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Parle goes green with eco -campaigns

parle eco campaign , parle products , parle g , parle my green planet
Parle products which owns brands like Parle -G , Krackjack , Monaco , Hide n seek and several other biscuits brands is planning for major ad campaign for awareness among school children and masses on environmental issues .

Marathon campaign on FM ( 9270 sms )starts on 2nd Oct
The program is titled as Parle G -for green ,G -for genius .RJ would go non stop advocating about green environment and its advantages along with issues like global warming ,power saving , water pollution ,air pollution and steps to save environment .It is done on BIG 92.7 FM Radio Network across the country and would continue till they get 9270 sms .


Campaign in schools
Parle products India's biggest biscuit manufacturer has planned campaign for green environment with campaign titled My Green Planet . This campaign would be launched through 70 cities across India with participation of 5000 schools .Aim to educate 8 million people.Program would be launched from first week of October till 20 th of October and would cover planting trees . Eco friendly disposal for wrapper s would be taught to the children and their parents .


Backward Integration for cost savings in Bakery Industry

Major bakery manufacturer in India are going for backward integration for their raw material sourcing . Parle products and Surya foods are the major companies which have followed the path of backward integration to save cost .where as Britannia and ITC have centralised procurement and get savings on economies of scale while negotiating with vendors both strategies have their own advantages and disadvantages .

Bakery plants opting for backward integration has its own
Flour mills
Sugar Plants
Packaging units
These helps manufacturer to save cost on procurement of these raw material like flour , sugar and packaging material .

Advantages of backward integration is of the pricing, quality and availability of supplies, and efficiencies gained from coordinating production of supplies with their consumption

Bakery plants in GCC Countries

bakeries in gcc , gcc bakery plants, biscuit plants in gcc , bread plant in gcc
GCC( Gulf Co -operation Council) countries are witnessing one of the fastest rate of growth in the Asian region and majority of them are dependant on expat population for the growth as their own population is very less to carry forward this rate of growth .
With this demand for bakery products have also gone up , To feed this population the GCC countries have been importing biscuits , cakes , wafers from neighbouring countries or getting it from Europeans countries . Few bakery plants have come up here in GCC countries which has grown and now exporting to others companies . Most of these companies are owned by MNC s rest are local manufacturers .Sourcing spare parts and getting service for these plants is still a major problem .

Here is a list of bakery plants in GCC

Saudi Arabia
Al Ghamdy & Sons Co- Jeddah
Al Jazira food processing - Jeddah
Hana s Biscuit Factory - Jeddah
Kraft foods S.A ( Nabisco) - Dammam
National Biscuits and Confectionery Co . Jeddah
Western Bakeries Jeddah

Strategic Foods Intl Co- Dubai
Tiffany Foods- Sharjah
Emirati marconi factory-Dubai
Golden Bakery - Sharjah
Modern Bakery - Dubai

Nabil- Musqat
Al sallan food s Industries - Sohar
Euro foods

Yemen ( Non GCC country)
Ahmed A. Sheibani and Co ( Taiz)
Y.C.I.C ( Taiz)

Kuwait food company

Baker as a Career Option

baker , bakers as career option , career in baking , bakers job oportunities , bakers
With bakery products in demand and bakery retails opening every where bakers are in demand and there is shortfall of skilled bakers in the industry . You can choose baker as profession and earn hand some amount . Advantage to this career is that at any stage you can start your own signature bakery products .

Baking as industry is as old as human civilisation .Bread has been the staple food for many civilisation , bread is consumed by all people across the globe .Bakers are also required at hotels , restaraunt ,hospitals , army and universities ,airlines etc.

You can earn something like Rs 25000 - Rs 50000 with age and experience you can have your own branded products . You can go for two year or four year degree course in baking and bakery related courses . These course s also provides internship for practical training . Check workshops and seminars by bakery associations where they provide certificate course or short duration course for baking .

As baker you need to know the roles of ingredients , equipments , packaging material,food safety standards ,food laws , ingredients prices , marketing. Bakers can be creative profession where you get enough space for imagination and creativeness.

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Pepsi Co uses bio gas for its plant in Pune

Pepsico has shown its commitment towards environment issues by utilising bio gas as fuel to its plants in pune.Pune plants manufactures Lays, Kurkure, Cheetos, Uncle Chips and the recently launched biscuit brand Aliva. Pepsi has replaced LPG by bio gas around 200 tons of LPG gas is substituted by bio gas . Frito Lays Pune plant is first of its kind to use bio gas for its production in the world.

Bio waste generated by the food processing unit gets converted into bio gas .The unit also generates 10-12 tons of bio-degradable waste daily, comprising potato peels, extra burnt chips, green potatoes, etc, which was earlier disposed off as waste and will now be used in the bio gas plant. Installed at an investment of Rs 3.5 crore, the plant will save the company its annual expenditure of Rs 1.5 crore on waste disposal.


Get the oil facts right

We find oil or fat in majority of bakery products like biscuits , cookies , bread , cakes , wafers , creams , spreads ,mithai ( sweets) . They all contain trans fat which are bad for health of heart.
These fats .They cause weight gain and excess abdominal fat — both risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. They increase LDL cholesterol, which clogs up arteries, and lower d HDL cholesterol, which would otherwise take HDL cholesterol to the liver where it would be broken down and excreted. Trans fats interfere with metabolism of fats and elevate blood triglyceride levels. If one continues to eat trans fat-rich foods, it sets the stage for a heart attack.
There is no safe limit for trans fats. Some amount of trans fats are found in whole milk and meats but this is too small an amount. Also trans fat found naturally in animal fats is much less harmful than that found in partially hydrogenated oils.
Now manufacturers have started reducing trans fat from their products . You can found Zero trans fat label on most of the manufacturers products .


Imperial Sugar plant explosion findings are out-CSB

CSB (US Chemical Safety Board) have completed their 19 months investigation for Imperial sugar plant blast . 14 people were killed and 36 injured in what has been called as one of the worst industrial accident in America.Accident took place in Savannah , Georgia in year 2008 .Findings highlighted that the explosion was preventable and death could not have happened had the plant management followed safety guidelines .This accident was caused by poor equipment design, poor maintenance and poor housekeeping.

The primary explosion occurred inside a sugar conveyor located beneath two sugar-storage silos that were inadequately designed and had allowed a build-up of sugar dust. That, in turn, triggered a cascade of secondary dust explosions.


Nigeria would have biscuits from new Beloxxi factory

Beloxxi Industries Ltd is all set to produce Nigeria's popular brands -Beloxxi Cream Crackers and Fine Tea biscuits.The plant would have two biscuit lines designed and erected by world famous Anglo/Italian company Imaforni. Along with technopack and Bn B silos they have completed the plant and production is all set to be commenced from end of this month .

Beloxxi started manufacturing biscuit three years ago and became popular in very short span where demand out striped supply .Hence requirement for larger plant at Agbara Industrial estate.
Federal government has put a ban on Imported biscuits hence to get a bigger plant become a national priority said Beloxxi CEO Obi Ezeude .
Beloxxi Industries Ltd biscuit plant at Agbara would be the most modern, automated and integrated biscuits factory in sub-Sahara Africa with the arrival of its load of machines”, with a firm promise to commence commercial production at the end of September. The company chief noted that with the new lines fully in operation, the firm targets an output of 150,000 cartons of biscuits per day, and with the tempo sustained, it looks forward to manufacturing for exports in the next two years. He said such step would be the beginning of a long dream of placing a Nigerian-owned factory as major multinational player in the biscuits sector in Africa with top quality world class cream crackers, digestives and confectioneries. It would also provide jobs to the local population .


How to select mixer for your bakery unit

Mixers are one of the important bakery equipments for any kind of bakery products .be it cake , bread , biscuits , cookies or wafers .

After working out capacities and space for mixers one has to see the purpose of the mixers as well as addition of ingredients ( feeding ) to the mixers whether its from the top , sides or front loading . Feeding can be automated for most of the cases .

Bread manufacturers needs spiral mixers or kneaders for dough making
Biscuit manufacturers needs z arm or sigma mixers and cream mixer which are planetary for mixing purpose .We get dough for hard , short and fermented type
Cakes needs planetary mixers for its batter .
Wafer have batter mixers and cream mixers ( planetary mixer )

Hence different type of mixers are required for different mixing operations

  • Spiral mixers

  • Kneaders

  • Planetary

  • Z or sigma arm mixers

  • Batter mixers

Milk Bikis - A product profile

Milk bikis is one of the popular brands in plain biscuit . Milk bikis are popular in kids and are available in two form s one is rectangular and other is cream type with shells on top and bottom . Milk Bikis are now fortified with Iron,Calcium ,Iodine and four vitamins ( B1 , B6,B12,D) .

Here are some features
Name of the product : Milk Bikis
Taste : Good with milk flavour
Color : Dark brown ie baking good
Bite : Hard.
Packaging : Good metallized wrapper with seals with zig zag slots at the end seal.

Ingredients : Wheat Flour , Sugar , Edible Veg Oil, Milk Solids , Invert Syrup, Salt , Emulsifier , Calcium salt , Ferrous salt , Vitamins and Potassium Iodate withArtificial Flavours

Energy per 100 gm of serving is 447kcal
Price : Rs 5 /- per 67 gm
Competition :Parle -Milk Shakti , ITC - Milky magic

Putting up a New Biscuit Line ! Keep these points in mind

Entrepreneurs or businessmen who are in process of buying , installation of new biscuit line should keep following points in mind ,apart from legal requirement of industrial licenses , pollution clearance's and of course finances

Should have confirmed orders either for his own brand or as a Co -packer or Contract manufacturer.

As space requirement for biscuit is large as normal biscuit oven would be 250ft - 300 ft long and width would be 10 ft in width hence for such a line with provision for second line one has take an area of 700 ft x100 ft area . Single plant could be started with a provision to install second plant .Try to avoid bends and curves on the line . H shaped halls or I shape halls are highly recommended for biscuit plant with mixing on first floor . Had provision for lifts and escalators .

Versatility of the line
You should ask your biscuit plant manufacturer to give you a complete versatile plant where you can produce hard dough and short dough variety with all the accessories like salt spray , milk sprays , oil sprays .

Roof height
Oven generates heat and with numbers oven installed adjacent to each other heat generate would be substantial hence roof height from the oven roof should be more than 30 ft . Better if packing hall is differentiated through partitions . Roof could be of metallic sheet with natural ventillation concept .

Fuel storage and safety
What ever fuel you select as per the costing and availability do check the safety angle and legal provision. LPG and LDO storage requires fire safety and fire hydrants and these must be installed in the storage area .Its highly recommended to keep these storage tank as far from the main production building .

Storage Area
Have provision for raw material , finished good , workshop , lab , office s , You can make mezzanines floor for these requirements .

Traffic movement - In bound and Out bound
Space for movement of truck carrying raw material and Finished good

Gelantinization and Dexterization - Bakery Glossary

Bread manufacturing have two important process in baking which are related to starch these are

Gelantinization is the process where starch is heated in presence of water .This process occurs inside the bread crumb which is soft and starch is in molten state . When the temperature reaches about 85° C, a colloidalsolution is obtained in which the amylose and amylospectin molecules arecompletely dispersed in the water. This sequence of events is known as
geíatinization.When bread is cooled then this starch remains in semi solid -semi liquid gel.

Dexterinization is the process where starch is heated in absence of water .It results into solid crust formation at the top of the bread .Temperature required for dexterinization is 225 deg c and above

Interstate Bakeries Corporation - Bakery Manufacturers-A profile

IBC - Interstate Bakeries Corporation is Americas largest wholesale bread and snack cakes manufacturer.Its has got around 39 bakeries units spread over entire USA . With 21000 employees and around 700 bakery outlets .

Major products : Breads , Cup cakes ,Fruit pie , Muffins , Donuts . Different bread brands with unique recipes are Wonder breads,Home made breads ,Merita breads , Beefsteak breads,Butternut breads ,Sweetheart bread , Millbrook bread , Holsum breads

Major Brands : Few IBC brands have become icons in bakery products millions of Americans relish these products every day eg Twinkies, Ding Dongs, HoHos, Sno Balls, Donettes, WonderBread, Hostess Fruit Pies and recent 100% Nature Prides breads with no preservatives .

HQ : 6031 Connection Drive, Irving, TX 75039,USA

GYROSCREEN - A perfect equipment for screening flour

Bakery manufacturers have to sift flour before mixing application . Conventional method for screening flour for forieng particles and infestation was to pass on the flour from a sifter a screen made of wiremesh and collect the flour from the bottom of the hopper , but for new technology where production are very large and volume of flour to be screened is more then these vibratory gryoscreens are used with great success . Sifters application was manualy in many cases and rate of screening very slow now with these vibratory gyroscreen we can screen large amount of flour for process .

It works on the pricnicple that when flour is subjected to vibratory motion the larger particles tend s to shift to periphery of the screen where the smaller particles drops to the next level . There are two or three layers of mesh of different sizes normally 38 , 36 , 34 , 32 as per the requirement .

How it works
Vibro screen are driven by a special type of vertically mounted motor having eccentric at the upper & lower end of the shaft. Rotation of out of balance top weight causes vibration in Horizontal plane whereas the rotation of lower weight causes tilt & vibrations in vertical plane.

Major manufacturers of gyroscreen in India are
Seperation Engineers India
Premium Vijimech Pvt Ltd

Flour and Sugar - Explosive material

All bakery manufacturing units which handles flour and grinded sugar must take preventive steps for sugar and flour dust . Flour and sugar are explosive material with following factors increase the possibility of an explosion such as
  • Combustible dust
  • Dispersion
  • An oxidiser (such as air)
  • Confinement
  • Ignition source
Flour in most of bakeries are now is done through bulk handling where wheat flour are stored in large silos . Conveying is done through pneumatic conveyors its in these pipelines that explosion might happens . Filters bags are also used in these bulk handling of flour which are also explosion zone in bakery .Electrostatic arrestors has to be installed on these areas to prevent explosion .
Similarly sugar grinding are done in house for most of the bakery plants . Sugar when grinded becomes charged and with given atmosphere can result in explosion . Electrostatic arrestors and earth should be provided to sugar grinder as well as the filter bag stations which are installed to prevent dust to disperse in surrounding .

How to increase biscuit oven output

Biscuit manufacturers have many options to increase their oven output with few changes in their existing set up . These steps are applicable for big or medium biscuit plants which have traveling ovens .

Following steps can be implemented
Increasing moulders /cutters rows and columns.
Increasing the rows and columns in the moulder or cutter to for better utilisation of oven band surface area .Its has been observe that moulder and cutters does not utilise the entire surface area and margins are left on sides on the oven band .

Increasing the moulder/cutter speed ie low baking time
Temperatures of oven zone can be adjusted so that the baking time is reduced and the speed of band can be increased in tandem with gauge roll and cutter /moulder speed .

Adding additional oven zone ( Increasing the biscuit oven length )
Increasing the oven length is another options where we can increase the output of biscuit plant . This requires oven manufacturers to add another section at delivery end and adjusting cooling conveyors and calculating the packing machines capacities to cater increase in biscuit oven output .If required additional packing machines can be installed .

Installing Radio Frequency Dryers at the delivery end of the biscuit oven .
RF Dryers can be installed at the delivery end which reduces the moisture content of the biscuit coming out from the oven hence allowing operators to increase the oven band speed .

One has to calculate the packing machines capacities to handle these increased output and check whether packing machines can pack these biscuits or not ,If not then additional packing machine can be installed . In semi automatic plants the feeding process of the machine has to be checked whether feeders can handle this increased volumes as this operation is manual.Speeds of biscuit plant are interlinked with each other .Hence one has to see whether speeds can be achieved through adjustment in the frequency drives or other combination of gear box and sprockets are required .

Mixers capacities and Ingredients automation too have to checked whether increase speed matches with mixers capacities .

Cookies production could be increased by 20-25%

Baker perkins have developed a wire cut depositor which on placing on top of oven band makes nested pattern instead of conventional straight pattern which takes more surface area of the oven band . Nested pattern results in more cookies per line . The "Angled world wire cut " when installed at 30 deg in reference to oven band gives maximun output due to nested pattern . Installing Angled World wire cut could result in more output without extending oven length as other method to increase the production .

Other feature included in Baker Perkins Angled World Wire Cut are
weight control
ease for cleaning
Fast and easy product change over(The filler block and die combination can be removed rapidly and easily via a clam shell head, reducing the time required for both cleaning and changeover. Operation is easy, with a choice of controls from simple push buttons to full recipe control)
Angled World Wire cut can be used for wide variety cookies ,filled , folded cookies.

Pic courtesy - Baker Perkins


Small Packs and Less Weight -Strategies to combat Economic Slowdown

All Major bakery manufacturers in India has adopted twin strategies to tackle economic slowdown and rising cost of raw materials . If consumers have notice that even if they are paying the same price of the same brand and pack the weight has been reduced to few grams . These weight reduction method is the best method for bakery manufacturers as it helps them to avoid raising product price .

Britannia , ITC , Parle they all have adopted this strategies the 100gm packs are reduced to 90g,85g,or 65g Similarly 200g packs are reduced 181 g, 175g etc . These process of weight reduction doesn't cost much to the manufacturers as only packaging material needs to be changed or in case in addition to packing changes dimensions of products are also changed . Few manufacturers have also diluted the recipes of their brands to cope with increasing price pressures from raw material or substituted raw material of lower cost .

Small packs in denomination of Rs 2 , Rs 3 , Rs 5 have been launched by all major companies . you can get biscuits and cakes in small pack s .Manufacturers have reasons to do this as economic slowdown has impacted consumers buying habit .People are reducing expense s on snacking and other s non essential food items .Competition in bakery sector is so fierce that any price increase has negative effect and consumers readily switch's over to the competitors brand .

Vaporizer a critical equipment in LPG Storage tanks for bakeries

Mid size and large bakery division which runs on lpg as fuel have few critical months during winter seasons when temperatures are below 10 deg c . Operations are effected by low pressures of lpg and LPG storage tanks are topped up even with volume of tank being 70-75 % . This is more evident in colder regions . Most of the companies have installed Vaporizer s in their Lpg storage tanks installation . There are cases of production losses due to sudden drop in pressure . Rate of Vaporization is impacted by wetted surface of the tank ie size or the volume of lpg in the tank and ambient temperature .

In summer the liquefied gas converts into gas in faster rate due ambient temperature at higher levels ,hence pressure at burner ends is maintained . Winters brings problem to plant operators as they have to monitor the tank level round the clock and inform the lpg supplier for emergency supply as certain cracker varieties which require s more heat ie when the rate of consumption of lpg in the ovens is higher than the rate of vaporisation then problem starts and burners would trip . Manufacturers are suggested to install vaporizers at their Lpg storage tanks . It would have some initial cost but would save production loss and stress to the materials deptt . One solution is to have larger storage tanks or additional storage tanks but its has its own limitation and blocks money . Here comes advantage of an Vaporizer

Vaporizers helps in following way
  • A Vaporizer is essentially a boiler that does not build pressure.
  • LPG enters the vaporizer as a liquid and exits as a gas.
  • Vaporizers are an integral component in a variety of LPG and propane systems, and are suitable for any number of applications.
  • Vaporizers do not build additional pressure, but provide protection against the refrigeration affect that causes frosting and loss of pressure.
  • Propane retailers benefit from being able to make less frequent, larger volume fills.
  • Using a vaporizer eliminates re-condensation of vapor in the supply lines that can create a hazardous situation.
  • Eliminates tank "freeze-ups" that result in production losses or delays.
  • Vaporizers allow you to utilize 100% of the LP-Gas in your tank/cylinder, decreasing delivery frequency and overall costs.
  • Eliminates heavy ends accumulations in tanks.
  • Provides a constant supply of vapor at temperatures down to -40 degrees Celsius.
  • Eliminates distillation of LPG when vaporizing Propane/Butane mixes.
  • Allows you to significantly increase the capacity of your system without adding additional tanks.

Its highly recommended to install vaporizers at your factory/plant .

Biscuits / Cookies Preferred over other bakery products-Poll survey

A recent survey conducted by bakerybazar blog shows cookies and biscuit as most preferred bakery product than any other . Cookie and biscuit polled around 50% of votes where as cakes , pastry , donuts and pizza were ranked lower in preference . They polled 16% each .

Salt reduction and fortification with Iodine - A priority for bread manufacturers

Apart from recent debate over folic acid fortification of bread other issue which requires bread manufacturers attention is Salt reduction and fortification of salt with iodine in certain countries

Low salt breads

Salt has been responsible for many heart disease ,hence low salt intake has been recommended by doctors to stay healthy . Ireland food safety authority ( FSAI) has recommended 4g of salt intake a day where as present level Irish people are consuming salt 9.56g of salt per day. Earlier experiments of bread manufacturer to reduce salt was rejected by consumers . Irish government has not made any compulsory reduction of salt level laws .


Iodine fortification of salt .
Bread manufacturer in New Zealand would now have to use Iodized salt in their products as Iodized salts has been made mandatory in New Zealand ( Food Standard Australia New Zealand). Iodine is one of the essential nutrients for body metabolism and thyroid gland can malfunction due to deficiency of Iodine . This results in low intelligence in new born babies and young children.


Popular Russian Bakery and Confectionery Brands

  • Few days back I received a mail from a Russian friend named Alex of Fis- engineering firm giving details of famous Russian Confectionery and baked goods producers .Russian and erstwhile Soviet Confederation .
    To name few
  • Rusproduct
  • Brother grinn
  • Dominique
  • Flight
  • Persona
  • Krem Sufle
  • Kako
  • Harvest 92
  • Sweet Country
  • AMTA
  • Navashinsky Bread

    Thanks , Alex
    ( http://www.fis-engineering.ru/pages/grants )

Bakery Associations and related associations of India

India being third largest producers of Bakery products, have numerous associations and forums for bakery related people to get associated with. These Associations take up issues of their interests and give suggestions or protest any unjustified proposal from government .They also help promoting products ,educating consumers , provide training and conduct s various seminars and workshop on related subject.

Prominent Food and Bakery Associations in India
  • Indian Stainless Steel Development Association
  • Fragrances and Flavours Association of India(FAFAI)
  • All India Food Processors Association
  • Poultry Processors Association
  • All India Distillers Association
  • Association Of Food Scientists & Technologies
  • National Association of Bakery Industry
  • Federation of Biscuit Manufacturers Association
  • The Soyabean Processors Association of India
  • The Seafood Exporters Association of India
  • Indian Institute of Packaging
  • Oil Technologists Association of India (Western Zone)
  • Indian Biscuits Manufacturers Association
  • Confederation of Indian Food Trade and Industry
  • Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Association of India
  • Indian Confectionery Manufacturers Association
  • Indian Dairy Association
  • Indian Sugar Mills Association
  • All India Bread Manufacturers Association ltd
  • India Bakers Association of India
  • Roller Flour Millers Federation of India
  • All India Grain Exporter Association
  • Wheat Product Promotion Society
  • Society of Indian Bakers

Cocoaland - Malaysia-Bakery Manufacturers - A profile

Chocopie with marshmallow is popular product here in Delhi , India .You may get these products in malls , supermarket and even in big retail shops .Popularity of Pie shows that it has a popular demand here in India .

Chocopie brand is a Malaysian brand manufactured by Cocoaland Industry SDN .BHD-Darul Ehsan , Malaysia .Cocoaland products are available in countries like USA , India , Japan , Hong Kong ,Middle East and Australia.

Its major products are Chocolates , Cookies and Wafers ,Nuts , Candies and Gums,Snacks ,Soft Drinks and Jelly .

Major Brands of Cocoaland are Mums Bake ,Rotong ,Koko Jelly ,Dietian , LOT 100.
Got manufacturing base in Malaysia and China .

HQ :Lot 100, Rawang Integrated Industrial Park,48000 Rawang,Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
website : http://www.cocoaland.com

Kraft Food Cost Reduction Strategies

Kraft Foods Inc has initiated number of steps to reduce cost through procurement initiatives .
Few of them would be
  • Leverage scale with reduced number of strategic suppliers across total spend .
  • Expand global sourcing and low-cost country sourcing .
  • Simplify material and product specifications while maintaining quality .
  • Re-engineer processes to reduce inventory

CPO Ms Julia Brown gave details to the reporter s on cost reduction initiatives taken by Kraft Food Inc . She told that every spend category would be reviewed and supplier base consolidated . More of the items would be bought for the manufacturing through central buying team rather local buying .

Other cost reduction initiatives are

  • Reducing its cash conversion cycle from 46 days in 2008 to 41 days by 2011 .
  • Reducing overhead as a percentage of net revenue from 14% in 2008 to 12.5% in 2011 .
  • Focus on category value chains, manufacturing platforms .
  • Remove bottlenecks .
  • Reduce waste .
  • Optimize labor .
  • Streamline inventory .
  • Cover more than 30 category value chains across geographies over next two years


Government has asked Major FMCG to import sugar

Bulk consumer of sugar like Coca- Cola , Pepsico , Nestle , Cadbury , Britannia , Amul , Dabur has been asked by government to source their sugar requirement from imports from overseas country . With festive season starting from the last week of September with Dussehra ,Deepawali festival scheduled in coming months .Government is taking all necessary steps to prevent sugar prices spiraling out of control . Already limits on stocks has been put in place . In addition to that companies are allowed to import raw sugar tax free till December 2010.

India is the largest consumer of sugar as well as second largest producer of sugar after Brazil in the world . Due to shortfall in rains this year sugar production is likely to fall by 15.0 million tonnes . This all have inflated the price in international sugar market as well .

Government authorities have already started importing sugar in view of the shortage.


Australian Govt makes Folic acid compulsory for bread

Australian Govt has made Folic acid aadition to bread compulsory from this month asFolic acid has been shown to reduce the risk of babies being born with defects such as spina bifida.


United Biscuit - A complete history

United Biscuits was founded in 1948 following the merger of two Scottish family businesses — McVitie & Price and MacFarlane Lang.
In 1960, United Biscuits added to its portfolio with the acquisition of Crawford's Biscuits and MacDonald's Biscuits. In 2000 UB was bought by Finalrealm, a consortium of investors, and reverted to private limited company status.A summary of our development since then is given below. (Unless otherwise stated, each represents an acquisition of 100%.)
1967 Meredith & Drew, a UK crisp manufacturer.
1968 Kenyon Son & Craven, a leading UK nut manufacturer.
1974 Keebler Company, a leading US cookie and cracker manufacturer, subsequently sold to a number of buyers in 1995.
1982 Terry's of York, the confectionery company, subsequently sold to Kraft Suchard in 1993.

1988 Ross Young's, a leader in the UK frozen food sector. 60% stake in United Biscuits China, with a further 30% stake bought in 1991.
1990 Verkade, a leading biscuit and confectionery company in the Netherlands.
1991 Investment in three leading European biscuit companies: Fazer Biscuits (Finland), Oxford Biscuits (Denmark) and Gyori Keksz (Hungary). Joint venture also established in Éire.
1993 The Smith's Snackfood Company, Australia's leading snackfood manufacturer incorporating a snacks business in Italy. Derwent Valley Foods, the UK owner of the Phileas Fogg snack brand. Further investment in Oxford Biscuits (Denmark) and Gyori Keksz (Hungary) taking investments to 100%.
1994 Further investment in Fazer Biscuits (Finland), taking the investment to 70%, San, a Polish biscuit manufacturer taking investment to 90%, and Nibb-It Snacks, a Dutch snackfood manufacturer1995 The Original Pretzel Company, Australia1997 Acquisition of the French biscuits business, Biscuiterie Nantaise (BN), from PepsiCo. Inc. in exchange for certain continental European snack operations and the sale to PepsiCo. Inc. of The Smiths Snackfood Company, Australia. UB receives a net consideration of £241 million.
1998 Acquisition of the Continental European Biscuit Business, Delacre, from the Campbell Soup Company for £125m. Delacre has operations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and exports to the USA. Meiji McVitie, UB buys out Meiji's 50% stake of the venture to form a new company, UB Japan Ltd.
1999 Merger of UB's Young's seafood business with Legal & General Ventures Bluecrest to create the largest seafood business in the UK. UB and LGV (and its associates) each hold 44% of equity of the business. Management and other finance providers will hold the balance.
1999 (September) Acquired certain biscuit operations from German confectionery company, Stollwerck. UB receives Stollerck's Hungarian biscuit business and appoints Stollwerck as its sales and distribution agent in Germany.
1999 (October) Binding agreement reached with HJ Heinz Company for the sale of UB's frozen and chilled food businesses (excluding chilled fish operation) for a price of £190 m payable on completion. Regulatory clearance granted 7th December.1999 (November) Sale of UB's Grimsby-based chilled fish business to Northern Foods. The operation supplies added-value seafood products to Marks & Spencer and Waitrose.2000 (April) Finalrealm acquires UB.2000 (May) Sale of UB Nordic A/S and UB Denmark A/S to Danone.

2000 (May) Sale of UB's TUC and Cheddars brands to Danone (Jacob's). Mini-Cheddars excluded from deal.2000 (June) Sale of UB Snack Foods SpA and UB Snack Foods GmbH to Danone. This comprises UB's Donauwörth factory in Germany and a commercial office in Italy.

2000 (July) Acquisition of Nabisco’s European, Middle East and North African businesses (EMENA).2000 (November) Sale of UB Malaysia and UB Singapore to Danone.2000 (November) Sale of UB Hungary to Danone.2001 (February) Sale of San, Poland to Danone.

2001 (March) Sale of 44% interest in Young’s Bluecrest Seafood Holdings Limited.2001 (May) Sale of Fazer, Finland to Danone.2002 (March) Completion of sale of United Biscuits (China) Limited and its subsidiaries to Nabisco.2003 (October) Closure of dry mix factory in Tunisia.

2004 (July) New subsidiary company of UBUK opened in Dublin, Ireland - UB Snackfoods Ireland Ltd.2004 (August) Acquisition of Triunfo Productos Alimentares, SA, Portugal

2004 (August) Sale of Benelux Snacks business to Roger & Roger2004 (September) Acquisition of Jacob's Biscuit Group from Danone2006 (February) Acquisition of the brands Nik Naks and Wheat Crunchies from Golden Wonder2006 (September) Completion of sale of UB Southern Europe to Kraft Foods Inc.

2006 (December) Sale of Business completed to The Blackstone Group and PAI

History of LU brands of cookies and biscuits

LU brand of biscuits are now synonomus with french delicacies .It has long history as the most popular french biscuit brands .LU has been recently associated with Kraft Foods Inc .Earlier to Kraft ,Danone were the owner of LU biscuit.
Here is a brief history to the world famous biscuit brand.
For more than 150 years, the LU brand (www.lubiscuits.com) has been synonymouswith some of the world's most delicious cookies. Founded in 1850, LU is one ofthe greatest success stories in the French food industry. Each LU biscuit is awork of art, capturing the elegant design and rich European taste people havecome to expect from LU. LU biscuits' devotion to art and design began in 1850when a French baker named Monsieur LeFevre married Mademoiselle Utile, andtheir blossoming love became a shared passion for baking exquisite biscuits.Each biscuit was considered a work of art, and like all great artists, theyproudly placed their initials, "LU," on each and every biscuit. The design ofthe brand's signature cookie, Le Petit Ecolier, was molded in chocolate fromthe image of "The Little School Boy" by renowned illustrator Firman Bouisset,furthering the brand's history of style and design. In 2007, LU joined KraftFoods and is one of the company's top-selling brands with products availablein 100 countries and revenues exceeding $1 billion globally.
Ref : Kraft Food

Britannia unveils 'Shubh Kaamnayein' range for Diwali

Assorted gift pack from Britannia Industries Ltd for Deepawali Festivities

Britannia unveils 'Shubh Kaamnayein' range for Diwali

A visit to a Biscuit Factory

A Day in a Biscuit Factory

Have you ever wondered what goes inside a biscuit factory and how do you get such delicious biscuit made. A visit to biscuit factory has been detailed below in brief so that ones get s an idea of biscuit manufacturing, process and people. Biscuit factory has it own ways, lingo and people who manage the production. I would tell you more about people who are directly involved in the production process or activities on the shop floor.

Premixing area

Operators checks the variety and weighs ingredient as per the recipes waits for mixers operators signals .Once he gets the signal , starts putting up all ingredients manually or in case system is automated he starts the discharge options. Automated additions could be flour , butter , sugar solution , milk , water etc . Food Additives which are in very small quantities are added manually. Pre mixing area have storage tanks, pumps, votators , sifter and in many cases dough truck tilters . Operators has to get the material arranged from the stores for the days production . In case of cracker varieties the preparation s starts as early as 18 – 20 hrs . Gets stocks for sugar , flour ,hvo and other ingredients .Does cleaning operations at the end of the shift .Sifts Flour , Ammonia and Sugar .

Mixing Area

Mixer Operators gets the Ingredients from pre mixing area, cleans the mixer and checks the timers setting on the mixer for mixing process. Gets following material for addition such as biscuit powder from biscuit grinding room and dough in case of any left out in earlier process . Mixing operators does the mixing in stages . Checks the dough consistency , temperature and forwards the dough in a dough truck to tilting device .Operator has to be careful about the quality of flour take certain corrective measures in case he does under mixing or over mixing .

Forming Area

Operator checks the variety of product whether it is a molding variety or cutting variety . Check the cutter or the molder as per variety of the biscuit. Changes the speed and pressure of the molding or cutting as required .Install accessories like milk spray or salt or sugar spray units if required . Adjust speed of forming units like laminator, gauge rolls . Changes conveyors if required. In case of change over from one variety to other he selects the moulder or the cutter and install it on the biscuit production line .Add flour dust to the flour duster in case of sticky dough . Checks the wetness of the cutting web .Drops deformed biscuits . Return scrap dough to the

Baking Area

Oven operators checks the variety and adjust the oven zones temperature , adjusts the dampers as per the requirement .Adjust burner setting as per temperature requirement .

Increase or decrease speed of the traveling oven band as per the requirement . Simultaneously instruct forming section operator to adjust the speed of the forming unit . Drops burnt biscuits . Checks the tracking of oven band, make a note of damaged band area . Important roles comes into picture in case of power failure when he has to get the biscuit trapped in the oven zone out with help of manual arrangement .This is very important as any delay by him can result in fire in the oven .Checks the safety sheets of the oven .Hence oven operator has big role in baking quality of the product .

Packing Area

Packing area can be most populated in case of semi – automatic packaging but for automated area one or two operators are sufficient per machine .Biscuits are fed into feeding chutes manually by feeder s . Packaging operators checks the date , labels and product setting on the packing machine . Checks the wrapper and adjust the setting of the machine . Adjust the speed of the packing machine as per incoming quantity of biscuit. Checks temperature of sealers to avoid any defective packaging .Does the change over of the packing machine as per the product. Then ensure that cartons are taped and then passed on to the finished good ware house.

All operators has been provided with pre formatted form to be filled in . Each section fills these form s to be submitted to the shift supervisors who then send it to the production manager who checks for the data , outputs , break down , wastage etc and log it on the ERP software .

Other functions

Store – Receives and inspect incoming material . Updates stock position, Store these material at predefined place .

Purchase – They are responsible for arranging material for production On request generated by production planning they release orders for vendors to deliver the material on time .

Production planning- Gets sales requirement from sales deptt . Plan production accordingly with taking view of raw material, plants availability, personnel and packing material .

Dispatch- Co ordinate with sales dept and dispatches material to the destination in time .Has to follow up with transporter for dispatches .

Quality team - Responsible for quality of the ingredients , packing material and standards of the process , product and keep monitoring on critical control points , Maintain documents for

Maintenance team - Responsible for break down maintenance and upkeep of the plant and machinery.

Hygiene team - Maintains the hygienic and cleanliness of the factory .

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Premier Foods and WRAP team up to tackle bread waste

A recent study conducted by UK govt highlights the fact that the major conntributor to food wastage in british household are bakery product . Around 14% of total food wastage has been bread . Reason for this can be attributed to

Pack size - larger pack size results in more wastages
Staling products get staled due to short shelf life
Improper storage practices
Shorter shelf life of the product.

Premier Foods and WRAP team up to tackle bread waste

Alveograph or Extensograph - An Important tool for bakers

Alveograph is an integral part of any bakery or flour miller .Its a must for bakeries and helps in inspecting flour for its strength .Alveograph is also known as extensometer by many . These machine was invented by M .Chopin Hence the name Chopin extensometer. Alveograph uses air pressure to inflate a thin sheet of dough . Simulating carbon dioxide gas which is present in the dough and is the reason for dough to stretch in process.Dough is allowed to inflate till it burst .The point at which the dough sheet burst is recorded and values calculated for the flour . These values are plotted and shown as graph through computer.
Following are the parameter which an Alveograph shows
P- Its the value which shows the amount of pressure withstood by the dough sheet before it burst.
L -Shows the maximum height attained by the bubble befor it collapsed or bursted.This shows the flexibility of the dough
P/L- Its the value obtained by pressure upon the height attained and this shows the strength of the flour.
G- The volume of the air entrapped in the bubble before bubble burst .This shows the flexibility of the dough .
W- Energy required to get the bubble inflated before it collapsed .This shows the strength of the flour .

Once all the parameter s are analysed then bakers selects the suitable product for the flour as per its characteristics . Normally these tests are done prior to production which saves time and energy of the operators with the right selection of flour .This also minimise the chances of the failure of the batch .

IFFCO - Bakery Manufacturer-A profile

International Food Stuff company ( IFFCO ) is one of the largest bakery manufacturer of bakery products in Gulf region . Established in year 1975 –Sharjah ,UAE ,from a food trading company it has become a big food manufacturing company having manufacturing facilities in various countries like Iran , Pakistan , Egypt , Malaysia and UAE . Its product are exported to nearly 70 countries .
Major products of IFFCO are Edible oil , Bakery products ( Biscuits , pasta , cakes, frozen bakery ) , Ice creams , Snacks , flour , Poultry and Animal Feed s.
Major Brands of IFFCO are Noor , Tiffany , Igloo , London Dairy , Khaleej
Tiffany brands of bakery products are popular brand in Middle eastern countries .It has product range from , Plain glucose biscuit , Cream biscuits, Digestive ,Nice ,Cookies .Wafers are also popular category of Tiffany .
HO - PO BOX 29220 , Sharjah , UAE .

Britannia Ups Its Stake in SFIC and AL Sallan Foods

Britannia s has taken two companies Strategic Food Intl CO , Dubai , UAE and Al Sallan Foods , Sohar , OMAN under its control. Declaring this MD Ms Vinita Bali told media that both Companies which were JV with Khimji Ramdas are now 100% subsidiary of Britannia Industries Ltd .Earlier it was 70-30% JV with KR group. Ms Bali said that this marked Britannia’s move to consolidate its position in that part of the globe.Both these companies have suffered losses . Already Operations have been consolidated at Sohar for maximum of the production on account of cost benefits having plant in Oman .SFIC ( Strategic Food Intl Co)-Dubai has problem on account of high cost of overhaeads and Ingredients .


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