill all kinds of fun-eating snacks in every home, Munchy’s products can now be found in nearly 60 countries. Its main products include Mini Crackers, Lite Cream Crackers, Lexus Biscuits, Muzic Wafers, Munchini Wafer Sticks, Sugar Crackers, Muzic Nuss Wafers, Choco-O Mochachip Cookies and Captain Munch Cookies (Milk / Chocolate). Munchy’s incorporates two entities – its manufacturing arm Munchy Food Industries Sdn Bhd (MFI), and MunchWorld Marketing Sdn Bhd (MW). MW is a leading provider of fully-integrated marketing and distribution services representing Super Coffeemix Manufacturing Ltd., Unistraw International Limited’s Sipahh Milk Flavouring Straws, and all things Munchy’s.
Major Competitors –
  • Tatawa Industries (m) sdn bhd - Tatawa brand
  • SGK food Industry sdn bhd
  • Ever Delecious Food Industries
  • Hwa tai Industries Berhad
  • ShoonFatt biscuit
  • Perfect food manufacturing sdn bhd
  • Morning Star food Industries sdn bhd
  • Tech Seong Food industries sdn bhd
apart from MNC like Kraft Food Inc biscuits brands .
Munchy Food Industries Sdn Bhd
Address: Lot 9366, Batu 7, Simpang 3,Tongkang Pecah, 83010 Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia
Telephone: +607-4153322
Fax: +607-4152390
Email :

Shrink wrap packaging for bakery products

shrink wrap , shrink wrapping , shrink wrap packaging , shrink wrap machines
Shrink wrap is a popular method of packaging among bakery manufacturers as more of private label customers prefer this kind of packaging . It based of the principle where poly film is heated and allowed to cool thus the film acquires the shape of the pack through shrinkage
shrink packaging , shrink pack , shrink pack baked goods

Shrink wrap are commonly used for over wrapping Cartons and Display boxes ,normally of small sizes .Display boxes are the most used in the bakery industry for shrink wrap application . Consumers gets clear view of product in this kind of packaging .

Shrink wrapping machine consists of . Heat tunnels or ovens, Heat guns, L-Sealers, and Shrink Chambers are used for large items. There are also Manual shrink wrap machines that characterize for being portable, light weight, built to last, and a cost-efficient option for low to moderate production lines.

Other items such as cartons , beverages bottles , cans and small pallets are shrink wrapped .

Major advantage with shrink wrapping
  • It helps unitizing i.e. keeping products in a compact form .
  • Keeps box and product clean
  • Consumers can views products
  • Convince to consumers in handling
  • Helping in palletization
  • Extra protection
Common shrink wrap films are Polyolefin other material is PVC. Key properties of shrink wrappers are thickness,shrink, sealability, optics, toughness and slip . Shrink films can be produced in way where it can shrink only in one direction unidirectional and both ways bidirectional.

Lance takeover of stella D’oro completed

Lance Inc. reports the completion of the purchase of the Stella D’oro brand and manufacturing equipment and inventory from Stella D’oro Biscuit Co. Inc.

Lance Inc has product range of sandwich crackers , captain wafers , cookies, snack cakes , nuts and seeds ,popcorn etc and have brands like Mother Lance , Tod and Archway .Got manufacturing seven units in USA and one in Canada . Products are distributed through grocery , mass merchant stores ,convenience store s, club stores,food outlets

Stella D’oro was established in 1932. Its products include biscotti, cookies, breakfast treats and breadsticks that are sold by grocers and mass merchants throughout the country. It is based in New York.

Charlotte-based Lance is a snack maker. It announced the deal to buy Stella D’oro in early September. At that time, David Singer, chief executive at Lance, said: “We believe that the additional resources that can be provided under the Lance umbrella will help this iconic brand achieve renewed growth.”

The company used available liquidity under its credit facilities to fund the acquisition.


Lance, Inc.
PO Box 473836
Charlotte, N.C. 28226
Tele: 1-877-309-6361 Fax: (704) 557-8101


Indian Biscuit manufacturers at Anuga 2009

Recently held Anuga 2009,Cologne ,Germany saw biscuit manufacturers of India actively participating in Anuga 2009 bread , bakery and hot beverages section . Anuga trade event gives these manufacturers international exposure as well as customers . For those interested for promoting export s Anuga2009 is the best place .

Companies were

  • Strategic Food International Co .LLC , Dubai ( Britannia s Industries Ltd , subsdiary)

  • Parle Products Pvt Ltd ( Largets biscuit manufacturer in India )

  • Mrs Bectors Food Specialities ( Emerging player in biscuit sector with brand s such as Creamica )

  • Food Coast International ( Traders and manufacturers of bakery items )

Fine lady bakeries to set up new plant in Manchester U.K

Fine lady bakeries ltd one of the UK Leading bakery house declared its intention to set up a modern bakery plant at east of Manchester U.K with investment worth 20.0mnGBP

This location provides company a better logistic hub for the movements of finished goods and raw material .Fine lady bakeries are part of Haygate group.Its production capacity is around two million loaves per week . It claims to have the most modern bakeries production facility at Banbury, Oxford shire. Haygate group are UK largest flour miller and has forward integration with its own Fine lady bakeries.

Established in year 1950 in Banbury it has 350 employees provides employment to local people in around that are

It other products range are

  • Premium and Standard Breads
  • Batch Breads
  • Organic Breads
  • Sandwich Loaves
  • Bloomers
  • Fruit Loaves
  • Sub Rolls
  • Torpedo Rolls
  • Oval Rolls
  • Round Rolls, Cobs and Burger Buns
  • Fruited Teacakes and Bun

South am Road
Oxon. OX16 7RR
Tel: 01295 227600
Fax: 01295 271430

Salt stressed yeast results in better bread quality

Study have shown that if yeast are exposed to salt solution prior to baking process then bread has better sensory qualities . All parameters had shown improved results through this process.It has been observed that the fermentation time reduces by 25 % by putting yeast into salt solution . This report has been published in Journal of Food Science . The study has been conducted by the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology in Taiwan and Rutgers University in the US.

Another study conducted by Federation of Bakers , UK has similar results with salt stressed yeast , where fermentation time had reduced by 25-28% and parameters of bread were satisfactory . Explaining the process researches were of the view that exposure of the yeast to salt solutions leads to an accumulation of glycerol in the cell membranes. Increases in volume may be due to glycerol acting as a lubricant for the gas bubbles, allowing greater expansion”, suggested the Taiwanese and Rutger researchers.


Aliva to be positioned as Cracker

Aliva , pepsico aliva, frito lay aliva , aliva baked snacks , aliva baked biscuits Aliva is a new product from Frito lay- the snacking arm of PepsiCo. After a long period Frito lay has come up with baked product which can be promoted on healthy food platform as it is not fried but baked as biscuits with zero trans fat . Packed in vertical pouch similar to namkeens ,Bhujias ( snacks) sold in India .

After success of Kurkure Frito lay is now experimenting with new category of product which is called cracker to taken on competition from namkeens and salty crackers from major bakery manufacturers . Its had mega launch recently and products is visible on every major shops . Aliva name has been carefully crafted so as to prepare this kind of product in other countries . Frito lay has repeated the product formulation of Kurkure i.e. local flavors for Indian market such as Special Pindi Masala, Original Salted, Mint with Herbs and Tomato, and Roasted Spices. The value proposition is a combination of taste and nutrition. .Frito Lay has developed Aliva for Indian palate though they had wide variety of popular international brands such as SunChips, Doritos, Fritos which could have been launched or replicated .

Aliva has been priced fairly on the premium side a Rs 12/- per pack . Competition would come from Parle Monaco smart chips , Britannia's 50-50 , digestives , multigrain biscuit and ITC -Bingo .


Closing report from iba-2009

Recently held world largest bakery trade fair concluded on promising note . Around 79,500 visitors reported from 150 countries and there were 1059 exhibitors . from 55 countries displaying products , machinery and ingredients .

Next trade fair would be held in Munich in year 2012

Closing report on iba 2009

Food Ingredient Europe 2009,17-19Nov,Frankfurt,Germany

One of the most important event for bakery industry captains is Fi 2009 ( Food Ingredient Europe 2009).Global platform for people in Food industry where one get the “’Next thing “’ and trends of ingredients in food industry .

Fi Europe is held once every two years in a major European city and brings together the world’s leading food and beverage suppliers, R&D, production and marketing specialists and showcases the most diverse range of new and innovative ingredients and services.

Last Fi was held in London in year 2007 ,Around 17,700 converged at the exhibition . This year around 1100 exhibitors from 90 countries would display their products . You can find all kinds of ingredients required in bakery , confectionery ,dairy and beverages . 120 new companies would show case their products .

There would be related conferences , workshop and seminars on subjects like natural ingredients ,quality and safety,probiotics , functional foods ,Omega 3 and many more.

Health aspects and efficiency in bakery manufacturing - solutions to reduce acrylamide in baked products etc . Speakers from Nestle , Mars , Cargill , Danone , Max Planck Institute would address the conference .

Event is organized by

UBM International Media
P.O. Box 200
3600 AE Maarssen
The Netherlands

Phone +31 346 559 444
Fax +31 346 573 811

Popular brands of Printers and Coders used in bakery industry

Numerous brands are available for printing and coding purpose in bakery industry . These are either integrated with packaging machine or are stand alone and portable type. These are used to put labels , date , expiry date and manufacturers details on bakery product pack .Printers and coders uses consumables like ink cartridges , thermal ribbons , ink rolls and brass characters .

Few are most popular brands of printer and coder used in bakery packaging

  • Markem
  • Imaje ( Now Markem )
  • Videojet
  • Domino
  • Hitachi
  • Alpha Dot
  • Automark
  • Diagraph
  • CLC
  • Excel
  • Linx
  • Matthews
  • Marsh
  • Xymark
  • Lovesaw
  • Marconi
  • Marsh
  • Bell- Mark

What are different type of coders and printers in bakery packaging

What we see as labels on bakery product packaging are impressions generated

through printers or coders installed on the packing machine or stand alone machines which prints messages such as

Date /manufacturing batch code /Best before /expiry date/manufacturer address etc .

These printers and coders are integral part of packaging of bakery products and codes can be generated through electronic screen or mechanical brass characters. Various feature are unique to individual types of printers and coders such as number of line for message , Font size , colors ,

Types of printers and coders

  • Manual stamps are used in small bakeries where you have rubber characters arranged as per the message and is rubbed with ink pad and then stamped on the area of message .

  • Dry ink rolls contact type printers - Coders are mounted on packing machines and dry ink rolls comes into contact of brass characters and printing is done when wrappers come into contact of these characters .Ink rolls are heated so as to get ink in fluid conditions from ink rolls .Various colored ink rolls are available such as red , white , black , blue for colored impression . Major disadvantage is that if we want to change the codes or letter then earlier codes have to be removed from holders . Radial type and Axial type characters are used as per design of type holders ..Life of ink rolls is counted as no of impressions . Number of messages are limited in such kind of coders .This could only print wrappers used for packets and cannot be used for carton boxes

  • Ink jet printers – Ink jet printer is another form of printing where ink is injected through nozzle in controlled manner on the wrapper or laminates to generate s message . These could be packing machine mounted or can be stand alone portable kind of inkjet printing machine .Advantages of such printers that we can change the fonts ,colors , language as these are monitored through software . Disadvantage is that it is costlier than contact type coders as it has consumables ink cartridges or ink bottles ,some what clumsy in operations , solvents has to be applied to clean the nozzles .

  • Thermal transfer printer - Thermal ribbons are used to print message on the wrapper or laminates for the message . Thin ribbon is passed in between ribbon and the labels ,coating of the ribbon sticks onto the label .These printers give high quality prints with quick change over time for different messages , clean operations .Ribbons wastage are very low . Used for precise and quality printing .

  • Laser printer – These are used for high volume and high printing requirement laser beams are generated to produce an image on a drum , the light of laser beam alters the electric charge on the drum this drum then dips into reservoir of toner the charged part s of the drum then picks up the toner this toner is then transferred to the wrapper through heat and pressure .

Anuga 2009 bread ,bakery and hot beverages –10-14 Aug ,Cologne,Germany

Anuga trade fair is among the favorite fairs meant for food and beverages industry .It is held after every two years .The best part of this exhibitions is that is holds 10 major categories of food and beverages shows simultaneously hence one gets entire spectrum of food industry at one place .

One of the prominent part of anuga 2009 would be bread , bakery and hot beverages . As per 2007 records around 60,000 visitors had come to bakery halls with participation from all across the globe . Its the best place to showcase your products with better advertising and PR. Any company which wants gain international customer must participate in Anuga.

Other sections at Anuga 2009 are

Anuga Fine food , Anuga chilled food , Anuga meat ,Anuga frozen food ,Anuga dairy,Anuga Organic,Anuga Catering tech,Anuga Retail tec , Anuga Drinks

Event organizers are

Koelnmesse GmbH
Messeplatz 1
50679 Köln

Visitor - Hotline

Tel.: +49 1805 20 4220
Fax: +49 221 821

Market share data for Indian biscuit industry

Here are few market share data for biscuit industry from report s available at IBMA ( Indian Biscuit Manufacturers Association) Fig 2007-2008

  • Market Share - Sector wise
  • Market share penetration- Population wise

  • Market share - Region wise

  • Market share- Brands wise (volume )

  • Market Share – product wise
Marie and Glucose50%
sweet, crackers , cream ,milk50%

  • Annual growth rate
2009 (jun)17%

  • Total Production ( In lakh metric ton)

Its festival times for bakery manufacturers

Earlier we have given details of bakery manufacturers like Britannia , Priya gold , Parle coming out with Deepawali gift packs . In that same series we have found other players like

Bonn with its own gift packs of assorted biscuits and cakes

Sunfeast ( ITC ) with assorted biscuit pack

Aliva( Pepsico) the crackers in gift pack has been launched .

These packs range from Rs 150.00 – Rs 300.00- per pack

Bakery manufacturer are cashing on the festival season of Deepawali and new year festivities with giftpacks and trying to replace the traditional way of celebrating these festivals with sweets . People are also happy with new varitiesand products for gifts.

Surya food tie s up with IOC for distribution

Biscuit maker Surya Food and Agro has entered into an agreement with the Indian Oil Corporation to distribute its products through the state-run oil marketing firm&aposs various outlets.The agreement is for a period of one year initially and will be reviewed. The distribution points of IOC could include their normal outlets, Kisan Sewa Kendras and LPG dealerships, a Surya Food and Agro Ltd (SFAL) official told PTI. IOC has over 17,000 outlets across the country.
SFAL manufactures popular biscuit brand Priya Gold, besides fruit juices, chocolates, toffees and wafers. It has manufacturing units at Noida, Surat and Lucknow.
"Initially, our products will be available at IOC&aposs outlets in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Chandigarh, and can be gradually expanded in future by mutual consent,"the official added.
The company has been embarking on different distribution expansion drive in order to increase its sales.
Earlier, it had also won a contract from the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation to set up food kiosks for sale of its entire range of products at railway stations across various cities in India.

Kraft s new biscuit,cookies & snacks vending machine

Kraft food Inc has planned to have its own vending machine to sell its biscuit an snack varieties eg Oreos and Planter peanuts .These vending s machine are popular in corporate work places , Universities , Airports , Railway stations , Hospitals etc.Earlier Kraft foods Inc used to sell their products to vending machine operators .

The" Diji" model vending machine would act as mini store for Kraft foods storing crackers , cookies , biscuits and snacks .This snack vending machine is designed specifically for Kraft foods by Samsung Electronics . It would have a 46 "electronic touch screen display for all information and one can see the nutritional values and calories on it .

The computerized devices are linked so that vendors can see when and where goods were bought. That way, they can learn more about customers' habits—do people buy fewer Cakesters after looking up their calorie count?—and test ad messages to find out which trigger more purchases, just as they can on the Internet.


Au Bon Pain - A popular bakery cafe in world - A profile

au bon pain ,   bakery   retail  , au  bon pain bakery Au bon pain stands for place for good bread in French . Au bon pain has established itself as one of world popular bakery cafes .Established in year 1978 by a businessmen named Louis Kane . Au bon pain standout on its artisan breads , pastries and croissants with nutrition values available for each products to consumers .
Each Au bon pain cafe has a authentic recipes for savory sandwiches, soups, salads and entrees. Au bon pain has now around 250 cafes across the globe which includes countries like USA , Taiwan , South Korea ,India, Thailand , UAE ,Kuwait and Japan.USA has itself has 230 cafe at various locations such as universities , airports , malls , hospitals etc .

Au bon pain major turnaround came when group of former employee took over the management from Compass group in year 2005 and are running this corporation successfully since then.

HQ -Copley Place100 Huntington AveBoston, MA 02115Phone: 617-247-9467

Kraft to open new R & D centre for biscuits in France

Kraft foods Inc .has decided to open research and development centre for biscuits at Saclay ,Paris. This centre would join 11 other R & D centre of Kraft's world wide . Europe have popular brands biscuits like LU , TUC ,Mikado , Saiwa , Prince ,Oreo and others .This centre would be made operational by 2011 with investment worth Euro 15 million .

The Center will also be responsible for advancing major biscuit technology platforms for the European market . It would focus basically on new biscuit products , packaging , ingredients and biscuit innovation for better nutrition .

Kraft has bought Danone s biscuit business in Europe and other countries .Its biscuit division HQ is based at Paris as an agreement with Danone


FSSAI code for regulating advertisement and labels related to Food Products

Food safety and standards authority of India ( FSSAI) are working on rules to regulate advertisement by food companies which are misleading or false with respect to claims made by companies . India does have voluntary safe guards against such ads . The Advertising Standards Council of India makes necessary request to withdraw such ads . Consumers does not have any legal platform to punish such food manufacturers .
FSSAI has been constituted by govt of India through Food safety and standards act , 2006 to formulate policy , rules and guidelines for food safety and set standards for food additives and their use.
The FSSAI has prescribed penalty of Rs 10.0 lakh under the act for such manufacturers who gives misleading ads . It also recommends guideline s such where food manufacturers

Does not put advertising and communication of the food and beverages products should not be misleading or deceptive.

The advertisements should not encourage excessive consumption or inappropriately large portions of any particular food and not exploit consumers’ lack of experience or knowledge.

The code also points out that the advertisements should not undermine the role of parental care and guidance when children make food choices.

It discourages the portrayal of products as substitutes for meals, and endorsements by government agencies, professional bodies, independent agencies or individuals in a particular profession without their consent .

How to select Industrial Bakery Ovens ?

Are you planning to open an bakery unit . Major equipment or you can say heart of any bakery operation is the Oven from where we produce our baked products let it be cake , biscuits , cookies , wafers , buns , puffs , pizza ,pastries ------ so many other form s of bakery products . Baking is done in these ovens . You have to be careful while selecting ovens .

Criteria for selecting Oven

  • Space - Check the dimensions available for the oven which can be installed in your unit . You can check the length and width of the Oven and ask manufacturer to as per our factory layout .Space required for tunnels ovens and travelling ovens are larger than smaller ovens like rack or deck ovens or Rotory oven .
  • Fuel - Burners are now available for different type of fuels -eg gas , diesel oil , electrical .These burners are installed in the Bakery ovens .Check the availability and cost of the fuel before finalising the type of Oven you require
  • Product - Once your have finalised your product you can approach different types of oven manufacturers for your production of cake , biscuit , pizza , biscuit ,cookies and other related products . Versatile oven can be made as per the buyer .
  • Capacities - Plan your capacities for term of say 3- 5 years where you increase your production and need not run for additional ovens . Capacities helps Bakery oven manufacturers to design ovens as per the requirement
  • Method of baking - Various methods of baking are popular in bakery industry eg Direct heating , Indirect heating or Hybrid Oven for combination of direct as well as indirect heating .
  • Automation - Level of automation can be done as per buyers requirement .Automation in respect of burners , safety and temperatures controls can be done by the oven manufacturers.

Different Kind of Industrial Ovens

  • Rack or Deck Ovens
  • Rotary Ovens
  • Contray Ovens
  • Swing Tray Ovens
  • Travelling Oven
  • Tunnel Ovens
  • Direct Heating Ovens
  • Indirect heating Ovens
  • Hybrid Oven
  • Wafer biscuit oven
  • Flat Steel band Oven

Parle to set up more production unit Overseas

Parle products is the leading bakery manufacturer of India with 40 % of market share in branded biscuit segment . It includes brands like hide n Seek , Krack Jack , Parle G , etc .

With competition hotting up with players like Britannia , ITC ,Priya gold inching up their market share. Parle product is exploring overseas for production unit and most likely it wold be in African continent . Parle has been exporting its products to African countries ,Asean countries , Middle eastern countries , UK ,Australia , New Zealand ,Canada and USA .Exports covers 4% of the sales volume and planning for 10% of the total sales value . Parle has already opened an production unit in Cameroon, Nepal and Bangladesh .

On domestic front Parle is involved in revamping its brands like Krack Jack , Launching new products like bourbon under Hide n Seek brands .


New Coalition against Obesity in USA

Food Majors in USA have formed a Coalition to fight obesity in Children and have pledged to formulate and modify their product so as to reduce obesity in kids . New coalition is termed as Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation .Its constituents are Retailer s, NGOS and Food Manufacturers . Kellogg's Ceo David Mackay has been appointed chairman of the new coalition .

This Initiative would focus on market place , work place and schools and would encourage people for healthy weight through energy balance . These efforts would be monitored through independent agencies like The Robert Wood Foundation ,National Business Group on Health and University of California at Berkeley Center for Weight and Health. USD 20 million has been pledged for such initiatives by the members .

Members of this coalition apart from Kelloggs are - PepsiCo, Inc.; McCormick & Co.; Nestle USA; Campbell Soup Co.; ConAgra Foods, Inc.; General Mills, Inc.; Hy-Vee; Kraft Foods Inc.; Mars; Sara Lee Corp.; The Coca-Cola Co.; The Hershey Co.; The J.M. Smucker Co. and Unilever


Kraft to open biscuit factory in Russia

Kraft much awaited production from its Russian unit is scheduled for November . This is due to successful shifting of plant from central Moscow city to Sobinika city ( Vladimir region).

This factory would produce biscuit and would be sold under brand names of "Jubileenoe", "Barney", "Utrenney", "Prichuda” and ''Shokobarokko''.

Biscuit factory was largest in Moscow and was known as Bolshevik Factory .Kraft took over the factory from Group Danone biscuit operations .

Kraft Foods Inc is world second largest food company having brands like Oreo , Kraft Cheese , Philadelphia coffee,Tolberone and Milka Chocolates .


Anti Palm oil campaign would have little impact on Indonesian and Malaysian exporters

Anti Palm oil campaign which is spearheaded by European countries and few NGOs demanding curb on Palm oil plantation as these plantation are putting natural forest and species into danger .

Palm oil has become major cooking oil for countries like China and India which are the largest importers of Palm oil . Pro -palm oil groups highlight that palm oil popularity has put other oil such as rape seed oil and soya bean oil in problem .
Pro -palm oil group also highlights that countries growing palm oil has helped alleviating poverty from their region . Similar efforts are done to popularise palm cultivation in countries like Africa , Brazil ,Papua New Guinea, Laos .

Palm oil cultivation covers less of land ,around 0.26 hectare for a ton of oil where as soyabean , rape seed and sunflower requires 2.2, 1.5 and 2.o hectares respectively for similar amount of oil .

Both Indonesia and Malaysia has kept 25% and 55% of land respectively for forest conservation .

"Each brand of bakery product has its own storyand history behind them to tell .Bakerybazar intends to discover and unravel these stories before you""

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