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Parle Revamp Milano Pack Design

Milano , Parle Milano , Parle Milano biscuit , Milano biscuits ,Choco chip cookies, choco cookies
Parle  premium choco chips cookies Milano  has under gone pack revamping  from chocolate  cream color to   white  wrapper to draw consumer attraction

Mcvities Orange Cream With Doraemon

Mcvities  promotes  it orange cream   with    Kids favorite cartoon personality  " Doraemon"    biscuits with stickers stacked inside .

Microbiological Hand Swab Reports For Your Workers

Food  Handlers  in bakeries  are supposed   to under go Hand swab test  in regular  intervals   to ensure that  the food which comes in contact with these workers  are not contaminated  with  bacteria . This  is  also mandatory  for  food  manufacturing units  under ISO 22000 or  HACCP certification .

This  test  also reflects the unit's  hand washing  , personeel hygiene training effectiveness . Most of  the bakeries  have  hand washing dispenser installed at  various exit and entry points  as per their  worker strength alongwith some anti bacterial soap  solution and driers  . Regular training are imparted to  make worker  learn the importance of  hand washing in making bakery product  contamination  free . Swabs from machinery could also be sent alongwith these samples for  the report .

They  are several  NABL approved labs which conducts these  test and give reports  against small fee. These  swabs test  sample  are collected  to determine  the presence of  microbes  on food handler  hands .

Microbes  investigated  are

ESCHERICHIA  COLI   Ref IS : 5887 ( part i  1976)

STAPHYLOCOCCUS  SUREUS       Ref  IS  : 5887 ( part ii )

SALMONELLA     Ref  IS : 5887 ( part iii )



B. CERUS     - Ref IS : 5887 ( part vi )

Ref  be made to BIS  standards for  minimum quantity permissible  for bacteria mentioned  above in  hand  swabs  .Absence of these harmful bacterial  would be the best  results for the bakeries .

Micro zap Technology To Increase The Shelf Life Of Bread

For long  the researches  and food technologist  have been working for  recipe , chemicals, packaging   or  technology  to increase the shelf  life  of bread   so that there could be control on food waste  in which  stale breads  are major contributor

In  normal condition  the bread shelf  in not more than 4-5 days   for  which the manufacturers have added  preservatives and anti oxidant  which  definitely have some adverse impact on human body . The molds and fungus  gets  appearing from  the 5th or 6 th day  in storage  thus making it  stale .The packaging material which becomes moist  while keeping the bread under wrap contributes to fungal growth . Food technologist have been trying  to  devise  recipes or alternative packaging material  which could  kill these microbes for better shelf life thus reducing food waste  in many countries .

To tackle this  short shelf  issue scientist s and  researches at  Micro zap have invented a new microwave technology  to  kill spores and molds  for higher shelf which could be as  long as 60 days .

A report

In normal conditions bread will go mouldy in around 10 days.
But an American company called  Microzap  says they have developed a technique that will keep the bread mould free for two months.At their laboratory on the campus of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, chief executive Don Stull showed off the long, metallic microwave device that resembles an industrial production line. Originally designed to kill bacteria such as MRSA and salmonella, the researchers discovered it could kill the mould spores in bread in around 10 seconds."We treated a slice of bread in the device, we then checked the mould that was in that bread over time against a control,” he explained."And at 60 days it had the same mould content as it had when it came out of the oven."
Micro zap rep  also claims that this technology would not affect  the taste ,texture  and bread would be as fresh as it was on the day of  production .The technology they are putting up is called  cold pasteurization  and as microwave employs pulsed power and multiple radio-frequency sources which will ensure energy is transmitted to the food in an even way.

visit microzap website :

Britannia's Atta Bread

Britannia   brings  a new  product   to  compete in healthy bread segment  called " Atta" bread . Atta  ( wheat flour )  is  primary  ingredients  for  ethnic breads for Indian house hold thus  placing it into majority house hold  grocery purchase .

Atta bread is  slightly different  with  wheat flour content  as it  has more fibre %  then  Brown bread or  whole wheat  bread .Britannia Atta bread has 22% of whole wheat  flour  as declared in lable  thus we can conclude that rest of  flour 25-30% is  wheat flour ( maida )  as ingredient .

britannia atta bread , atta bread ,whole grain bread , healthy bread
Competition for  Brown  and  Atta breads comes  f rom  formidable  presence of  local brands  such as  Mrs Bector s English oven  , Harvest  Gold  and  Bonn  Bread 

Bakery Industry Representation In International Trade Fair 2012 , Delhi

This   year   International  trade fair exhibition 2012 Delhi  has fair representation from bakery industry . One of the largest  trade promotion  in India   with domestic partner participation  can  be good platform for any exhibitor to show  case to million of people .

I had opportunity for  have brief visit  to  various halls   to check products  and manufacturers in Bakery Industry

Participants  in Food segments   were  popular  among  general public  as  manufacturers were offering discounts , free trials ( taste )  , free goodies to the visitors .Britannia  Industries Ltd  -one of the largest manufacturer of bakery products  was the surprise participant in  this section as  they  are not regular  participant  in this exhibition.
courtesy -

Bakery  Product Manufacturers

Britannia Industries Ltd  -  Biscuits , Cakes , Bread ,Rusk , Dairy Products

Bonn   -   Biscuits , Breads , Cakes , Rusk
Impressed  with the fact that they  had made a mark  with large presentation of their products  with  various product s . Major attractions was of course  bread segment  with Jumbo Sliced  Bread Pack .

Anmol   -  Biscuits

Dr  Oetker  -   Sandwich  Spreads

Bakery  Equipment  Manufacturer

Pritul Machine  -  Bakery  Ovens , Bakery Mixers , Provers

Swift  Pack - Packing machines , Shrink Wrap , Taping Machine

Millieum  Packaging  - Flow wrap machines 

Britannia Diwali Gift Pack - Shubh Kamanayien

Britannia Gift Pack , Diwali gift pack
Britannia Gift Packs For Festive Season

Britannia  one of  the popular bakery brand has en cashed on the new trends in gifting in festive seasons covering dussehra ,diwali,xmas and new year . Preparation starts from month of july  getting the gift pack art work ready with  design . Packings are done with assorted biscuits  either in house or  with help of outsourced vendors . Every year  Britannia  gets decent profits from these gift packs . Competitors like Parle , ITC,Oreo , United Biscuits   have also come up with gift packs . Consumers are also experimenting with new ideas for gift on these festive occasions .Gifts consisting of biscuit , confectionery , beverages and snacks  items  have become popular  due to adulteration which are common now for traditional sweets( Mithai )

Shubh Kamanayien  Pack  consists  various biscuit pack such  as Maska -Chaska , Goodday , Bourbon  etc.

Glucose Biscuits Looses Out To Cream Biscuits & Cookies

There  is a significant   shift in consumer buying habits  for   biscuits in India . Marketing  push for cream and cookies at  low price tags have paid  for , tier -2  cities and rural consumers have  now  shown interest in premium biscuit categories  like cream  and cookies .Parle -G  remains the largest glucose brands but with  low market share  as compared to previous years .We can see the biscuit manufacturers coming out with numerous  cream varieties. Britannia is aggressively marketing low cost  Tiger cream brand .Glucose biscuit market share  for entire biscuit segment  is  estimated to be 28% but is gradually losing out  to premium cream and cookies biscuit .

biscuit  market of india , Indian biscuit categories

We  can  place  following cream biscuits brands in three level  on price  comparison

Top premium cream biscuits

Pure  magic ( Britannia )   Dark Fantasy ( ITC )  Choco Kiss ( Unibic )

Middle  level cream biscuits

Oreo ( Kraft ) , Orange cream ( Mcvities ) , Bourbon ( Britannia ) , Bourbon ( Parle & ITC )

Bottom level

Kremes ( Parle )  , Treats (  Britannia ) , Tiger creams ( Britannia ) , Creams (ITC ) , Creams ( Priya gold )

With small packs  cream biscuits  are now available for rural markets  and people are buying out  these in large number instead of popular biscuits such as glucose biscuits .

This sales fig are  for  months  Apr -Sept  sales ( Nielsen data )  shows  the drop  in glucose biscuit sale
glucose biscuit market share
source - ET

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US Bakery Market Is Worth $ 30 Billion

US  is the largest bakery product manufacturer in the world  with China  and India  ranked 2nd & 3rd respectively .Bakery market revenue is estimated to $ 30 Billion  per year .Average consumption of bakery products by Americans is about 25.4 kg per capita .

A  report 

The US bakery industry includes about 2,800 commercial bakeries with combined annual revenue of about $30 billion, along with about 6,000 retail bakeries with combined annual revenue of about $3 billion. Major companies include Hostess Brands, Flowers Foods, and Bimbo Bakeries USA (the US operations of Mexico's Grupo Bimbo). The commercial side of the industry is concentrated: the 50 largest companies generate 75 percent of revenue. The retail side of the industry is highly fragmented: the 50 largest companies generate about 15 percent of revenue, and the typical company operates just one facility.

Demand is driven by consumer preferences and by the extent to which grocery stores choose to operate their own bakeries rather than buy from commercial bakeries. Profitability for individual companies is determined by efficiency of operations. Large companies have scale advantages in procurement, production, and distribution. Small companies can compete by offering specialty goods or superior local distribution services. Retail bakeries are labor-intensive: average annual revenue per worker is about $45,000.

us bakery market , us bakery industry , bakery industry in us , us bakery turnover , major player in us bakery industry

Major products include baked breads, mainly white, wheat and rye, which account for 40 percent of commercial bakery sales. About 20 percent of sales come from rolls, buns, muffins, bagels and croissants; 10 percent from soft cakes; and the rest from pies, pastries, donuts and a variety of sweet goods.

source  -

Baking Tip : Why Does Bread Collapse During Baking

Common problem during baking process in bread manufacturing  is of  collapsed bread during  baking .This of course  can be detected  from  fermentation  and proving stages  to do  corrective measure the only disadvantage  in bread production  process is it cycle time  which are  as long as depending on the process adopted such as direct method chroleywood or  sponge - method . It could vary from 4hrs - 2 hrs in for bread different styles of bread manufacturing .

Effect on bread

  • Flattened( Collapsed) bread have large holes
  • Collapsed  bread texture
  • Sour taste

  • Use of weak flour could  lead to  weak  texture which can not hold the 
  • Ambient temperature and quantity of yeast added
  • Excess Fermentation - Qty of yeast or duration given for fermentation/Standing time 
  • Less salt or low salt during  mixing process
  • Deviation from standard mixing time / 
  • Improper water addition
  • Over Proving 
  • High dough temperature check the temp of ingredient added plus ambient temperature higher the temperature higher would be the yeast activity which would over ferment the dough
  •  Excess humidity  in prover .


  • Use  strong flour - check parameter of  flour  before  using it for  production
  • Reduce yeast quantity
  • Reduce fermentation time
  • Add salt  of normal or standard quantity
  • Reduce water quantity during mixing from earlier mixing
  • Check  proving time  
  • Reduce the dough temperature- check ingredient temperature . use chilled water if required .
  • Reduce the final prover temperature - check the dough lift in the moulds  to adjust the proving time
  • Adjust the humidity

Britannia & Parle In Top 10 Most Trusted Brands

Economic Times  have just released their  list of most trusted brands of India  . Good news is that  Britannia ( ranked 2nd )and Parle  ( Parle ranked 7th)both leading brands in baked products category  are in top 10  .Which is significant for  bakery industry  although both  are established brands with long history . They have beaten  many  mnc brands in  getting consumer loyalties  likes of  Nokia ,Unilever ,P&G,Nestle, Pepsi , Coca Cola. Britannia  have  biscuits , cakes , bread , dairy and  ready to eat  products in its product mix where as Parle has  biscuits , snacks and confectionery under its product portfolio .Britannia popular brands are Good Day , Marie Gold , Tiger , 5050 , Milk Bikis ,Bourbon & Nice .Similarly  Parle has  Parle -G , Krackjack ,Monaco  , Happy Happy, Hide and Seek  & Mango bite . Both Britannia and Parle  have proved that  with right talent and mentoring one can have brands which can take on Mnc's.

Top 10  Most trusted brand in India( fmcg )  are

1. Colgate 
2. Britannia 
3. Nokia
4. Clinic Plus
5. Dettol
6. Tata Salt
7. Parle
8. Mazza
9. Maggi

Other Food, Confectionery  & Snacks Brands  which  have made the  mark inTop 100 brands are

Tata Salt - 6
Maggi     -9
Kukurkure - 36
Cadbury Milk Chocolate - 42
Sunfeast  - 54
Nestle Milk Chocolate -62
Munch  - 77
Kitkat  - 80
Lays  - 83
5 star - 94
Perk  - 98

For complete list  visit
Most Trusted Brands Of  India - ET

Bakery Trends In China

Chinese bakery industry is witnessing high  growth alongwith its other industry  . Rapid urbanization ,changing food habits  and increase in middle class income are  factors in making bakery products popular in China

bakery trends in china
Foreign bakery chains are accelerating their expansion into China, as local hunger grows for freshly baked bread, cakes and pastries.
Singapore bakery chain BreadTalk, for instance, said it has plans to increase its number of mainland outlets from 300 to 550 in the next couple of years.


Top 10 Chinese Biscuit Manufacturers

China  is world second largest  biscuit  manufacturing  country  after United States .  Few mncs have also  entered  chinese biscuit market  but at large  market  is dominated by local brands .

Here  are  Top 10  biscuit manufacturer of China in terms of sales revenue and market  share

    Orion Food Co Ltd

    Jinan Dali Food Co Ltd

    PepsiCo Food (China) Co Ltd

    Luohe Hengda Co Ltd

    Oishi (China) Co Ltd

    Anyang Jianfeng Food Co Ltd

    Hubei Dali Food Co Ltd

    Fujian Fuma Food Group Co Ltd

    Fujian Dali Food Group Co Ltd

    Chengdu Dali Food Co Ltd.

Source :

Malpractices Prevalent In Bakeries

 Bakeries   adopts  several  malpractices  in their  greed  to make quick  money   with utter disregard for consumer health  or  product  quality  . Few of them have made it a  regular practice until caught  whereas few of them  take chances  when  they  could  pass on with  minimum of risk .Lack of awareness of legal aspects  and  lower penalties encourage  manufacturers to adopt  malpractices in bakeries .

Consumers have to remain  vigilant  on this front  as to report  immediately  to the concerned authorities if they find any thing  missing  either in taste or any  health related issues after consuming these baked items .Following are  signs for  poor quality of  baked items such as

Presence of  foreign particles ( metal , sands , insects , threads , plastic , wrapper  )
Pungent small
Fungus or bacterial growth
Poor packaging - seal broken or open packs
Misleading  labels ( ingredients , allergens  , date )
Poor taste
Stale items
Burnt  small or taste 
Less Weights

Adulteration by mixing  low grade  especially cheap and low nutrient  material 

 Mixing inferior  items  with  ingredients  or diluting standard recipes  for profit


Substitution of  ingredients  lesser known or inferior brand

Bakeries would  buy inferior brands at very low cost  to save money and make profits  at the cost of  consumers well being 

Recycling of  spoiled material 

Many bakeries  are found to recycle  waste dough  or  rejected material to  cut down waste  thus  lowering quality of  product . 

Unsanitary  working condition 

Manufacturers  are found to neglect the  sanitation and hygiene part of  process  to which cases of   infestation and report of  foreign particles in product  are reported  by consumers. Not having enough staff to  do  the cleaning of  factory premises .
Lack of   personal  hygiene  and  sanitation 
Lack of monitoring and  neglecting  personal  hygiene aspects of food handler to save cost .

Use of  fraudulent  weights  and measures
Giving less weight  as declared on pack weight   or  playing with  moisture content  to  have  heavier product  at the risk of product quality .

Not all  bakeries adopt these malpractices but  for few  who indulge in these methods  to make quick profit. Regulators  and consumers should remain vigilant  against  such  malpractices .

Star Bucks Opens Its First Store In Mumbai

With major business tv channels flashing  the  news of  Starbuck opening its first store  in Mumbai  ,thus ending  the  gossip mills  about the timing and the location for  the Starbucks store . Starbucks chose the historic Elphinstone Building in the Horniman Circle neighborhood of south Mumbai.Capacity of this store would be of 120  guests .

starbucks , tata global beverages , starbucks in India
Pic courtesy - India Today
Ceo and President of  Starbucks  Mr Howard Schultz  alongwith  Indian partner Tata ,s  chairman  Mr
 Ratan Tata  were present on this occassion .

 Star Bucks being  world  number one  in  coffee chain  across globe has been aggressive in promoting its business in Asia  . It  has  around 700 outlets in mainland china where as in Japan its has more than 1000 outlets .

Pricing strategy  would be important for Starbucks to take on the established  players like  Cafe Coffee Day ( CCD )  and Barista  .

The  trade mark  bakery products for this stores would be sourced  with in the  local market .

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Tiffin Cakes From Britannnia

Britannia tiffin cakes , tiffin cakes , britannia cakes , cakes from britannia

britannia tiffin cakes , britannia cakes ,  cakes from britannia , britannia industries ltd
Tiffin  cakes  from  Britannia Industries Ltd . Britannia  which has almost complete dominance over  branded bar cakes  have now introduces  block bar cake for kids . Winkies and few other players  have  already launched  mini  bar cakes in  small packs  . Britannia has now  introduced this pack to take on competition head on .

The Bakemans Story

   What  went wrong for  a very  popular brand  of north India " Bakemans  "  having wide range of products from biscuits , bread  and cakes  has been now  sold  to Srilankan  company .

Excerpt For  ET 

bakemans , India's failed brandsIn the 1990s, a north-based biscuits company, Bakemans Industries, gave industry leaders Britannia and Parle Products sleepless nights with its aggressively-priced offerings in the Marie and Glucose segments. The regional brand with an enviable 13% share, most of it coming out of Uttar Pradesh, was going places - until it decided to go national.

An attempt to carve out a pan-India presence ended in disaster with it plunging into a sea of red. To wipe out its losses, Bakemans raised prices on its home turf, in Uttar Pradesh. That move proved to be the proverbial final nail in the coffin; Bakemans not only failed to become a national player, it lost pole position in the market in which it once ruled the roost. The company was put up for sale, but even the acquisition by a Sri Lankan biscuit player ended calamitously.

The Bakemans debacle serves as a grim reminder for regional brands seeking to go national.

Full article on ET

How Safe Is Your Bakery From Fire Hazard ?

fire safety in bakeries , fire hazard in bakery
In 20 years of   baking  career  I had come across  numerous fire incidents  in bakery  plants  . Few were  severe  others  were   of  smaller nature . These  fire  incidents  raises doubt  about the   safety  standards in the factory . Plant management has to  convince  people  that  things  will not be repeated to  erase  fear  from  minds of  workers .The  damage caused  and the production loss  are heavy  in  such incidents . It  takes numerous months  to get  the  insurance  claims from insurance companies . Any   casualty  in these incidents   would  have  resulted in closure of  plants , hence  every precaution should be take  to prevent  or eliminate these fire  incidents.

Plant  were

Biscuit Plant
Fire  in  Ovens
Fire  in bopp laminate  waste  in scrap  yards

Bread  Plant
Fire in ovens

You can  see that  majority  of   fire  have taken in baking area ie  is  oven area , its  natural that most risky  place in the  bakery production process is oven area  with  fuel like  hsd , ldo , gas and rfo  , even electric ovens are now being used in bakery process .

Following has contributed  to fire  in these cases

The hose pipe  in burner came out  from burner  and fell on the hot plate of the burner zone thus inciting fire

Scrap yard  caught  fire  as some one threw  butt of cigarettes  in that area .

In  all the incidents , accumulation of  bread,crumbs ,debris and remnant  inside the the oven  mostly  in swing tray type oven has contributed  for these fire  incident .

Following precautions  could have reduced  and helped people to react to  fire hazard in bakery .

  • Get  a insurance cover for  accidents , fires for the factory
  • Cleaning of oven periodically definitely  would help .
  • Have  Emergency lights  in different  area 
  • Check  all  manual  drives to take out  things  from oven 
  • Have Emergency number written in major production area
  • Have mock drills in regular interval
  • Check   all fire  safety equipments  by  third party
  • Do the fire extinguishers refilling after  the  expired dates
  • Designate  some technical person as safety officer  to concentrate on safety issues
  • Get  the NOC  license from local bodies 
  • Training of workers  for  equipment  used in process  also helps  in reduction of  fire hazards
  • Give  safety ppe  to workers  in hot areas
  • Use  HOT working cards   for jobs inside the 
  • Get fire hydrant  installed for  long term solution
  • Have atleast UPS  to drive   the material out of  ovens.
  • Storage of  Fuel  and Gas  to   adhere to  legal  specification of  the authorities .
  • Install  Fire  extinguishers  in  plant 
  • Fire Hydrant  Hose Pipes in several  locations 
  • Install  smoke  and heat detectors  in fire prone area .
 Its only when such incident happens that the factory management looks into safety aspect . Simple  lapses from factory management could result  in heavy loss to the company.

Here  are documents  asked  by  insurance companies   for  claim  in fire incident .

Insurance  Policy copy 
2.  Claim form
3.  Fire  brigade report
4. Police   FIR
5. Witness  statement ( any two )  first hand acct
6.  Cause of accident in detail
7.  Pics  of  the fire incident
8. List  of  damaged  items
9. Log sheet  of production  report  
10.  Stock statement  of the plant 
11. Detail calculation of  the loss
12  Raw  mat cost supported by  purchase invoices
13  Costing of   WIP and FG
14.  Destruction certificates for  the burnt material
15  Balance sheet
16. Material  to be kept till insurance company approves the damage and loss of material

So its better to have fire safety in place and avoid  fire hazards in bakeries

Automatic Arabic Pita Bread Production Line

Macadams International -World Major Bakery Equipment Manufacturer- A Profile

Macadams  International  is  a  major  bakery  equipment manufacturer  from South Africa .It has strong presence in African continent and has establsihed  a prominent place in  other countries for retail bakery equipment segment .

Established in  1904   Macadams  have  been  manufacturing  bakery equipments , packing machines  and bake ware. Macadams International  is wholly owned subsdiary of Universal Industries . It  is based at Capetown , Blackheath , South Africa .

Here  are range of equipment  manufactured  by them

Baking Systems
        Rack Ovens
        Deck Ovens
        Convection Ovens
        Kneaders,Mixers,Bowl Hoists and Bulk Hoppers
        Bread/Cake Slices
        Pastry Sheeters
        Industrial Frying Pan
        Doughnut Fryer
        Biscuit Machines
        Water Chillers
        Specialised Solutions

    Food Service Solutions
        Combi Oven
        Chicken Grillers
        Foodwaste Disposers
        Meal Merchandisers
        Ice Cubers and Flakers
        Fridges,Freezers and Blast Chillers
        Dishwashers & Utensil Washers
        Premier Ranges
        Oil Filtration Systems

    Packaging Solutions
        Macadams MacPak Automatic Packaging Machine
        Macadams MacPak Horizontal Packaging Machine
        Macadams MacPak Multiple Packaging Machine


HQ &  Address

Head Office & Exports
Macadams Business Park
School Street
Cape Town
+27 (0) 21 907-1000
Fax: +27 (0) 21 907-1111

Top 5 Major Global Cereal Companies

Wheat or  Corn Flakes  with numerous  flavors  we love  all of  them  be it local manufacturers brand or world major brands.

Here are the World  Major  Break fast cereal   making  companies  with market share

 Kelloggs     -  32.1%

Corn Flakes , Crunchy Nuts ,  Frosted  Flakes 
General Mills   -  10.6%

Cheerios , Trix  and Lucky Charms
Cereal  Partners World Wide  - 9.8%

Nesquick , Fitness  and Chocapic

 Pepsico - 8.6%

Quaker s ,Puffed Wheat and Sugar Puffs

Ralcorp  Holdings - 4.5 %

Private label  brands 


Mondelez International Comes Up With Oreo And Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar

Mondelez  International newly spun company out of Kraft Food Inc  has launched a new combination of two popular products  Cadburys Dairy milk chocolate  and Oreo cookies .It will be a milk chocolate bar containing a creamy filling with Oreo cookie pieces  called Cadbury dairy milk with Oreo.

cadbury milk oreo chocolate , cadbury dairy milk , oreo cookies
This new chocolate  bar would be introduced in UK market  from this week  as per the news reports . Kraft   food has been innovating  products  to  increase its sales in competitive UK's  biscuit market .  Should be  a winning combination for  consumers .


AIB To Open School On Baking In Greater Noida

Press Release by AIB .International school of Baking 
 AIB(  American Institute of  Baking) International School of Baking is committed to supporting the growth of the baking industry in the nation of India through professional training.  By providing an opportunity for interested persons to learn the science and technology of baking, we hope to obtain a critical mass of proficiency that will allow bakery owners and managers to create new products, improve the quality of existing products, and assure that the bakeries are operating at lowest possible costs.
This professional training will benefit the nation of India in the following ways:
  • Increased variety of bakery products available- some more nutritious and others more indulgent
  • Increased employment opportunities as the industry grows
  • Control of pricing through reduction of costs rather than government regulation
The AIB International School of Baking plans to pursue these goals through  association with Mr.  Raj Kapoor, Chief Executive, Assocom-India Pvt. Ltd., Delhi, India.  Mr. Kapoor represents AIB International and the Department of Grain Science and Industry at Kansas State University, both in Manhattan, Kansas. 

 The  construction of the new Assocom Institute of Baking Technology & Management in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. would be completed by end of this year .

If you need any further details, please contact: 
Raj Kapoor
Chief Executive
Assocom-India Pvt. Ltd.
Flat No. 601, DDA Building District Center
Plot No. 4, Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi - 110092
Tel. +91-11-47675218 (Direct) Cell: +91-9810158318,
Email:, Skyp: kapoor.raj, 

Mondelez A New Name For Cadbury India

Cadbury  India  would be now re -named as Mondelez   as confirmed by  news paper report . Cadbury India  which has been taken over by Kraft  Foods Inc  in year 2010  has now been given  new name as per Kraft  food inc  strategy  to split it business into  two new identity ie  International  business which includes  Oreo , Nabisco  other brands would be now under Mondelez International  Brand where as  North American  local products retains Kraft Foods Group name.

Cadbury to be Mondelez , Mondelez International , Kraft Mondelez , Cadbury IndiaAs per  the news report  the brand cadbury  would  continue to be displayed   with product  with Mondelez replacing the  manufacture name in labels .

Indian subsdiary  of Kraft  Inc Cadbury  are market leader in chocolate category  and are now manufacturing  OREO brand of biscuits under cadbury brand .Other products from Kraft Inc which are produced in India  are Tang and Trident .


Parle Biscuits Nashik Plant Raided For Using Banned Ingredients

 Its rare  that we hear stories about  food regulatory bodies  acting against big names in  food processing units  for  violation of   Food Acts .Stringent  action  should be taken against  such  manufacturers  for  putting consumers health at risk . 
Even  as this news  doesn't have any relation to bakery but  for the fact that  manufacturers are  adulterating foods by adding banned ingredients . It is  necessary to  spread awareness among consumers  to be alert on food safety matters .Food laws  are meant  to prevent manufacturers to  play around  with  consumer health  . 
As reports have come from different  news sources  about recent raid in Parle Biscuits Pvt Ltd  Nashik  (Gondegaon) factory  for using lactic acid  in its  confectionery product  " Kaccha Mango Bite " .  The  raid was conducted after  news of  several  kids being admitted for food poisoning  after  eating this  candy broke out  . Lactic acid has been banned to be used in confectionery items . Raid was conducted by officials of FDA .

Lactic acid and raw material have been seized  and sent  for  analysis as reported .

The Hindu
 Indian express

Anmol To Launch Tejus Brand Of Biscuits

Anmol  Bakers  have launched   a new  brand of biscuit named  "Tejus "  in  health segment of   biscuit  category . It  has plan to  bring   digestive  range of biscuit  to cater demand from health conscious consumers looking out   for diabetic  and heart   beneficial range of biscuits . Competition would come from all  major biscuit manufacturers such as Britannia " Nutri choice " ,  United Biscuits " Mcvities " Digestive  and others .

Anmol  bakers have also declared their plans to enhance capacity  in coming years through expansion of its  Greater Noida plant .New  green field projects in Odisha and  Kolkata   where it would have rusk unit along with  biscuit  line and cake plant .

Tejus Biscuits , Anmol biscuit , Digestive biscuits , tejus brands of biscuit
courtesy  : Anmol Bakers
All together  investment  in tune Rs 135.0  crores would be spent on these up coming projects . Anmol plans to increase it annual  production  capacity to 25000 ton per month from 16000 tons at present . Annual turnover of Anmol Bakers have been Rs 700 crore for this fiscal year .


Popular Brands Of Bread In Australia

Bread  are  popular staple food in Australia and the trends is that  people are moving away from white breads to other options  such as pasta and  ready to eat snacks   .Other popular categories of  bread are Fruit breads and Rolls/Buns in Australia . Australia's  average consumption of bread  is around 52 kg per capita from  high  of 63 kg per capita  in earlier years .
Brands of bread in australia , australia bread brands, popular bread brands of australia
coutesy:goodman fielder

Two major manufacturers of   bread   are

Goodman Fielder
Brands of  Bread :
Country Life Bakery ,Flinders Bread,Freya's,Helga's,Helga's Seed Sensations,La Famiglia,Lawson's
Leaning Tower,MacKenzie,Mighty Soft,Molenberg,Nature's Fresh,Quality Bakers,Vogel's,Wonder White
Popular brands of australia , australia major bread brands
courtesy : George weston foods

George Weston Foods
Brands of Bread
Tip Top, Sunblest, 9 Grain, Noble Rise, UP, Burgen, Golden , Big Ben
Other popular  bread brands in Australia are

Wool worth
Bakers Delight

5 Top Packaging Cost Reduction Ideas

Branding Of Ethnic Food Product

As expected   some enthusiast has started  branding of   ethnic products which are  presently sold  either by  retailers , street hawkers or some specialty  sweet shops.

Ethnic food product , packaging , gud ki chikki , chikki , chikki brand
Here is an example of  our own  'Gud KiChikki"  -   (Peanut in bar of jaggery ) . Expect  few more !  . Malls and super markets have  started  putting up  these products on shelf thus catering to local taste and products  which is good for manufacturers . Few examples  are  rusk , bhujia , ghujia , gazaks , chiwda , varth related snacks  etc .

10 words every baker should know

Bakers  plays  an important  role  in entire bakery process . The person on which entire  product quality depends   .The one who  modify or changes parameters  if something goes  wrong   he needs to fix the problem ,Thus  for him  following 10  parameters or  bakery terms   are critical 

  1. Dough Temperature  
  2. Gluten  Percentage 
  3. Dough Raising Capacity ( DRC ) 
  4. Mixing  Time
  5. Fermentation Time
  6. Dividing  Weight  
  7. Proving  Time  
  8. Proving Temp
  9. Baking Time
  10. Baking  Temperature

Tamper Proof Packaging For Bread

tamper proof  bread packaging ,  bread packaging
Major bread manufacturer s  in  India  have now opted for tamper proof  packaging  as popular method of  bread packaging .  Its interesting to know the fact that this kind of  packaging was attempted  is early 90's  but with little success . Now  this kind of   packaging  has been  promoted by   bread manufacturers   with  large  retail   shops  opening  up in India  like Big bazar , Food bazar , Easy Day , Spencers  and many more . Britannia , Harvest Gold , Bonn and Cremica  are few major bread manufacturers  using these types of  tamper proof  carry bags .It consists of  adhesive tape  with or without paper tag.

List Of Wheat Flour Mills In India

Bakeries normally source their flour  requirement  from local flour millers     . Every state  has  their own local flour millers  yet  few of the flour brands  or mills  have   grown up in size and operations  and  are supplying flours across countries . Punjab  and  Haryana  are two major wheat producing states thus having large flour mills  in comparison rest of  the country . Flour  are categorised  as bread flour or  biscuit flour  as per the requirement of bakeries . Some times premium flour varieties for cake and pastries .

Here  are few major  flour suppliers to bakeries

Rajdhani Flour Mills Ltd
Cargill  Foods
Shakti  Bhog
Modern Flour Mills Ltd
BTS Flour Mill
Ahaar International
Amar Flour Mills
Delhi Flour Mill Ltd
Sree Vengopal Flour Mills
Shiv Roller Flour Mills
Modi Flour Mills
Rajdhani Roller Flour Mills  (p)  Ltd
Arti Food and Fats (P) Ltd
Bambino Argo Ind. Ltd
Panchkula Roller Flour Mills (P) Ltd.
Victoria Foods Private Limited
Bhawani Roller Flour Mills Ltd 
Shree Ram Flour Mill 

 We  can get exhaustive list of  flour millers   on 

WhenYour Food Packaging Goes Wrong Or Is this Convenience Packaging ?

Watch  this  funny video  highlighting  problems  with  packaged food products. After its  all about  convenience  packaging

Baker's Yeast Specification & Standards For Bakeries

Yeast  is a vital  ingredient in bakery process  and  should have  following  specifications  as per standards of  bakery manufacturer   and products . Quality  of  yeast  determines  the  end product .

Standards for  Baker  yeast

Bakers Yeast   :  Saccharomyces

Percentage  Moisture
Fermenting Power
Dough Raising Capacity  or   DRC   (  Most  critical  )
Proteolytic  activity
Heavy  metals  and alfatoxins 

Microbiology  Aspects

Bacteria microflora other than yeasts/gm
E.coli / gm
Coliform Count/gm
Rope spore count /g

Storage  Conditions -  4-7deg c
Storage Time -  Not more than 15 days

Why Water Is Critical For Bakery Operations

Water  apart   from  being  an important  ingredient in all  bakery recipe has  other functions in bakery  to perform in bakery units

Role of water  as ingredient

Helps in developing  gluten in mixing
Forms  emulsion alongwith  fat
Forming Solutions for  better mixing
Give moisture to end product  for better  taste
Helps  in fermentation

Type of  water

Treated water from  Municipality
Under ground water from bore well

Quantity  and  Quality  of  water  are critical for better end  product . Quantity  of water  are  impacted by quality of flour and other ingredients where as quality can be checked through lab analysis of water characterisitics and  adhering of  standard water quality prescribed by authorities such as hardness , microbiological counts and heavy metal presence .

For  potable water  in bakery  .Reference  has  to be  BIS standard

Other Usage  Of Water In Bakeries

Temperature control
Water is circulated  in mixer jackets  or added to control  dough temperatures
Steam is generated  to provide  temp and humidity during proving which  increases or decreases fermentation time .

Used  in large  quantity  to clean floors  and utensils  in  bakeries . CIP are  done  for liquid handling systems .Plastic trays and pallets  are washed and cleaned by water .

Utility  functions
Hot water generators
Chilling Plants
Cooling towers

Water  treating plants
To  get  water of desired properties bakeries do install  water treatment plant  such  as RO systems . Filters  can be used  at end use of water in process to prevent contamination.

Tamper Evident Bag Sealer For Bakeries

Does Your Bakery Have Food Safety Measures ?

Food safety  needs to be the top priority  for  any  bakery  business owner . Here  are following  food safety measures  for small  to large  bakeries .

Visitor Policy
Jewellery  Policy
Plastic Policy
Glass Policy
Personal Hygiene Checks
Pest Control  Management
Uniform  Management
Sanitation  Management
Building Maintenance
Food safety management system
Food  safety  Audit s
Storage system for raw material
Proper Drainage system
Maintenance system -Lubrication
Material Construction  of  equipments
Water Management
Solid Waste management
Training for work force
Equipments like - Air curtains/ Pvc strips/ Insect Killers/ Pallets /Rodent Boxes
Metal Detection  systems
Filters / Sieves
Hazard  Analysis done  for HACCP 
CCP's(  Critical  Control  Points ) Identified
PRP ( Pre -requisite programs ) and OPRP  (  Operational Pre requisite  programs ) monitored ,updated   

Types Of Dough Tipping Device

Several types of  Dough Tilters or  Dough Tipping device  can  be  used  for  dough feeding systems in bakeries . Dough tilting is required to  transfer  dough  from  Dough bowl  after mixing  to next stage , it could be   Diving for Bread or  Laminating  for  biscuits  or  Depositors in cookies production .Major mechanism  for dough tilters   is either hydraulic  , screw   and  chain type.

 Following   Different   Types  Dough  Tilters

Combination of mixer  alongwith  Dough Tilter
Inclined chain types dough  tilters
Straight Lead  Screw types tilters
Inclinded  Lead Screw type tilters
Moving type -on the wheel dough tilters

Pest Birds Control In Bakeries

Some times   bakeries  have  to  face  problem  from birds entering into  production hall . Pest bird control measures  becomes important  to prevent such  occurence . Bakeries being food factory  are  attraction for  these birds as they have different  kinds of  food available for them .

Bird can  enters  production hall through  entrances , roof   , damaged windows  and  gaps or holes in the wall s. . Normally birds which can be seen are  crows , pigeon , doves,sparrows  ,maina and even bats   in some cases .

Chances of   bird feces  , feathers and  debris  contaminating  the  products  are very high if these birds  are not stopped from frequenting  the production area .It has been observed that the feces  could even damage the exterior paints of wall with their stains . Huge cost  are incurred while  doing re -painting in such area s .  Arches  and chajja s are best  places for birds to build their nest s.

Here are few  Pest Bird control measures

Bird Netting 

Nets  could be placed under the trusses of building to avoid birds  resting places .

Bird s glue

Audio and lights

Bird Spikes

Spikes  are placed  on area frequented by the birds  so as  to prevent them from landing and then entering into bakery production halls

Bird mist

Mist  of  certain chemicals  prevent  these birds to come inside the production hall.

other articles

Pest  control  in bakeries

Rusk Manufacturing -Pic

Rusk Manufacturing , Rusks , rusk bread , toast
Rusk manufacturing - Rusk Slices  on packing table prior to packing

Britannia Premium Rusk

britannia premium rusk , rusk , britannia rusk
Britannia Premium  Rusk

Why Cheap Labor Is Not Cheap For Bakeries

What   drive these  big  companies in bakery  industry  for  contract manufacturing and  co -packer arrangement is  low cost labor and cheap labor .  The Co-packers ( CP )  or  CMU ( Contract manufacturing units )  employs  several contractors  to get  workers  at  very  low salaries mostly  unskilled and  with low literacy rates . As workers are  not aware of the legal  wages  these  small companies make huge money out  of these worker .

This  is how  companies  cut  over head cost  of workers  in these units  as they don't pay for

  No ESI ( Employee  contribution  from contractors or  companies
  No  PF   ( Provident  Fund )deduction and contribution from the contractors or companies
  No  Gratuity  for  the workers who worked  for more than five years
  No  Earned Leave  for these workers
  No Standard Over time payment
  No Incentives or  Bonus linked  with  production
  No Medical or Insurance  for  the worker
  No Uniform  and Clothing Allowances .
  Deduction in salaries for  flimsy ground or absence 

( Will   State agencies  look into  these malpractices  which are rampant  in such  units some of  which mandatory by law  payable to the workers ?  )

As these workers   are  paid less  there fore the rate of attrition is very high  thus  impacting  the product quality and the process . Also as these workers starts searching for  better opportunities or  work part time doing extra jobs,  which negates what ever efforts these companies have  put  to train them  thus entering into vicious cycle of  training unskilled labour all the time

Cheap  labor has its own cost  which  companies  are aware of  but  for  profits  they try  to  run the production  with these workers .

Here  are few negative  results from cheap  labor

 Production inefficiency 
 High  Maintenance cost  due to break downs
 High   number  of  foriegn body complaints
 High cost on continuous training ( few opts  for no training )
 More Product recalls
 More consumer complaints due to defective s
 Stress on supervisory personnel .
Major  Accidents & Cuts

Hence  it can be concluded that  cheap labor is  actually costlier than skilled and qualified labor . Companies should recognize this and   aim for building  effective and productive labor in longer run

Basic Building Guidelines For Bakery Factory

 When  planning   a layout  for  bakery  unit  or  factory  following building or  construction  guidelines to be kept in consideration

1. Adequate  space  for  the machinery and equipments

2. Adequate Height   in production hall

3.Ventilation arrangement  such as windows  and roof

4.  Roofing  Material - Metallic Sheet

5. Flooring material

6. Adequate  Storage  Area  -  Space  for  transport  to unlaod

7.Adequate  Dispatch  Area  - Space for  transport

8  20 feet road  around  the premise  for emergency services

9  Wash Rooms and  Change rooms

10  Cold Storage Rooms

12  Waste  Disposal  Area

13  Fuel Storage   Area

14  Drainage  and water treatment plant

15  Fire hydrant system

16  Earth Quake and All weather walls 

17  Passages , , Staircase Entrance and Exits 

18  Mezzanine  and Basements

19  Provision for further expansion

20  Air lines  and  water pipelines and support

21 Electrical  cables  and support

22  Utility  area  and its proximity to plant

23 Lighting Fixtures

Industrial Mezzanine Floors - Storage Solution For Bakeries

While  planning layout for  bakery plant  one can save space or eliminate need of  additional floors through  mezzanine floors  in new project or in the existing  set ups .  Additional space can be generated in bakery production hall through fabricated  mezzanine floors . Normally they are installed and fabricated in end of the production hall with access  to it through staircase . It utilises empty over head space in bakery plants. Industrial mezzanine floors  could be planned for

  Storage of raw material
  Storage of  packing material
  Storage  of  finished material
  Setup  Pre mixing  Area for ease of feeding
  Offices in  bakery plant

Other material handling equipments  would be require for  heavy loads  such as 

Fork lift s

Industrial mezzanine floors , Industrial mezzanine floors in bakeries
Industrial  mezzanine  could  cover  entire production hall span or  could  be made for a section of  the  entire span .Mainly   steel  structures  are used  as frames  with  reinforcement  made through steel beams and channel  sections . Selection of  these structures could be done by calculating load  of  items to be kept on these mezzanine .Columns are provided  if the span is very large  to support  the structure .  Handrails  are provided for extra  safety  for safe working on these mezzanine . Pre fabricated racks and shelves  could be   used for  storage purpose .Other material which can be used are aluminium and fibre glass.Other advantage of these Industrial Mezzanine  is that it can easily dismantled or relocated to other location .

Flooring s could be of  steel sheets  , chequer plate  or  chip boards . False ceilings can used to cover the  structure from under neath .
Most of the biscuit  and bread factories  have these  Industrial mezzanine floors in one or  other forms . As we need to provide  enough height  for  production hall   for better ventilation and heat dissipation .

Storage solutions - Racking
Bulk handling System

How Cassava Flour Helps Nigeria To Reduce Wheat Flour Import

Cassava  Flour usage  in bread and other bakery products have been  encouraged  by the local government  of Nigeria  .Recently  a bill would be introduced into national assembly to  make cassava flour induction  mandatory for bread manufacturers .

Cassava  plants are of two varieties   -sweet and bitter varieties . Cassava flour is being used by local population  to prepare their staple food .Nigeria is the largest cassava flour producer in the world.
cassava flour , flour from cassava , cassava flour in nigeria , nigerian cassava flourAt one side  Nigerian government is  promoting  local flour and has increased  duties on imported wheat  ( levies upto 20 % )/Wheat flour( duties upto 100 % ) which would  hurt  the local bakeries dependent on wheat flour  as prices of  bakery products  such as  bread ,pastries and noodles  would be  impacted most due  to high prices  . HQCF  ( High quality cassava flour) has been developed by  IITA ( International Institute of Tropical Agriculture) . IITA  claims  to substitute wheat  flour  by  40 %  of  cassava  flour  in bread without   affecting  bread characteristics .

A balanced approach  could  save  wheat flour millers  and bakers  which are dependent on  wheat for their jobs where as cassava promotion  can provide  jobs to million  cassava planters  with saving in  imports cost .Value of wheat imports per year in Nigeria is  $ 252 Mn .

Cassava  flours  is extracted from  tubers/ roots   of   cassava plant  . The processing includes peeling/washing, drying , pulverizing  and Milling .

Similar  exercise has been adopted  by Srilankan government   by promoting Rice flour  for  bakery products with  high import duties on wheat .

There is  nothing wrong in substitution  but the problem is on the ban of  wheat  .Let the common man in these country decide what he likes to eat .

Warburtons Enters Indian Naan Bread Segment

With  presence  of  large population from  South Asian countries impact of  which  can be found on native popualtion's food habits   in that country   , as recently  chicken curry has been declared as second most loved food in UK.  Curry Mania ---. Naan are popular bread for people from India , Pakistan , Afghanistan and Bangladesh .

warburtons naan , indian naan , uk naan market , baked naan, warburtaons indian breads
source :
Warburtons  have now  made foray  into Indian bread -Naan to be presented as alternative  for  regular white and brown breads . Also made innovative products  such as Naan  Chips  snacks   for   tea time   savoury snacks .Naan is made of  flour  and baked in tandoor/oven  instead of  frying it  with  oil thus making it  a healthy options for  consumers  trying  to find ready made solution for break fast and  lunch . Warburtons are leading bread manufacturer in UK with popular brands like Toastie , All in One , Crusty , Danish and Farm house .
 naan chips , warburtons naan chips , warburton s indian snacks

Warburtons naan are packed in square  wrapping  and could be used as rolls or with  several delicious toppings .


Warburtons  naan bread are sold in two flavours -  plain &   garlic  . It would be interesting to see whether naan breads  would be as popular as Indian chicken  curry .

What Are Bread Quality Parameters ?

Bread manufacturing process  which involves following  stages in  bread processing  such as


Following parameters need to be checked  for better bread quality


Quantity of Ingredients as per standard recipe
Quality  of  Ingredients as  per standards
Sieving as per  standards
Sequence of addition of  ingredients
Mixing time
Dough temperature
Temperature of Ingredients
Yeast solution temperature
Quantity of Yeast ( Variable )
Quantity of water addition ( Variable)
Fermentation time


Weight of Dough pieces
No of Dough balls per batch


Moulder roller gaps
Moulder Board gap

Temperature  of  moulds
Temperature of Prover
Proving Timing
Humidity In Prover

Baking  time
Baking Temperature
Hot bread weight


Cooling Time
Cool Bread weight 
Moisture content of bread before Slicing


Slicing Thickness
Bread Dimensions



All these  have set standards with few variables depending on temperature and humidity . Bread Qualtiy Parameters needs to be spelt out /displayed  and recorded  in regular intervals .Other physical features of bread which are important  such as  Texture , Crumbs , Color of crust  etc .

Select Your Laminator s As Per Requirement

Laminators  are  critical component of  any hard dough or  cracker biscuit line  . Laminators  are  required to  create   dough laminates  to be cut  into  sheets  which are further reduced  into  leaner  sheets  in  steps  thus providing bite and texture  to biscuits . Laminator's  can be selected on basis  of 

Capacities  - No of sheets per min or per hour

Dimensions - Length x width  of  dough  sheet

Orientation - Vertical  Or   Horizontal

Vertical  Laminator

Infeed of   dough  is  on the  top rollers  placed  horizontally  with cutting of  sheet  done before small inclined  conveyor   on a small platform .

Horizontal  Laminator
Height  of the  laminator is smaller than the vertical laminator with two sets of roller for lamination of dough sheet . Cutting of sheet is done  on  a reciprocating  platform  larger than the vertical laminator . Horizontal sheet  larger area or space then vertical laminator .But  if we consider maintenance of the laminator . Horizontal laminator are better option than  the vertical laminator .Vertical laminator are installed where space is the contrain plus when  dough feeding is  done from  different floors ie at certain height .

Smaller bakeries have  Dough sheeter instead of  laminators .

Lindstrom Providing Works Wear Services To Bakeries

When it comes to personal hygienic  clothing  for  bakery  manufacturers of   large to medium scale operations the options are

Providing  uniforms  to workers  and maintaining  deptts for collection ,repair  and laundry services.
Providing  works wear   for year to the staff . Maintenance of these uniforms are done by the staff by  themselves.
Engaging  professional  work wear providers to cater for their production  /food handler clothings

All three options are practiced  by medium to large bakery manufacturing units . Uniforms are part of  food safety management  systems  and HACCP  . It helps into reduction of foriegn body  complaints ( FBC ) .

One company  which has  build business out of these needs of  production facilities  where food safety  is of prime importance  is Lindstrom.

Lindstrom works on principle of providing  uniforms  as per the requirement of clients  from coats , aprons  to work wears on rental basis with complete solution

Lindstrom  works wear  services includes

Mapping of needs
works wear , bakery uniform , lindstrom workswear , uniform service
Washing / Repair /Return delivery
Storage facility 

For  bakery manufacturers  who do not want  to handle uniform handling of employees are placing contracts to Lindstrom  for these services . They have started this business since 2007 in India with offices at  Chennai , Delhi , Mumbai  and Hyderabad .

Check  their site  for more info

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